Eric Trump: There is no crime here

Eric Trump: There is no crime here

Eric Trump reacts to the New York attorney general’s attempts to shut down the Trump organization on ‘Hannity.’

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Anyway here with reaction from the Trump Organization is Eric Trump you know I I Eric I got to be honest I mean between Valuing and I know it's not funny to you And it shouldn't be funny to you and it Shouldn't be funny to your family Because this has been you know the last Six or seven years of your life I but You know I beseech you to control uh him If you can he's he's saying to lawyer Chris kis uh I will excuse him and draw Every negative inference that I can and Then and I think my favorite Eric is I'm Not here as the judge to listen to what The witness has to say well what is he There For yeah Sean I take this very very Personally we've got an incredible Company we've never missed a payment We've never missed a loan payment we pay On time every single time we've never Had a default notice we've never Breached a covenant in a loan our Lenders love us every time we've gone in We've taken a property we put hundreds Of millions of dollars of Our Own money Into it we've made them absolutely Incredible we've made Banks hundreds and Hundreds of millions of dollars they're All our friends they've all testified For us saying that Trump's always done a Great job we're a platinum lender we've Never had a problem they've never called Us into fault they've never had an issue

With our company but make no mistake This isn't this isn't about the law Right this is about politics Sean you've Called it with your show she came as Soon as my father went down the Escalator she came out that very day and She started going after him I'm getting Get him I'm going to take him down I'm Going to take down his family I'm going To go into the Attorney General's office Every single day Sue Donald Trump and Then go home and I can't believe this is Being allowed to happen in in New York There is no crime there is no victim our Banks made hundreds of millions of Dollars off of us our banks love us They've never called a default on us it Doesn't it doesn't make any sense There's bad people out there every day That mess around in business that cause Harm no one has been harmed the exact Opposite in fact our banks as I keep on Saying have made a ton of money and love Us it it doesn't make any sense Sean There's not one lender complaining There's not one insurance company Complaining there is language correct me If I'm wrong in in every single Valuation when you have a loan Application or an application for Insurance you put in language do not use Our valuations which by the way no they Have their own fiduciary responsibility They've got to back up those numbers

They're not going to lend the kind of Money that that an organization like the Trump organization is is borrowing to Somebody that doesn't do their own due Diligence that would be impossible That's Insanity that doesn't happen in The real World the banks are the most regulated Industry in the entire world they have To I mean they have a fiduciary duty as You said they' get Suited by every Shareholder if they didn't and that's Like Sean Hannity going out to a bank He's getting a mortgage on his home he Goes to the bank and says you know bank I I think my house is worth a million Dollars I want you to take my word for It and I want a million dollar mortgage Of course you're not going to do that You know what they're going to do They're going to send appraisers out They're going to appraise the land They're going to take a loan to value Ratio to make sure that they have Adequate coverage you're going to put in Equity the same thing happens to a much Greater degree in a commercial Transaction we would get mortgages on Property and we put hundreds of millions Of dollars into the properties only Further furthering the banks collateral This whole narrative there is is asinine Again our banks loved us there are no Victims there was no crime of any sort

But Leticia James has to go after my Father and now you see the nrcc and all All these different you know coalitions You see all the attorney generals Fundraising on the fact that they're Going after Donald Trump and they're They're going after his platform and They're keeping him off the campaign Trail so he can't be in South Carolina And Iowa and New Hampshire and all the Places he wants to be they're all Fundraising on this charade and again It's what Leticia James promised she was Going to do she promised this in her own Words I posted 100 of the videos today I Have played wanted to get Donald Trump For the last six years so the only Comfort and and this is a state of the United States of America right now Sean It it certainly is in New York but they Want to cancel your ability to ever do Business in New York again uh they want Uh some conservator to take over your Properties they want to find you $250 Million I guess if there's any comfort I I have a very hard time believing that This would stand on appeal if you get a Fair judge if you're able to get a fair Judge in New York you know if it wasn't So ridiculous you know you would laugh At it but this is your life this is your Family this has gone on now for all These years and a judge saying he Doesn't want to hear from a witness is

This is this our country cuz that Doesn't sound like us thousands of Employees Sean let's not forget about the Thousands of employees these are Maids These are housekeepers these are Engineers these are these are drivers These are Bellman I mean people who Literally rely on our family and our Properties to put food on their PL you Know on their tables every single night There's thousands of people who are Collateral damaged to Leticia james' Games and she doesn't give a damn I mean She doesn't even consider these people I Mean isn't she responsible to take care Of New Yorkers and represent the best Interest of New Yorker these people have Incredible jobs because of us because of The Trump organization because of our Family and she wants to put those people In Peril Sean these people are cruel They are cruel cruel people and they Will do anything for their own political Power and my father will keep fighting It I'll keep fighting it and um in the End we will win because whatever is Happening is just it's Unthinkable and It makes no sense you get one Fair judge And this thing's going to be thrown out On his ear this this judge it's almost Like a Saturday night life skit he's so Bad it's it's worse than a Saturday Night life skit because you have to live

It Eric Trump thank you for being with Us hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere Else

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