Elon Musk shined spotlight on government overreach: Rep. Stefanik

Elon Musk shined spotlight on government overreach: Rep. Stefanik

New York Rep. Elise Stefanik joins ‘Fox & Friends’ calls for a full investigation of the recent intelligence leak. She also previews Republicans’ hearing on NYC crime crisis and discusses concerns about government access to social media. #FoxNews

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Let's bring in New York congresswoman Elise stefanik chair of the house Republican conference and member of both The house Intel committee and the house Armed services committee uh thank you Very much good morning happy to be here Great so what do you make of this Because we step back and go how did this Happen now we learned there's a there's Another officer who's out but is Affiliated with Russians sharing the Information what is what's happening There so those are very important Questions Pete and that's why this week At speaker McCarthy's leadership we're Having a bipartisan briefing for all Members of Congress I sit on the house Intelligence committee and any type of Leak especially of this gravity we need To investigate it and make sure it never Happens again I have a lot of questions Why was there such extensive access to So much extensive material for such a Young National Guardsmen that you know Creates lots of questions that we have To answer and we will make sure that in Our oversight role in Congress that we Strengthen our protection of National Security and classified documents all Right Jim Jordan was on the curvy couch Sitting right where you were earlier This morning because he's in the city Because house Judiciary is talking about All the violent crime here in New York

And they want to do something about it It's called the victims of violent crime In Manhattan they're going to have a Field hearing on this topic today I know You are going to be there you're not on Judiciary but you're here because you Represent New York and we have a problem Here absolutely New York is the Epicenter of this catastrophic crime Crisis we're seeing across the country And New Yorkers know this is a direct Result of failed far-left Democrat Policies whether it's failed bail reform Put into place by Albany legislators and Governor Cuomo and Governor kokel or Whether it's radical DA's who are Refusing to prosecute violent crime Democrats their response has been Interesting and it's very been very Telling they want to silence these Victims of crime we want to give them a Voice they deserve a voice to make sure That the American people and every New Yorker knows that there are consequences That are devastating to these failed Policies yeah I think that we have these Stats where those watching at home can See this but the the New York City crime Stats of the last two years now murder Is down you know when Rudy liani was Mayor of New York City he adopted a Crime philosophy of the broken windows Theory so prosecute small crimes they Don't metastasize into big crimes you're

Looking at the opposite now so small Crimes get by shoplifting larceny how Long until murder tracks how long until Big crimes go up you let the small Crimes go you're going to get the big Crimes at some point and then let's put Up the one that shows the felony cases Downgraded under Alvin Bragg you can see Look it went from 39 up to 52 percent so We're taking big crimes and we're Turning them into small crimes and we're Going to get more big crimes and that's What we've seen if you look at the stats Going back to 2019 murders are up Violent crimes are up and you cannot Open the newspaper every single day in New York and not see more coverage of Heinous crimes this impacts real people And real families it's part of the Reasons why people no longer feel safe And secure in cities like New York and This field hearing this is what Republicans are committed to getting Across America getting outside of the Beltway hearing from Real Americans it's Not just the house judiciary area Committee it's our house agriculture Committee our Ways and Means Committee Our budget committee that are traveling Around the country to hear firsthand About where these crises are happening It's why Homeland Security committee had A hearing at the southern border to hear Firsthand from those border patrol

Officers so Democrats are smearing us But the reality is we know we work for The American people and we want to hear Their feedback well speaking of Democrats smearing you here's what uh Senator Chuck Schumer had to say about All of this the House GOP must be clear In vociferous that defunding the FBI to Funding the Department of Justice will Not happen Instead of calls to defund the federal Agencies that do so much to protect New York The House GOP and Senate must recognize And appreciate the dedication and Devotion demonstrated every day by men And women in federal law enforcement Agencies who commit keep the communities Of the United States safe the Democrat Party who embraced defund the police are Now trying to turn it on you that's Exactly right Pete Chuck Schumer should Have spoken out against the defund the Police movement including in New York City where the city council advocated For defunding the police where leading Democrats nationally are the leaders of The defund the police movement Republicans proudly support our law Enforcement we proudly support the Police and when it comes to the FBI and Doj there's politicization in those Agencies that we have to go after they Should not be political arms of the

Democrat Party they should focus on law Enforcement and rule of law in this Country Tucker Carlson sat down with Elon Musk and he's going to come on our Show a little bit later to talk about This they talked about the concerns of AI and then they also talked about the Government being able to have access to Our Twitter accounts listen to us The degree to which various government Agencies had effectively had full access To everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind I was not aware of That would that include people's DMs Uh yes Wow what's your reaction to that well That should concern every American thank Goodness Elon Musk has shined a Spotlight on this overreach in terms of The government role of Twitter and using Twitter as essentially an arm of the US Government whether it's the FBI paying Twitter over three million dollars to Suppress the hunter Biden laptop story Or whether it's federal agencies having Access to DMS I'm looking forward to Getting more information not only from The interview but in our oversight role As Congress we need to hold big Tech Accountable we need answers to these Questions because the American people This is going to be a surprise to the American people and it's very very Concerning but I'm so glad that Elon

Musk is shining a spotlight on this and I hope that when you guys do explore and I anticipate that you will this is not Just a conversation about Twitter this Is a conversation about Facebook YouTube Instagram I can't imagine it's Twitter Was somehow unique in their approach to Looking into our DMS it's about big Tech Broadly you're right will and this is Why uh in our oversight role we need to Hold big Tech accountable I have Constituents who are are very concerned About Facebook's overreach the impact it Has on our kids I have constituents who Are concerned about the impact Instagram Has on our young women if you look at Some of the statistics with mental Health challenges so we need to make Sure we provide policy answers and Policy solutions to these very Concerning big Tech questions absolutely We need to get more of that interview With Elon Musk on Tucker Carlson tonight And more of Tucker Carlson on this show Because he's coming up at 8 40 on Fox And Friends don't miss it representative Thank you so much thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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