Elon Musk threatens Apple ban over AI partnership

Elon Musk threatens Apple ban over AI partnership

Fox News contributors Kennedy and Tom Shillue joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Musk’s threat to Apple over artificial intelligence and their take on KJP accusing the media of spinning her message. #FoxNews

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And you're watching America's Newsroom Too Elon Musk threatening to ban Apple Devices at his companies this is in Response to Apple's new partnership with Open AI mus cause it an unacceptable Security violation let's bring in Tom Shaloo and Kennedy here's another thing That he said on X it says it's patently Absurd that Apple isn't smart enough to Make their own AI yet is somehow capable Of ensuring that open AI will protect Your security and privacy Apple has no Clue what's actually going on once they Hand your data over to a open AI they're Selling you down the the river grab a Paddle all right what do you think this Is not about Apple this is about his Feud with Sam Alman because they started Open AI together and you know the the Entire premise was Elon mus like I'm a Billionaire I don't need to make any More money we will do this for the Benefit of humanity and then Sam alman's Like actually there's going to be so Much money in this I want to go ahead And make my own $300 billion so they had A parting of the ways Elon musk has Since sued Sam Alman in open AI because Chat GPT has become so phenomenally Successful so now that apple is Partnering partnering with chat GPT uh Elon Musk sees this as a slap in the Face so now you have Tech Giants facing The is doing his own AI thing as well um

I I don't know if we know enough yet xai Correct uh he loves x um but Apple Always talks about security and privacy Yeah so maybe elon's got a point on that I everyone's rushing into this AI thing And they're acting as if it's going to Be a consumer friendly thing and I don't Think it is it's AI we know it is great At synthesizing large amounts of Information but I'm a little sick of People acting like we're going to have Our little AI assistance because it's Not very good on a personal level and I Don't see it being that way we don't Need to synthesize large amounts of Information we need help taking small Amounts of information and stretching Out time not we don't need to go the That direction we need to go the other Direction Lily and Caroline are safe Then yeah that's just saying our Assistant why I also ask you with us Yeah so AI that debate will continue Command Jean Pierre the White House Press Secretary she's frustrated with The media I get it um here's what she Said yesterday about um frustration About the media muddying her Message now when I addressed the Press From the White House Podium the only Thing that stands between me and getting Our message out to the American public Is whether the people sitting in those Chairs and the folks watching at home

Feel like they can trust me all right Kennedy she's frustrated with the media Feel bad um they they can't trust her Because to a lot of people she feels Like a propagandist because she's not Delivering the truth she's delivering The message from a notebook so it's not Resonating in her heart it's not a clear Message because she doesn't know what The message is she's being given the Message and then she obfuscates with With the press and doesn't tell them Doesn't give them basic answers to the Pointed questions they give her because There are a lot of people who were very Concerned about you know first and Foremost the president's age and his Cognitive faculty look at this video Here from last night and one of the Things bill that they say that she has Said is that she can run circles around Him at the White House yeah I was just Looking at this remember that radio host Got on the air he was from Charlotte Wasn't he for North Carolina yeah and And and this happened right okay roll it This is a president if you watch him Every day if you really pay attention to His record and what he has done you will See exactly how uh how uh how focused He's been on this the American people How historic his actions has been I'm Not even going to truly truly uh Uh really you know take take the premise

Of your question I think it is uh Incredibly insulting okay we missed the Part before she she just hung up That well you know I don't entirely Blame her you know I don't think she's Been very good at her job but it's Probably not her fault because when She's doing what she's supposed to do Which is kind of answer questions about Policy she's very articulate and it all Sounds very well but the thing is when She gets questions she gets frustrated Because the administration doesn't want To answer those questions so they send Her out there and they say whatever you Do don't answer the you know don't Answer the questions the only thing you Can do is go to the the press and say How dare you ask that question it's some Form of that is every answer when they Try to ask her things she doesn't want To hear she says I can't believe you're Asking me this or or she hangs up or she Says I've already spoken to that I've Already answered that question it's like Well no you haven't because you still Have 20 questions on the exact same Subject so obviously members of The White House Press Corps haven't gotten a Satisfactory answer yes but would you Would you concede she's got a tough job Oh my gosh I mean it's it's a very very Tough job and you're ducking and dodging And Diving but I I mean you knowing the

Policy is so important and I think one Of the problems for them is that they Just have bad facts if you have good Facts you can have better communication It's not necessarily that they have to Message it better it's that actually Yeah they have a huge border problem 86% Of people think he's too old for run for Reelection she says she can run circles Around him at the White House and then We watch videos where he's Frozen in Time and I think that people are like we Don't actually feel a connection with Her because she seems like she's Condescending to people because I do Think she's trying to be protective of Him I think she does care about the President very much but the Press Corp I Think deserves better they talk about How transparent he is with the Press he Doesn't do the interviews the long but But then the interviews that he does Like the long one with Time Magazine Basically says that yeah he is aged and Old and it doesn't remember things mixes Up South Africa with Russia and it's a Tough job but they make it harder thank You Kennedy thank you thank you Tom Thank you Dana thank you for letting me Have a lecture I love it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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