Education freedom on the Rise | Heritage President Kevin Roberts on Fox & Friends

Education freedom on the Rise | Heritage President Kevin Roberts on Fox & Friends

The most important change you can bring to the classroom is to introduce freedom, competition & choice. Education freedom is the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts joined Pete Hegseth on Fox & Friends Weekend to preview Heritage’s 2023 Education Freedom Report Card.

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Well the Heritage foundation's annual Education Freedom report card is being Released this week and Fox and Friends Weekend has the first look Freedom Florida takes the top spot for the Second year in a row with Arizona in Second Utah Arkansas and Indiana Rounding out the top five what are the States taking home in F Well Massachusetts New York Rhode Island Connecticut and coming in last Oregon Here with more is Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts Kevin thanks for Being here there has been a big Renaissance of school choice which I Know factors big time into this uh Freedom index talk to us about how how Does a state make it to the top of the List well a state makes it to the top of The list by remembering that the single Most important thing that we can do in Education is that every dollar spent at The federal state and local level every Dollar Pete follow that child to the School of his or her parents choice and So keep in mind as as you've documented In in your recent book just a a few Years ago no States had Universal school Choice just this year we now have nine And we're knocking on the door of Getting into the double dig digit so for Our education Freedom report card we put A high premium on that factor that is That state legislators and their

Governors realize that the most Important change you can bring to the Classroom is to introduce freedom and Competition and choice because we also Know as my colleagues at Heritage point Out that where you have Universal school Choice it lifts all boats all students Even those who remain in schools that Are government funded are going to Benefit cuz now they're competing for Students and they have to do better and Create a better product inside that System you know you're a most folks Don't know Kevin you're a educator you Founded schools this is something you're Personally very passionate about does Does your measurement or the report card Look at curriculum too what's being Taught in these these Schools it does so in addition to Education Freedom school choice Pete we Also look at curriculum we look at at Teacher Freedom we want teachers to be Empowered to teach well and and to be Innovative but curriculum is a vital Part of that and and and really just to Mention it a second time you know Genuinely because I'm such a fan of your Book that conservatives myself included As I got into public policy often just Became focused on implementing school Choice and we forgot that the radical Left for two or three generations has Been focused on implementing curriculum

That is anti-American you think about These protests going on that are not Just anti-israel let's face it they're Anti citic and and that's just one Example of some of the the sort of Cultural and curricular rot we've seen In schools and so there is a strong Correlation between implementing school Choice and improving School curriculum Therefore in our report card we put a High premium on better curriculum I got To believe homeschooling is part of it Too I I I'm guessing there are states Where that's easier done than in Others it is you know I'm I'm an adopted Texan and and we've recently in the last Couple years moved from Texas to Virginia Which otherwise is a great State but Texas is the the par State par Excellance when it comes to education Freedom for homeschoolers which my wife And I have done for 11 years I'm happy To report that homeschooling has also Reached a Tipping Point in this country Everyone in this country now knows Someone who's homeschooling it's Something that benefits all students Because what it does is Drive Competition in the system so in other Words even for a family who says I'm Never going to homeschool I don't know How I would ever go about that totally Fine guess what your child's going to Benefit it from benefit from it as well

Because homeschooling education Freedom R large brings competition into the System that's what's been lacking for The last 50 years well Kevin uh Conservatives have been behind the curve On education for a long time and I want To commend you and the Heritage Foundation for taking the lead and Highlighting this um more organizations On the right should follow suit God Bless you keep it Up thanks thanks so much for having Appreciate it thank you Kevin

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