Donald Trump: They’re allowing an invasion

Donald Trump: They're allowing an invasion

Trump beats Biden for the first time in an NBC News poll. #FOXNews

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Uh I was going to ask BR how old he is Because uh today's president by his 81st Birthday and his age could be a concern For voters as he's slipping in the polls I might have trouble pronouncing this Name uh joining us right now from the White House Peter Dosey I close enough yeah close enough All right uh but so we're looking at These numbers uh Happy Birthday President Joe Biden in the two weeks Since I asked him the president why he's Trailing Trump and all the Battleground State polls and the president told me That I was reading the polls wrong there Have been more polls and they continue Trending away from him the latest from NBC News it's got Trump at 46% Biden at 44% in a head-to-head and then you look At young voters 18 to 34 Biden is down By four points to Trump 42 to 46 there's Another number among Independents the President's approval rating just 30% 63% % a big majority disapprove of the President right now the former Obama Election Guru David Axelrod has been Warning President Biden's age is a Legitimate problem for Democrats and now President Biden is reportedly referring To Axel Rod a man who helped get him Elected vice president as an exploitive And so the Axel Rod response in the New York Times is I don't care about them Thinking I'm a bad word that's fine I

Hope they don't think the polls are Wrong because they're not we know that Roughly 34 of Voters in a variety of Polls have cited President Biden's age As a problem and it's a problem that is Getting worse today his 81st birthday For context here the year that he was Born World War II raging Casablanca Premiering the average price of a home Just $3,700 the average price of a gallon of Gas 20 and White Christmas by Bing Crosby Debuted despite that though there is no No movement behind the scenes for any Democrats to approach President Biden And get him to drop out and put somebody Else in uh President Biden as president Is the leader of the party if he wants To run he can run and he wants to run And that's that back to you and there is No plan B Peter you asked uh the President a week or two ago about his Age and of course he didn't answer but When you have asked the the White House Officially about his age and other Reporters as well essentially rather Than talk about the age they just start Listing the Accomplishments right and they they try To make the case that with age comes Great experience that uh in Washington DC and with diplomacy that nobody else Could possibly have because nobody else

Is that old but voters just are not Buying it no thank you pet thank you Peter do on his foreign policy remember They said we didn't have Ro that he was Chairman of foreign Senate foreign Policy committee so he's got all this Experience right now Biden's approval Rating on handling foreign policy 33% And what he's really in a conundrum is This I think as a country we should be Concerned his his uh his approval among The is and his presiding over the Israeli War is for 18 to 34 is between 20 and 30% that should would concern all Of us 70% of that age group are they Disapprove of Biden's handling of the War in Gaza the division over the Israel Hamas war with total voters that were That were ped 47% believe Israel's Defending its interest in the war and Military actions in Gaza are Justified 30% think Israel's gone too far and 21% Said they don't know enough to have an Opinion and and Brian to your point About how he ran the he was the chairman Of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for a while but famously then Former Secretary of Defense Gates said Joe Biden has gotten everything wrong For the last 40 years this was before he Was president well now he's been President and look at how what a great Bang up job he's done I mean it it it Started you know just compare what was

Happening in 2008 when they said a Former president Barack Obama didn't Have the foreign policy experience and He Joe Biden who was the chair of the Foreign relation and he needed him for That boost there's no way anybody's Putting him on their ticket in modern Daytime and Lawrence his his poll Numbers have gone down since September Well Israel was attacked on October 2nd So are people looking at this and saying Too much we've had Afghanistan we've had Ukraine now we've had Israel we need a Donald Trump we need a stronger Candidate I I think when people are Looking at it it's not the war just Themselves it's the way that he's Governed in the middle of them uh it Looks like he Brian is a reactive President you don't give Ukraine what They need before um you know obviously The Prime Minister uh is getting some Some dings about the intelligence there But the Americans intelligence Community Is getting to push back as well also a Lot of Americans CU saying why did you Empower Iran who's behind all of this Right now did you get with the with the Deal that you're trying to renegotiate Giv them the 10 million dollars Empowered taking the houie rebels off The terror watch list was a kiss up to Iran they're now rocketing us and uh They're taking over no response yeah

They're taking over ships in the region So and they're so they're going after us And they're going after Israel so the Problem is really Iran and they're Rocketing us through their militias and We've responded four times they've hit Us 62 times so that is a overall Weakness people look at China we have Not really discussed that but China's Going out of their way to make Joe Biden Look good they do not want any part of President Trump well and one of the Things that the White House is banking On is Joe Biden will win because he's Not Donald Trump however when you look At the on the Republican side Donald Trump is so far ahead of everybody else A year away from the election and over The weekend he got a big endorsement Asley yeah he did he uh well first it Was put on x that the governor of Texas Greg Abbott was endorsing him he's proud To endorse him then they got together in Edinburg Texas where is that do you know Where that is it's a little little it's Not right on the board it's a little Small town okay well they they were There and he took the podium and he said I'm endorsing Donald Trump and Donald Trump spoke Listen I'm here today to officially Proclaim my endorsement for Donald J Trump to be president of the United States of America again it's a a

Tremendous honor to get that endorsement In particular because he really stepped Up he stepped up to the plate he's doing The job of what the federal government Is supposed to be doing and I'm just Telling you Mr Governor I am going to Make your job much easier you'll be able To focus on other things in Texas we Love Texas and uh what they've done is Very unfair they've given the job of the Job to you it's a job of security for Our country country it's a job of Stopping an invasion because it's an Invasion and you've done a great job and Thank you very much for the endorsement Greg I appreciate it very much thank you Important for a couple reasons Brian not Just because this is a border state but Because it's Greg Abbott who I mean he's Tight with the STIs ex very close with The santis um and for him to go out There he's made the calculation that Donald Trump is going to win anyway well Trump Endor him in 2021 I saw the New York Times over the weekend they said The president is getting push to talk About the first step act he said if you Want to start winning over the uh African-American Community start talking About what you did with Alice Johnson is It Al John Alex maray Johnson and uh and There he's got a little wary about it He's back and forth because he doesn't Want to be associated with the with the

Hellacious zero bail cash bail thing That's happening in New York and Chicago And Los Angeles San FR one of the issues That the santis has attacked Donald Trump on is the first step at there's Was some rumors going around that a lot Of the folks that um you know got have Reoffended Tim Scott say it's not true And released a federal database uh that Retracts this and it's been less than Like 20% because Tim Scott was very much Behind the first step back but you also Don't want to ignore the issue you Should talk about it it's like abortion You might not be for it but they're Going to have to find a way to deal with That of the Republican party you can be For the the first steps act not want Someone like an Alice Marie Johnson Everyone else no one went went to prison She she did was in Bible study such a Wonderful person served you know decades And then he their debt they PID their Debt yeah if he says that he says look I'm not for no cash bail But Ultimately today is Joe Biden's birthday He's 81 and this was not the president He wanted where Donald Trump is beating Him for the first time ever in the NBC Poll more on this throughout the day Much like CNN's poll I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the fox new YouTube page to catch our hottest

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