Dog saves owner after truck drives off a cliff

Dog saves owner after truck drives off a cliff

Brandon Garrett tells ‘America Reports’ how his dog rescued him after an intense car crash.

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Enough for this cuz this is incredible An amazing rescue for our next guest After his truck went over a cliff and Crashed into a ravine there it is and That's a close-up shot when you take it From the top of the hill it's a lot Further down than it looks Brandon Garrett spent the night out there in That Ravine stranded with a busted up Ankle while his dog blue ran four miles Through the forest and the rain for help A search party then found Brandon and Got him to safety Brandon Garrett joins Now along with his heroic dog blue Brandon when I saw this story I said we We just got to reach out to you and We've got to get you to tell the story Of what happened so you're driving along A back road which is near the border With Idaho in the eastern part of Oregon You go over the side in in in a in a Curve I believe it was raining at the Time your truck ends up down at the Bottom of the Ravine you got a busted Ankle what happened Then uh Well as far as what happened with me I I Laid in the creek uh Overnight um because I it's foolish to Try to move around and something like That if you can't see where you're going And uh the other the other three kids Stayed with me and uh this one took off And uh he headed back up to where my

Camp Was uh which was uh closer to six miles Away oh my gosh uh he joged on up there And got him looking for Me and then what happened he brought That he Clearly helped people find their way Back to you they got you Brandon I got To say it's nice to see you looking Happy and Healthy uh I've been better but I've Been [Laughter] Worse and I'm glad to still be here yeah I mean that that that dog saved your Life if you had have stayed out there You know for a couple of three days Longer the worst could have possibly Happened do you have any idea why blue Took it upon himself to say you know What Brandon was at a campground about Six miles from here I better run back And tell his friend that he's not with Me anymore how did the dog know to do That I don't have a Clue I don't have a clue uh I've had him Up there in that stretch of the of the Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area For so long that they know the place Like the back of their Hand uh as a matter of fact blue is just A puppy ah you Bute head are you Through Hey listen if I were you I'd let That dog do anything he wanted to do

Yeah well Yeah that's pretty good point yeah so so That so so blue went back to the camp And you your your friend who you're Camping with was there and when he saw The dog and you not there he immediately Thought something was wrong and he Launched a surch Party yeah he went and got a hold of my Brother my brother come up and uh he Looked at the truck and said ah he's He's Dead and uh but uh the deputy Travis Ash Just sit tight young pillar just sit Tight you're okay uh the deputy Travis Ash pulled up just as soon as it was Light enough to see and by then i' I'd Crawled Downstream about 75 yards and And Uphill about 15 yards and I had to Get to a point where somebody could see Me because uh nobody could see me from The road where I was At and it quit raining by then uhhuh and Uh uh Travis as said you're supposed to be Dead well not Really so when you finally got home what Did blue Get Well my kids all eat before I eat you Know what I mean yeah he just uh I treat Him pretty well and he's uh he looks He's a good boy yeah hey I want to ask You because you refer to them as your

You refer to them as your kids you were Traveling with four dogs in total blue Ran off to get help two of the other Dogs suffered injuries one had a broken Hip the other had a a broken leg in two Places how are they Doing um they're doing okay I could Swing the thing over so you can see baby Go ahead yeah Um she's Blue's mother baby baby baby Baby hey Baby hey baby baby oh there she be oh She's got the cone of shame on a yes she Does she's a wonderful girl oh poor Thing my very best friend in the whole World yeah well Brandon we love I don't Know what I just we loved hearing about The story love chatting with you I think We're losing some of the connection There but that is incredible isn't that Insane like how how blue knew To go back to the campground 6 miles Away exactly where to go and just basic People he didn't just go back and like Take a nap you know like he rounded People up it's amazing he got the posi Together no but that really is an Amazing Story I mean it's like you know Disney couldn't have written that right Exactly although if Disney wrote it the Dog would have actually let everybody Back but it was Brandon's friend who Said who said he's got to be somewhere Out there in the mountains and went

Looking for it the dogs couldn't be any Better looking if they were cast by Hollywood agents oh I'm so glad we got Him on that's an amazing story it was a Good find hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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