Ex-Israeli leader condemns pro-Palestinian protests in the West

Ex-Israeli leader condemns pro-Palestinian protests in the West

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tells ‘Hannity’ the pro-Hamas protests in US are unbelievable. #foxnews #hannity

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Thousands have taken to the streets uh Echoing to Le's hateful uh virulent Anti-semitic rhetoric and sadly these Rabid anti-israel riots are getting Worse and so are the chance from the Protesters take a look at what they were Screaming outside of Joe Biden's white House this [Applause] Weekend abbar sound familiar yeah those Were words echoed by uh some of the Pilots on 91101 as they killed 2,977 Americans here now with reaction The former prime minister of Israel Naftali Bennett is with us Mr Prime Minister good to see you um for the life Of me I do not understand the United States of America Israel stood strong With America post 911 you guys never Wavered ever And here this is the worst terror attack In Israeli history and we have an American president and administration Pressuring Israel to put a pause on Defending Your Homeland Defending Your Country has that been Happening well I want to explain Sean The meaning of uh pause in the in the War right now uh We've embarked on uh Inevitable uh War to eliminate Hamas There's no way that we can accept uh Terror State uh that did what it did on Our

Border the moment we pause in the middle Of the war it gives time for our enemies To replenish themselves to rearm to Freshen up and in effect it lengthens The war every day of pause is another Two weeks of War which means many more Dead people on both sides uh it would be Tantamount to to say January of 1945 that the Allies would Tell Germany you know what we're going To pause the war for a few days take Your time we don't want to hurt Civilians and the war would have Continued into 1946 1947 the best way to save lives is to Accelerate the war beat Hamas and this Whole nightmare will be over let let me Ask you Mr Prime Minister and this is Important to me doesn't the net result Have to be the elimination of not only Hamas but Hezbollah and Lebanon Doesn't the net result have to be that Neither Lebanon nor Gaza can no longer Be launching areas for the hundreds of Thousands of rockets I've been there When they've been fired I've been in the Terror tunnels doesn't this have to end With those areas no longer being a Launching pad to attack Israel with Those Rockets doesn't that have to come To an end doesn't it also don't you have To destroy all of this this network of Terror tunnels I've been in them don't That doesn't that have to be part part

Of the equation to and at some point Doesn't somebody need to deal with the Head of the snake and that being Iran That is orchestrating all of this with Their proxy Wars I think you're absolutely right uh We have an octopus of Terror the head is Iran and the arms areala Hamas Islamic Jihad and Terror cells around the world And those who are fueling it are sitting In Teran and they feel immune what we Need to do is uh ultimately Uh hit to Iran as prime minister when I Was prime minister of Israel according To foreign sources uh when they messed Around with Israel uh there were Commanders of uh El's uh Terror units That were assassinated in the heart of Uh Teran uh there was a drone base in uh Iran that was bombed and that's what we Need to do because we know fighting just The arms fighting just the arms of the Octopus doesn't really make sense and You're right Mr Prime Minister I only Have about 30 seconds left we have seen You know from The River To The Sea we've Heard that uh I never thought i' hear The words gas the Jews F the Jews and All this virulent anti-semitic rhetoric In the United States on college campuses In the halls of Congress and Worldwide um I've never been one to use Nazi analogies but this sounds eerily Like the 1930s to me and all that I've

Learned in history I I had no idea that This level of hatred existed what is Your reaction to it in the 30 seconds we Have Sean me neither I never imagined That on the ground of the United States Of America we'd hear people chant Effectively kill the Jews because that's What from The River To The Sea uh means Because that's where the state of Israel Is but there is a response there's one Way to do away with all this Anti-Semitism in America and our war With the Hamas and that's total Victory On Kamas defeat them hit them kill the Terrorists and by doing that this whole Thing will uh change all right Mr Prime Minister our prayers are with Israel and The people of Israel tonight and where Prayer is for victory not for a pause For full Victory hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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