Eric Trump: This has ‘made a mockery’ of the US

Eric Trump: This has ‘made a mockery’ of the US

Eric Trump reacts to his father former President Donald Trump’s indictment on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’ #foxnews

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Well let's bring in Eric Trump he's the Son of former president Trump and the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization Eric good morning welcome To Fox and Friends Just give us your take on what's been Going on it must this must be so Tumultuous in your family and it must Feel like just a lot of Injustice Listen Rachel we're pretty work-hearted At this point is I think all three of You guys know very very well right we've Been attacked from moment number one I'll never forget when Hillary called to Concede to my father I was right there I Was right next to you know him when he Got the phone call and it was within Minutes that the Washington Post comes Out and says this is when the Impeachment of Donald Trump begins right I mean this is 10 minutes after Hillary Called to concede guys this was their Plan the entire time you know they're Not bashful about it they've admitted it Alvin Bragg is out there on TV he's out There in videos saying I've gone after Trump a hundred times I went after his Administration I went after his family You have other prosecutors in New York Leticia James who I'm gonna take him Down I'm gonna sue the hell out of him They did this while they campaigned this Isn't after the fact when they you know Knew something or thought they knew

Something this is during a campaign Where they're not actually sitting in The seat where they have no inside Information where they have no relevant Facts and they campaigned and fundraised Off of going after my father and taking Him down now you guys guys live in New York I used to live in New York I know That City very very well I go back to New York and you know I said this the Other night you literally can't walk Into a Dwayne Reed and by Advil because Everything's locked up behind plastic Because there's so much looting there's So much crime homelessness is through The roof you know little girls are Getting shot in Times Square women are Being thrown in front of subway trains And this has been the priority of the Manhattan DA's office for six years is Going after Donald Trump and they went Through 11 million documents corporate Documents 11 million documents they Didn't find a damn thing and so on the Eve of my father you know obviously just Running for president just announcing His candidacy again when he's up by 35 Percent in the polls this is how they Take him out guys this is a coordinated Effort between attorney generals District Attorneys from various Different states they couldn't get him Through the executive branch they they Tried damn hard and we all know that we

Saw that with impeachment one and Impeachment two and all the other houses So guess what they turn to a state level They turn to these weaponized Prosecutors funded by George Soros to go After him and his family and it's a Disgrace to this country Eric you guys have had to fight back for A minute one you're exactly right how You described that how do you continue To fight back now what is the next week Weeks look like uh for your father and Your family Well we fight well I mean that's what we Do right we you know repeat we we go out There and we fight that's what we've had To do since the moment he came down that Escalator we've done it as a family We've been incredibly successful Um believe me they wanted to get him out Of office they wanted to throw him Behind bars you saw that with this this Russia hoax I remember I was a guy that Got the phone calls do you have secret Servers connected to the Kremlin in the Basement of Trump Tower I started Laughing I go you know first of all We're like mainly cloud-based Computing Second of all you don't keep servers in A basement because basements flood like What kind of nonsense is this but Despite the lack of logic of all of this They pursued that for for three years And guess what we had to go out and

Fight and we came on these shows and we Fought and we made the American people Understand that this whole thing was a Sham you know the problem with the Democrats is they always dig so deep That they end up finding themselves and Guys that's exactly what's gonna happen Here but Americans are are sick and Tired of a two-tiered system if I was Hunter Biden I'd be in jail for the rest Of my life I can tell you you know Rachel if you go on my laptop right now You'll find pictures of Laura my kids There's gonna be no hookers or should be No cocaine there's good no illegal drugs You know it's gonna be nice pictures of My two beautiful young children but yet I'm the guy that they're coming after While Hunter Biden sells Finger Paintings You know for 500 000 bucks to to random People all over the world who want you Know political influence bedroom and They still haven't gone into Hunters Yeah I think about that you know a Beautiful 15 year old kid who adores Soccer they they raid his sock drawer Yet a guy who has laptops I mean guys The question I want to ask everybody and I want to ask the whole nation is what Product Was the Biden selling I mean you know What we do right we've been in the hotel World for 100 years we've been in

Um you know the golf business we have Commercial real estate you know Residential retail a bunch of other Things right properties like Mar-A-Lago What product was he selling that China Is writing him a check for a million Dollars yeah and we all know the answer To that it's kind of a rhetorical Question but guys it's influence and Everybody knows it that's why Hunter is Taking Air Force too with his father you Know overseas he does no damn thing About oil and gas what does he know About the Ukraine he doesn't speak the Language but yet he's sitting on all These boards and and yet again they're Raiding Baron's closet a beautiful 15 Year old kid in high school And not doing a damn thing about Hunter People are sick and tired of this Two-tier system of justice and and guys I have to tell you people in this Country understand it I was on a plane I Was on a commercial flight when this Whole indictment broke people were Coming up to me giving me hugs the Support is unbelievable out there Because people understand that we've Literally become a Banana Republic that They've they've made a mockery out of Our our legal system in this country so Eric we've talked this morning about What happens next for your father what Kind of motion what type of legal

