Dr. Jordan Peterson: Why Trump drives liberal elites crazy

Dr. Jordan Peterson: Why Trump drives liberal elites crazy

Dr. Jordan Peterson attempts to get to the bottom of why some people seem to have ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ #FoxNews

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The the degree of animosity that people Have for Trump is actually somewhat of a Mystery to me I can't quite crack it There's a class thing there I would say People elitist people are annoyed that Someone like Trump or someone who they think Trump is Has dared to enter the upper echelons so There's something about it that's very Classist but and Trump is a Brash Salesman sort of character right I mean He ran The Apprentice for years he's He's a Huer and I don't mean that in a Denigrating way I mean part of what's Made America great is its ability to Sell right and there is that the the the Shadow side of the salesman is the Huer And Trump straddles the line between Salesman and Huer and that also Irritates especially anti- capitalist Elitist leftist types but that's not all There's more what is it is it tru's Rough edges Trump's rough edges there's That is it his proclivity to bully which And which he does and very effectively And sometimes very usefully it's that He's declass you know and the the the The elite types really hate that they They feel that he's contaminating their Domain it's something like that and but There's it's very mysterious and there's Multiple levels to it and then the Trump Voters think and rightly so well if They're going to persecute the person I

Voted For and would like to vote for again What's to stop them from persecuting me And that is a perfectly valid question It's Horrible it's horrible it's really bad And I don't I see it with no joy Whatsoever look one of the things that's Terrible This is terrible is that trust in major Institutions has been unbelievably Weakened in The Last 5 Years many people don't trust the Medical establishment many people don't Trust the psychological Community many People don't trust higher education or Media or government it's like or the Judiciary this is not good societies Where trust Collapses become impoverished and Imperiled it's really bad and that sort Of institutional trust is extremely Difficult to develop and to maintain It's it's the wealth of the West is Really its high levels of trust and Honesty that's the fundamental natural Resource And much of that has been terribly Compromised and I believe that the major Consequence of the Trump trial will be That another 30% of Americans will lose Faith in the judicial system

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