DISMANTLED: Jonathan Van Ness’ Puberty Blocker Claims Get Torched

DISMANTLED: Jonathan Van Ness' Puberty Blocker Claims Get Torched

Don’t fall for the Left’s lies about gender.

Expert Jay Richards dismantles Jonathan Van Ness’ claims about puberty blockers and hormones used to stunt development in minors.

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Puberty blockers are safe and Interestingly puberty blockers are given To cisgender kids now when little girls Or little boys experience precocious Puberty meaning puberty very early Around like 4 5 6 7 they will be given Puberty blockers to delay puberty not Prevent it so that when they're closer To like you know 12 13 they can get off The puberty blockers and then puberty Happens as typical sorry afraid my eyes Were going to roll out of my head there So much to say in such a short video Almost everything he said was false Puberty blockers are not reversible they Are not approved by the FDA for Treatment of gender stor and kids they Are approved for completely unrelated Subjects like precocious puberty that is A physical problem for which a drug is Appropriate gender dor is a Psychological condition for which Something like puberty blockers is not Appropriate if you put a kid say 11 or 12 years old on puberty blockers for Several years to treat gender dysphoria Even if the child stops using those Drugs they're going to be completely out Of sync with their peers almost all kids That are put on puberty blockers go on To receive cross- seex hormones this is Serious business we're doing it here in The United States and it needs to stop

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