‘Detrimental’: Riley Gaines rips Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX | Fox News Rundown

'Detrimental': Riley Gaines rips Biden's proposed changes to Title IX | Fox News Rundown

The Biden administration recently proposed a revision to the Title IX rules, which would prevent schools and universities that receive federal funding from banning transgender students from competing in sports consistent with their gender identity. The Department of Education floated this proposal, angering both conservatives who believe this decision should be decided by the state and liberals who believe the rule does not go far enough in protecting trans rights. 12-time NCAA All-American swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum spokeswoman, Riley Gaines joins the Rundown to discuss why the proposed changes to Title IX threaten equal opportunities for biological women in sports and the illuminating conversations she has been having with the LGBTQ community. #foxnews

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A recent Wall Street Journal poll found Most Republican voters think fighting Woke ideology is more important than Even protecting Social Security and Medicare from Cuts 55 feel this way this May clash with an orc poll from March it Found on issues including schools and Businesses promoting racial diversity And acceptance of transgender people That majorities think the country is on The right track or not doing enough Either way whatever is considered woke Will most certainly come up among Republican presidential candidates if And when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Decides to run it may even be a campaign Feature we will never surrender to the Woke mob Florida is where wolf goes to Die Florida and other states have passed New rules recently that may be Considered anti-woke some have passed Rules against gender transition Surgeries for minors and some have rules Banning transgender athletes from Competing in girls and women's sports Last week U.S House Republicans passed a Bill that would amend Title IX by Banning transgender athletes from Competing in women and girls Sports at Schools that receive federal funding Make no mistake this is not a culture War they are trying to diminish and Erase who we are as women and I will not Stand for it I'm proud to vote for this

Bill marionette Miller Meeks is a Republican congresswoman from Iowa Concerns around transgender athletes Competing with women got increased Attention when University of Pennsylvania swimmer Leah Thomas a trans Swimmer won the NCAA Championship in the 500 meter race last March she then tied For fifth place with another swimmer in The 200 meter last week the Biden Administration said they want a rule That says bans on transgender folks from Girls and women's sports violets Title IX Thomas spoke out on her Instagram the Rule is a good start however is not Enough during this time of intense Anti-trans backlash the trans Community Needs explicit protections from Discrimination in order to live our Lives freely and equally but the female Swimmer Thomas had to share that fifth Place trophy with has been speaking out Herself there's a lots of different Moving pieces whether that be at the State level the federal level within Specific sporting bodies Riley Gaines is A 12-time NCAA All-American swimmer and Now spokesperson for the Independent Women's Forum so there's lots of Different moving Parts when I'm fighting To protect women's sports and so it Feels as if I'm everywhere but that's Exactly where I want to be as anywhere And everywhere where I can be

Contributing to ensuring that no woman Or young girl has to unfairly compete Against a male bodied athlete or share a Locker room with someone of the opposite Sex and so what I've been doing a lot of These past couple months is testifying At the state legislature like you saw in North Carolina doing every thing I can To help encourage the left-leaning Representatives or delegates To understand how this is harmful to Women and how this isn't something That's anti-trans or deeply rooted in Hate and I think this is something that The Republicans could do a better job of The language they use to talk about These things I I have a lot of opinions There and so I'm doing trying to do my Best on communicating my message in a Way that highlights how we as women are Being affected and how this is unfair You noted the house bill at the Congressional level it did pass in the House as you noted along party lines but It likely will not go further than that The Senate likely won't take it up and The White House has said the president Will veto it I wonder if that leaves you At a state level for now like is that The focus I don't want to say anything until it it Doesn't go through but I am not overly Confident that it will obviously as most People know

But there's a lot going on with Title IX Which is of course a federal civil Rights law the by demonstration they Have Rewritten what Title IX will be and I think this will be implemented in Either May or June and this will be Detrimental to women's not only women in Sports but this would mean that men Could join sororities men could live in Dorm rooms with women men could have Full access to any restroom or changing Space on campus for women so there's a Lot of different pieces of this new Title IX that I feel as if the general Public isn't really realizing and so I've made it my goal while yes I am Focusing majorly on the state level in Terms of passing legislature that will Combat this issue It's important to highlight to the General public exactly what the Biden Administration is doing and the exact Message they're sending to girls and Women because that message is that they Don't matter their feelings doesn't Matter their safety their privacy their Dignity their equal opportunities don't Matter Riley when it did pass the house The minority leader Democrat Hakeem Jeffries made a couple of points that We've heard from others including that This kind of legislation it bullies Trans women and girls Um I imagine that's not the first time

You've heard that that it's bullying to Ban trans women and girls from Competitions from Sports what do you say Back to that when have you been accused Of being a bully absolutely I have been Accused of every name in the book people Will call you transphobic they'll call You bigot they'll call you hateful They'll call you a racist for some Reason even though this has nothing to Do with race they will throw terms at You hoping that you'll falter from your Beliefs if you're called these names They want you to think you're guilty of Committing hate speech but hate speech Is not speech that you hate that is not What hate speech is defined as but That's their tactic that's what they Want to achieve they want you to be Perceived as this hateful person who has No compassion in their heart but Speaking for myself I know that's not True I have compassion in my heart for Every single person regardless of age Sex gender identity your race regardless Of who you are I believe everyone should Be entitled to sports these bills that Are being passed at both the state and Federal level the left loves to say that This is an anti-trans bill that bans Trans youth from competing or trans Athletes from competing which is just a Lie this is not a bill that bans anyone Everyone is entitled fair and safe

