Election tampering is a really big deal: Banderas

Election tampering is a really big deal: Banderas

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss accusations that Sec. Blinken orchestrated the intelligence letter that falsely identified Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation. #FoxNews

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We begin with this new details are Emerging about the Biden campaign's last Minute effort to cover up the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop story before The 2020 election and the origins of the Infamous intelligence letter which Falsely suggested that the laptop was Russian disinformation former CIA Director Mike Morrell signed that October 2020 statement along with 50 Other former intelligence officials now In New sworn testimony Morel told the House Judiciary Committee that Secretary Of State Anthony blinken played a key Role that led to the now debunked letter Blinken was working as a senior Biden Campaign advisor at the time now House Republicans are asking blinken to Testify in their investigation of the Cover-up and many argue that the now Debunked statement helped save President Biden in the final days of the 2020 Election just watch as he uses it to Defend his son during that Year's final Debate Our 50 former National Intelligence Folks who said that what this he's Accusing me of is a Russian plan they Have said that this is has all the Care Four five former heads of the CIA both Parties say what he's saying is a bunch Of garbage nobody believes it except Them his and his good friend Rudy Gianni You mean the laptop is now another

Russia Russia Russia hoax that's exactly What this is exactly what this is where He's going Kaylee the implications of this and the More we know are absolutely astronomical And it just begs the question if this is What we know thus far how much do we not Know and how much more are the American People going to have to swallow of this Actual lies on behalf of our Intelligence and defense community at The behest of Biden you're exactly right Um wow so if you're a Democrat guess who Your campaign surrogates are they're not Like people you pedal out in the media They're not in influencers although you Get those too if you're a tick tock star In the fight Administration your Campaign surrogates are intelligence Officials that's what we learned that Blinken the guy who goes on to become Secretary of State is organizing a Letter a former Intel officials so if You have a d behind your name Democrat You get this high profile highly Connected group of people in Washington Former officials current officials who Will bound together write a letter on Your behalf you got guys like Brennan Panetta Clapper the media will fully buy Into the letter and social media will Ban anyone who says otherwise or Questions and if you're a republican you Don't just not get that treatment you

Get a fake dossier made you get fisa Surveillance authorizations and Safeguards circumvented and get people Spying on your campaign and you get the Media buying it hook line and sinker if You didn't believe there was a deep State believe it now after this story Came out it's not just a term that's Peddled in the deep dark holes of the Internet it is real and this is proof That's right the machinations Paul are Extraordinary yeah I mean it's really Disappointing so I did more than half of My career in counterterrorism so you Know I know the Contours of this sort of Thing pretty well and I can tell you That if you look at it there's only Certain things that could have happened Here there's really only two right think About what happened the laptop comes in To the shop ultimately it's abandoned The shop owner says okay I have to Surface this thing after he looks at it Okay and then we get this letter 51 of Our best and brightest supposedly inside The Beltway decide Russian operation for This to have been a Russian operation it Would have had to have been reached Either while Hunter had the laptop or While it was in the shop now you can Wash out the ladder very very quickly I'm sure they scraped this guy the guy That owns the shop very hard and they Realized very quickly well this guy's

Not an asset now if Hunter was the one Who had it while it was reached and that Would be the implication here right how Easy is that to just wash out all you Have to do is go to somebody on the Other end of one of those emails and say Did you send this which is ultimately What happens football belinski so Remember something the FBI had it for a Year all right and we never got to the Bond we still haven't gotten to the Bottom of what they have found 51 people Signed on to this Knowing what I just said meaning they Likely knew it was fake or they were so Blinded by bias they decided you know What I'm signing on to this thing anyway Now full disclosure professionally I'd Met a few of them and I got to tell you It's very very disappointing and think About how it must be for the Intelligence Officers in the field Working in some of the worst places in The world to keep all of us safe to say To yourself back home this is how it's Running that's got to be really Disheartening oh that's absolutely right Disheartening especially for those People and Julie you know when everyone Keeps focusing on rightly so is is that Credibility aspect yes it's the Credibility that their credentials their Reference to National Security and their Job functions was supposed to

Automatically have us accept oh in that Case it must be true and that's what the Chairman of the house Judiciary and Intelligence committee said they said Exactly that sure they have the right to Free speech but their reference to their National Security credentials lent Weight to the story it suggested access To specialized information that the Public didn't have it is why it spread Like wildfire it is why it was Amplified It's why we were supposed to trust it But now we learn it was all smoke you Were just talking about people being Blinded you know who was blinded voters Because voters voted for Biden not Knowing this information our current Secretary of State Anthony blinken is Responsible for possibly burying Something that could be considered Election tampering because there are a Large swath of Democrats in this country That have said in polls a large Percentage of Democrats that they would Have voted differently had they known This not only that but what does that Say about the president because he lied With a straight face and if he's that Good of a liar on a on a on on a Campaign debate could you imagine what Other lies he's told once he's in the White house he fooled Democrats into Voting for him and he continues to fool The American public and that is

Something that needs to be looked into And I don't understand how a secretary Of state is sitting in his office right Now without calls for him to resign Election tampering that's a big deal and It's something that obviously if the Trump Administration was in this white House if we were talking about Donald Trump Jr could you imagine the headlines On all the different cable networks it Would be it would be a mass I mean it Would be just a mass kill on on on the Trump family quickly to your point Really just really quick I mean imagine You're on the biting camp pain and You're blinking and you're the campaign Advisor you're sitting in your office Most campaigns you know I've been on one You snap into action when a bad story Comes out you call all your media Surrogates guys this isn't true and you You plead your side of the case all he Had to do was bring in the Obama Intel Community and boom you have a letter not From campaign surrogates but 51 Intelligence agency former Administrative officials it is Despicable yeah and the IRS Whistleblower is not politically Affiliated that's the other thing Because of course they're going to try To turn this to politics this has Nothing to do with politics this is a Cover-up right right and that's why I

Keep stressing the machinations Nicole That it's so much larger and Beyond just Six months of or one year of Association This is something that has been in the Works for decades frankly given Biden's Service and tenure but I think it's Difficult for a lot of Americans to Understand how deep those roots go how Deep they're intertwined so all you have To do is call up the intelligence Community that is supposed to be Objective above all politics and snapped Into action at the behest of your Political whim are the best and Brightest it's horrifying well let's Take it at face value of what this is You had a group of buddies come together And put out an opinion piece and because Of their credentials they said you just Are going to believe us because we have Such a low opinion of American Intelligence in general they really have Such a low opinion of us that we will Believe anything they say we saw it with The covet Origins the same thing you had Dr fauci Dr Christian Anderson put Together that peace in art and nature Journal saying you have to believe us it Didn't come from the lab just because And if they put a microcosm of energy Into investigating Biden and Hunter Biden the way that they do Trump then Maybe we would actually have some truth And transparency but at this point as it

Stands they believe that they can tell You anything and Americans will believe Them and we can see by how elections Have turned out that that's true yeah You know I'm continually and Consistently disappointed by our Intelligence and defense communities now And the leadership and the trickle-down Of their focus on woke rather than Operations and strength and security and This just takes the cake hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me and my Co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee Mcaneny on outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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