Process begins starting Tuesday I'm Curious about your belief I think we Have some insight into your father's Belief about his Prospect for a fair Trial in New York he put this out on on Truth social last night he said the Judge quote assigned to my Witch Hunt Case a case that has never been charged Before hates me his name is Juan Manuel Marshawn he was hand-picked by Bragg and The prosecutors and the same person who Railroaded my 75 year old former CFO Alan weisselberg into taking a plea pled Guilty even if you're not 90 days fight Us in court 10 years life in jail I Think he means life because he's 90. He's strong-armed Allen which the judge Is not allowed to do and treated my Companies which didn't plead viciously Appealing so it just sounds very clearly Like there is no expectation for a fair Trial when it comes to any of these Pre-trial motions or whatever may happen In front of this judge Alan's a good man I know Ellen Incredibly well he's the second father To me and and literally they told Alan You tell us anything about Trump you Give us anything give us any little bit Of dirt that leads to conviction of Trump and and you're gone you can you Can go Sail Away guys that's all this is Yeah they put a 75 year old man in jail Because he said that you know he wasn't

Going to cooperate because there was Nothing to cooperate with but that's Been their game plan they've gone after So many people and just go through the List not just Alan weissenberg right They've gone through everybody that's Close to my father they've gone through Clearly all of us they've tried to get All of us they went to Alan weisselberg But look at General Flynn look what they Did to him look how they destroyed tried To destroy his life look what they did To manafort I mean just go through the List of of lawyers that they've attacked Of of a tur you know of of you know Campaign individuals that they have Attacked they've taken 24 25 year old Interns in the you know in the White House and they've literally bankrupted Them because they go after them they Send them subpoenas they need to go out And get legal representation I mean this Is the game that they play and that's Why this guy guys is a coordinated Effort they attack everybody in the Inner Circle because they think that Benefits them and they also throw Lawsuits from from every direction right I mean they're trying to overwhelm a guy And you know what if you didn't have a Guy like Donald Trump who had the Backbone and conviction and strength and Frankly guys Financial Resources you Know my father's the greatest fighter

I've ever seen I've never had more Respect for the man than I I do right Now Um but but this is the game that the Democrats play in order to try and win Elections they're vicious they're Absolutely vicious and I've lived on the Front line of it for the last six years Eric no doubt you have I can hear the Passion in your voice but it seems Republicans for the most part have Closed ranks I mean you've raised four Million dollars in the last day after The indictment uh your father's the Campaign put on a long list the Statement of Congressional members House And Senate that are supportive of uh Former president Trump do you think this Has an inverse effect does it not Ingratiate people more for him and his Willingness to fight Oh there's no question Pete I mean People are pissed off right now uh that They are Um and then they realize what's Happening I mean you know it's it's why Certain people I won't mention names Right now but when they were very late To show up to this party it actually Makes you realize how naive they are to The actual system out there you know This will happen to every single Republican I mean change the name Donald Trump to whoever's sitting in that

Number one seat and you better believe That their family is going to get Attacked and their friends are going to Get attacked and their cabinet members Are gonna get attacked and they're going To be slandered and smeared and the Other side is going to pay for fake Dossiers and they're going to try and Impeach them this is what they do they Weaponize the legal system I mean They've literally weaponized every Institution that we have in this country They just have whether whether it be the Military whether it be the doj whether It be the you know the the FBI whether It be big Pharma Um you know media social media Censorship that's their playbook schools Higher education lower education guys That's their playbook they weaponize Everything to their advantage go out and Win at The Ballot Box but people are Sick and tired of indicting a guy Who's literally leading by 35 points Because you know they realize that their Candidate can't walk up the stairs to Air Force One without tripping and Falling on himself Yeah you know Eric it's interesting I do Think that there is a Groundswell of Support for your father because they do Feel like this is a political Persecution but a lot of it is also Because they look at what's happening to

Your father and they go what does that Mean for me they saw the way some of his Supporters were so unfairly treated at January 6. many of them still sitting in In you know awful prisons without proper Justice being Applied to their their cases so Um just talk briefly we don't have a lot Of time but why this should matter to Every American whether you like Donald Trump or not Yeah Rachel we're supposed to live in a free Country you're supposed to have a Freedom of speech right it's just the Number one thing that makes up our Constitution Freedom must raise freedom Of expression yet you have conservatives All over the country who are getting De-platformed their businesses are Getting shut down their Banks stop Banking them their their web service Providers decide to turn them turn them Away Um you know they're being targeted by The IRS you saw what we saw this week But you also saw what happened under you Know Barack Obama where he's literally Targeting conservative organizations Using the IRS people understand the Weaponization of government and that's Extremely extremely frightening we're Supposed to be the greatest democracy on The face of this Earth and we're

Literally turning into a Banana Republic I mean I think Putin would be impressed By some of the things that the Democrats Have done over the last six years and And again it's got to stop and it's Why We Fight believe me you know it's hard To go out there and fight every single Day we take arrows every single day as a Family but we'll never back down from The fight because honestly if we don't Take down back this country we're not Going to have a we're not going to have A country we're gonna be speaking Mandarin and I you know I'm joking when I say that but in a certain way not Really it's awfully scary what's Happening out there and um you guys have Covered it better than anybody but That's why we fight and my father's the Greatest fighter I've ever met Thank you thank you Eric Trump thank you So much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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