Competition in these bills and so it's Hard for me to understand the problem Other common misconceptions is they will Say that this bill would require forced Inspections of student athletes which is An egregious violation of a student's Personal dignity That again that is not what these bills Are doing they're referring back to a Birth certificate and or ensuring Everyone has a routine physical before Competing which is standard especially If you're playing at the high school Middle school Collegiate level so There's lots of misconceptions about the Bill that the left loves to push about The people who are supporting the bill That are simply not true it does not Make someone a bigot to understand that There are two Sexes to understand that You cannot change your sex especially to Diminish the advantages after you've Gone through puberty and to understand That women deserve respect and that Women deserve equal opportunity Have you have personally had any Conversations with trans folks who Either tell you you're wrong or maybe Tell you they understand why you feel The way you feel or have you reached out On your own to any transgender like what Of the conversations you've had been Like Absolutely I have especially

Um I'm someone who likes to remain Sensible likes to be knowledgeable likes To consider all perspectives and So Within this lgbtq community I've had so Many conversations with with members of This community what I've noticed A lot of people within the LGB community In regards to one's sexual orientation Not necessarily their sexual identity They're really frustrated with this Movement because they feel as if they Fought for their rights they feel as if They were finally at a place where in Many places it's almost acceptable to be Homosexual or to be bisexual but they Feel as if this trans movement this Gender ideology movement has hurt what They once fought for and how they have Described it to me is they don't feel as If the trans Community is necessarily Fighting for their rights they feel as If they're taking others rights away Which is an interesting perspective and I think it's true by allowing Trans-identifying individuals into Women's spaces and women's sports and Women's prisons and women's shelters We're not getting equal rights they're Taking away our rights I've also talked To a lot of people within the trans Community who understand that being a Trans woman does not mean you are a Biological woman they know there's Differences they know that um a trans

Woman can never get pregnant they know That they will never have a menstrual Cycle they know that they have a Different bone structure there's a lot Of course a lot of differences between a Trans woman and a woman and they Acknowledge that so I've had great Conversations with people within the T Community as well but of course you have Subsets of this or even just allies to This community who will do everything They can to silence you and convince you That you're wrong for feeling Uncomfortable in a locker room next to a Male and that just makes you a bigot and All these different things so that that Community definitely goes both ways but The amount of conversations I've had in Support of my stance on this issue and We could disagree on a lot of other Things but on this particular issue They're very supportive and they Understand finally Riley you said you Think Democrats will pay for their Stance on this issue in 2024 and I I Wonder Do you really think it rises to that Level I mean we've got a lot going on Right inflation the economy worries over China and even still many are worried About the overturning of Roe especially In certain States and I just wonder if You if you really do believe this issue Will rise to that level of mattering and

It when it comes time to vote I have Talked to so many women who are lifelong Liberals Who are seeing how the Democrats are Denying Womanhood we've now deemed it Offensive to use the term mother it's Now birthing person it's offensive to Use the term breastfeeding it's now Chess feeder and these women who again Are are still relatively sensible and Can understand what this means in the Long run for the Erasure of women They're not okay with this and this is a Hill they're willing to die on and so I Truthfully think we have this idea of Feminism what the original feminist Movement was about right which was of Course empowering and embracing and Honoring and celebrating women based off Of their own physical ceilings and their Own uniqueness but now the left has Totally denied that so I do think the Democrats will pay in 2024 not one of Them voted in the U.S House of Representatives to protect women and Girls in sports which was mind-blowing Because even within the Democratic Party Um I saw a recent poll where nearly 60 To 70 percent of democratic voters don't Agree with allowing males into women's Sports and spaces and so they're clearly Not representing their party even Accurately and Riley one more finally For you when you said earlier that you

That you think Republicans maybe need to Shift some of their language or the way They talk about this What would you tell them to say I think what the left does pretty well Typically is they make things about Emotion they make things about Humanity They have this level of compassion and Empathy which appeals to a lot of people I think how the Republicans can frame The conversation around this issue in Particular is the left loves to say okay Well what about the mental health of This athlete I think the Republicans Need to come back with okay but why are You neglecting the mental health of Women and their self-perception rather Than just continuing to say this is About fairness this which yes of course It's about fairness Um but there's other pieces that could Make this more compassionate because in My experience this is something that Affected women in a harmful way not just Because of the unfair competition but Sharing a locker room with a male is Traumatizing it makes us feel as if We're not worthy enough for Fair Competition just because we're women we Don't deserve equal opportunities and That's that's a hard realization when You've trained your entire life for Something and so I think the Republicans Could do a better job of combating this

Compassion with more compassion and it's More powerful coming from the Republicans because they're speaking for The majority whereas the Democrats are Speaking for the minority Riley Gaines Thank you so much for joining us of Course of course thank you guys

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