Egypt opens Rafah border crossing to allow foreign nationals to leave Gaza

Egypt opens Rafah border crossing to allow foreign nationals to leave Gaza

Former infantry officer Omer Levi joined ‘FOX & Friends First’ to discuss Hamas’ underground tunnel system and why it will be a ‘very tough challenge’ for the IDF. #FOXNews

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A Fox News Alert injured patients in Foreign Nationals can be seen leaving The Gaza Strip through the rock AC Crossing into Egypt this morning this is The first time we've seen traffic move In and out of the strips since the War Began you are watching Fox and Friends First on this Wednesday morning I'm Carly shim and I'm Todd pyro the state Department says 400 Americans and their Family members are in Gaza Jonathan hunt Live in Jerusalem with the very latest On all of it Jonathan Todd and kie good morning to You this is all the result of an Agreement broken by the qataris along With Egypt Israel the US and Hamas it Will allow we are told all foreign Nationals foreign passport holders to Leave Gaza via that southern border Crossing with Rafa as you look at a live Picture now of that border crossing we Understand that some of those foreign Nationals have already gone through the Crossing and have been processed we do Not know at this point whether that Includes Americans but we are told that Americans are obviously among those who Will be allowed to leave Gaza today After 3 weeks stuck there in the most Terrifying of circumstances meantime us Officials Todd and Cary are doing Nothing to hide their concern over the Potential for a regional conflict here

The impact that might have on us Interest in the Middle East and the Potential for a regional conflict to Inspire perhaps attacks even on us soil First to the conflict uh in the region And the concern over that the Pentagon Has announced it is moving 300 more US Troops that brings to to to a total 1,200 deployed since the terrorist Attacks of October 7th including those On board the Eisenhower and USS Carney Carrier groups the concern is obviously Hezbollah in Lebanon getting involved Houti groups in Yemen getting involved And Isis inspired and Iran backed groups In Iraq and Syria and US troops of Course have already been targeted in the Region many times uh Brigadier General Pat Ryder the Pentagon spokesman telling Us yesterday afternoon that there have Been at least 27 attacks on base is Housing US troops in Iraq and in Syria Since October 7th now no US troops have Been killed in those attacks but more Than 20 have suffered minor injuries and US officials as I say worried not just About the possibility of attacks here in The region but also back at home here's FBI director Christopher Ray our most immediate concern is that Violent extremists individuals or small Groups will draw in inspiration from the Events in the Middle East to carry out Attacks against Americans foreign

Terrorist organizations traditional Formal terrorist organizations whether They be Al-Qaeda or Isis or Hezbollah Have all made statements uh that would Indicate a greater risk of a potential Attack Here and director Ry said that the Potential Threat Level is reaching what He called quote historic level to and Kie these are dangerous times we're Living absolutely one of the most Concerning things you could hear from an FBI director was said by Christopher Reay yesterday uh Jonathan on the Breaking news that you brought to us Regarding the Rafa Crossing we know that For weeks Hamas was relu reluctant to Open their side of the gate Egypt didn't Want to take these people in either so What Changed well this has been obviously a Deal that has been in the works for some Time now the qataris as you know have Have been playing a major role in all The mediation efforts on all levels Regarding the hostages as well although We are told this agreement is entirely Separate from talks about the hostages But the sides the various groups Including the US of course have got Together they have hammered out this Agreement but it is only foreign Nationals that are being allowed and Some critically injured Palestinians and

We saw the ambulances from the Egyptian Side Crossing at that southern border Crossing uh earlier today a short time Ago those clearly on their way to pick Up some of the dozens of critically Injured Palestinians who are being taken Out today but again this is an entirely Separate agreement uh kie from any talks About the release of hostages those Talks still ongoing no progress that we Know of to report at this point K and Todd and I would also say it is a start With regard to getting the larger gazen Population out of the area people who Want to leave going to other countries You know Egypt Jordan all these other Countries in the region said we don't Want these individuals compare that to Poland at the start of the Ukraine war Where Poland said bring us your refugees We will take care of you it's incumbent Upon those Nations to take these people In they better wake up soon and do it Jonathan hunt thank you thank you Jonathan Omar Levi is an expert on the Underground tunnel system in Gaza he's Also a captain in the IDF and he joins Us now om uh good morning to you you Know unlike a traditional war that is Fought on the streets this one is also Going to be fought underground so what Can you tell us about this network of Tunnels how to destroy it Hamas Militants hiding inside while also at

The same time rescuing the hostages that Could be there as Well thank you and good morning uh thank You for the compliment I don't know if I'm an expert on Tunnel Warfare I am a Former captain of the IDF and I fought In the Gaza Strip in two occasion 2009 And 2014 and I am completely aware of this Threat of uh of Tunnels um you need to understand that The tunnel threat is not just Threatening you when you fight Underground it Al it's also threatening You when you fight Overground um because uh you can be Tackled from anywhere uh you can move Certain building that you think that you Cleared it but all of a sudden you will See a tunnel hole and forces will come Out of there and Tackle you so you Always need to be prepared uh to be Tackled 360 um as you go along uh on the other End the tunnel threat is now more severe Than it used to be in 2014 because now we need to remember That as long we can see the tunnels uh In 2014 we just destroy them now it's a Whole new bul game because inside the Tunnels there are probably as we have Seen from testimonies of people being Taken there uh civilians Israeli Civilians our own um men women children

Elderlies that are being held there in Order to protect the Kamas leaders and Fighters so it's going to be a whole new Threat uh the IDF will need to go inside And as we could see and we could hear And everyone who thought fter could see The tunnels they are very wide tall uh Booby trapped in many Occasions uh they have a lot of twists And turns you might not see where you're Going and it's going to be a a very Tough challenge for the IDF soldiers but I'm certain that they will be able to Cope with it and overcome this challenge Yeah and this tunnel system is extensive I mean take a look it stretches Throughout Gaza we going to pop up on The screen you can see some yellow lines Showing where the tunnel themselves are Located and look at that that is taking Up what 60% of Gaza based upon just what You're seeing there on your screen where Does the IDF get the Intel to know where To attack these tunnels and when is it From interrogation of Hamas prisoners is It from Palestinians who you know want To keep the attacks from hitting their Homes which is often times how you get Into these tunnels where is the IDF Getting its Intel From so I'm not an intelligence person I Was an infantry Soldier but I can tell You that obviously probably the IDF gets Intel from people that interrogates but

It also gets now as our soldiers are on The ground Intel from the soldiers you Know our soldiers are inside the Gaza Strip right now they're progressing They're locating these tunnels and they Market on all of the maps and uh Softwares the IDF has and then it cross Reference with other object the IDF has With air Cameras human intelligence as you said And it gives the IDF the ability to to Provide a clear pictures on where these Are tunnels and how you can eliminate Them understood Homer Levy thank you so Much for your Insight it really was Interesting appreciate it

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