Expelled Tennessee lawmaker gets reinstated, another seeks reappointment

Expelled Tennessee lawmaker gets reinstated, another seeks reappointment

Correspondent Charles Watson reports the latest from Nashville, Tennessee. #FoxNews

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There were new demonstrations today in Nashville Tennessee over the expulsion Of two Democratic state legislators There and there are efforts tonight Underway to have them reinstated Correspondent Charles Watson is in Nashville tonight with the latest on That story good evening Charles [Applause] Good evening Brad protesters are back Out in Nashville today I want to show You a picture of some of them some of These folks coming from as far as Nebraska to demand the Tennessee Legislature to take action on gun reform Today's protest comes as the State House Is back in session for the first time Since successful republican-led after It's expelled two Democratic lawmakers For holding a demonstration on the house Floor which GOP members say broke the Quorum many of those folks have called The move unfair and say they want to Show support for the dude the two Democrats Justin Jones and Justin Pearson as it relates to Jones we just Learned moments ago that Nashville's Metro Council voted unanimously to Reinstate Jones back to his seat he is Now headed back to the Tennessee State House as an interim representative just Four days after losing that seat we Spoke to a constitutional scholar who Tells us the Metro council is well

Within its right to bring Jones back Listen The Constitution Um requires representation and it allows For the local governments to choose who That person is that will be filling that Vacancy until the next Um special election can be held Now the letter sent to Republican house Speaker Cameron Sexton lawyers Representing both Jones and former Representative Justin Pearson of Memphis Urged the speaker to promptly swear in Both members of the general as general Members of the general assembly should They be reinstated and Grant them quote The same benefits rights duties and Liberties as any other member Sexton's Office tells Fox News in an email is Jones or Pearson are reinstated those Two individuals will be seated as Representatives as the Constitution Requires and we just saw Jones arrive to The Tennessee State House just a few Moments ago he will Be a part of the session tonight Brett Charles Watson live in Tennessee Charles Thanks I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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