Disturbing video shows Connecticut homeowner fighting off attempted carjackers

Disturbing video shows Connecticut homeowner fighting off attempted carjackers

GRAPHIC WARNING: Correspondent Christina Coleman reports the latest on the incident. #FoxNews

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Well there's some scary moments for a Connecticut homeowner look at this he Had to fight off four would-be Carjackers in his driveway and get this They're trying to steal his car right in Front of his house in broad daylight Christina Coleman has more on on this Story man Christina it's scary when You're in your in your driveway and they Come and try to grab your car I know I wouldn't even know what I would Just call the police but you know what This guy didn't and fortunately he's Okay now the video of this incident is Intense we also want to warn you that It's graphic the guys who were trying to Steal the homeowner's car were kicking And punching him but he would not back Down you can see the homeowner race out Into his driveway and yank one of the Would-be thieves from his red infinity And then the two start trading blows This incident was caught on the Homeowner surveillance camera on April 10th just after seven o'clock at night In Rocky Hill Connecticut that's about 10 miles south of Hartford Police share This video in an attempt to identify the Suspects three other guys join the Suspect one of them kicks the homeowner In the head one of them jumps on his Back one guy starts to even beat him With his shoe but that homeowner was Like not today sir he just kept on

Fighting eventually a woman yells she's Going to call the police and that's when These guys take off Go ahead Yeah scary stuff there the homeowner was Treated at a local hospital for his Injuries he's expected to be okay in an Interview with a local news affiliate a Sergeant for the Rocky Hill Police Department said quote thank God that he Wasn't seriously hurt we're seeing a lot Of these incidents throughout the state And the country that people are Intervening and the suspect may have a Weapon and not sure if these wannabe Thieves learned a lesson in this case They are still on the loose Eric All right CB thanks so much

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