Elon Musk: Things are getting weird fast

Elon Musk: Things are getting weird fast

Twitter CEO Elon Musk provides insight on the consequences of developing artificial intelligence and the potential impact on elections on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Foreign Beings have or have ever had is they're The smartest beings on the planet but Soon that will not be true in fact like Next week so when AI becomes stronger Than we are what do you do exactly and What does it mean for democracy we asked Elon Musk about contingency plans for Dealing with Advanced general Intelligence here's part of that Conversation [Music] You've heard people say we should just Blow up the server Farms because there's No way that once if this gets rolling There's no way to slow it down What do you think of that Well the the really heavy duty Intelligence is not going to be Distributed all over the place it'll be In a limited number of server centers if You say like very like very sort of deep AI heavy duty AI it's not um It's not going to be in your laptop or Your phone it's it's going to be in you Know a situation where there's like a Hundred thousand uh really powerful Computers working together in a service Center so it's not so so it's not like Subtle and they're they're a limited Number of places where that can happen In fact you could if you could just you Can just look at the heat signature from Space yeah and it'll be very obvious I'm

Not suggesting we go and blow up to Service centers right now but There may be some it may be wise to have Some sort of contingency plan where the Government's got an ability to shut down Shut down power to these uh server Centers like uh You don't have to blow it up you can Just cut the power Um And what would cut connectivity as well That's another way right yeah but what Would trip that switch do you think in Your mind what would be the threshold That you'd have to pass to Warrant the government cutting off your Power or cutting off your signal Well I mean I guess if we lost control Of some super AI Um like for some reason like the things That would normally work to do a passive Shutdown like the administrator Passwords if they somehow stop working Where we can't uh slow down or or You know I'm not sure I don't have a precise Answer but if there's something that We're concerned about Um And and uh and are unable to stop it With with the software commands then Uh we'll probably want to have some kind Of Hardware both switch yes I think you Know cat hurt

Have you talked to since you know Larry Page and you obviously you know the Opening guys because you started Definitely have one have you talk to the The people who run these two the biggest AI companies about this recently I haven't talked to Larry Page in a few Years because he got very upset with me About openai Uh so when when opening eye was created Uh It did it did shift things into it from Unipolar world where Google Google do You mind controlled uh You know like I said three quarters full AI Talent two where there's now a sort Of uh Bipolar world or open Ai and Google Deepmind and their Uh and now we're at least it seems Opening eyes maybe ahead Um So uh so I have had conversations with Um The open AI team timelman I haven't Talked to Larry Page because he doesn't Want to talk to me anymore for a few Years Can I ask you this about since you've Been around a lot of this the thinking So why would anyone not be a specist be Human-centered in his thinking about Technology like what's the thinking There I think what he's trying to say is

That Um If I were to guess uh that he that all Consciousness should be treated equally And whether that is digital or Biological Hmm And you disagree I disagree yeah [Laughter] Especially if the digital uh Consciousness or whatever you want to Call digital intelligence decides to Curtail the biological intelligence Right so you're just building your own Slave master and why would you do that Doesn't sound great Yeah Yeah I mean We shouldn't we we should at least no Need to rush you know like what's the Hurry Where's the fire How well what I mean tell us about the Hurry so this for I know you've been Talking about this for years and on the Sort of the periphery of our attention We've heard Elon Musk talking about AI But for most people it's been like three Months since they've had any interaction With this at all Um so what's the timeline here at what Point does it start to really change our Society do you think

I think it starts to have a probably An impact this year a gpd4 now it's like Writing poetry Um and pretty decent poetry actually Pretty decent yeah it's a skillet Rhyming is incredible yes yes and it's Coherent yes it is uh it's you've got a Narrative like yeah that's right yeah So you could say it's hard to do like Most humans can't do that that's true so It's already past the point of what most Humans can do most humans cannot write As well as uh chat gbt Um And they certainly and no human can Write that well that fast as an Investment knowledge so maybe Shakespeare how can you have a democracy With technology like that I mean if democracy is you know Government by the people each person's Vote is equal to every other person's Vote I mean and people are choosing Their votes freely Can you have a democracy with this Well that's why I raise the concern of Um AI being a significant influence in Elections Um and and even if you say that AI Doesn't have agency well it's very Likely that people will use the AIA Um as a tool in elections Um and then You know if AI is smart enough

Are they using the tool or is the tool Using them So I think things are getting weird and They're getting weird fast Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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