Far-left influencers could get ‘briefing room’

Far-left influencers could get 'briefing room'

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed the tactic after President Biden announced he plans to run for re-election in 2024. #FoxNews

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President Biden today gave new insight On whether or not he plans to run for Re-election in 2024. Will you be taking part in the Easter Egg rolls uh after planning on after 2024. I plan on at least three or four More Easter egg rolls at least three or Four more maybe five maybe five maybe Six what the hell are you saying that uh That you would be uh taking part in uh Our upcoming election in 2014. I'll Either be rolling egg or you know being The the you know the guy who's pushed Him out I plan on running now but we're Not prepared to announce it yet well This Easter egg roll you didn't have a Comms advisor in an Easter Bunny outfit Hopping over to stop him but anyway Although the president isn't prepared to Announce just yet he does however have a Strategy ready to go his plan to win was Banning together an army of tick-tock Influencers to tout his achievements in Hopes of wooing young voters you heard That right tick tock the Chinese owned App that lawmakers have been actively Trying to ban over National Security Concerns the Biden administration of Course has professed their support for At least part of that but they'll cue That in so the influencers nevertheless As a part of Biden's new strategy the Influencers would get more consistent Access to the president and perhaps even

Their own White House briefing room Invite him better hope that the plan Works in his favor because polls show The president has been losing ground With young voters just last week a new Poll from CNN found that a staggering 76 Percent of Voters under the age of 35 do Not think Biden deserves another term as President Brian going back to the top That sound buys that the president tends To run I always thought that he would He's just not ready to announce yet why Would he announced yet because when you Think about it he has no meaningful Primary challenge unless you consider Marianne Williamson a threat or Robert Kennedy and axio saying this Biden Advisors yes Biden advisors also believe That waiting has a potential upside it Allows him to contrast his leadership From the Oval Office with the chaos of The Republican party and the drama Surrounding former president Trump's Indictment so no incentive to announce Now I got it uh one thing would be good To be able to be out out there and to Get your message out the reason why Previous presidents have done it they Feel as though they want to have an Excuse go to the people who explain what They're doing overall rather than Reacting to the headlines but number two You can't get this president to be President let alone talk about the next

Four years I mean where is he on China Has not talked to the leader where is he On Russia what's he why is he why is he Explained to the American people why Ukraine matters because you could see Some of this would support fracturing we Tell people about losing the losing Control with the dollar what it would Mean why I got to be vigilant where's The meeting with the Brazilian president To say how dare you go and give up uh Kind of trade deal with China you know I Supported your reelection which you Never should have done anyway because He's a communist and who worship Fidel Castro but on this I have no problem It's a great strategy to go for Influencers then we would uh would uh President Trump did with Facebook and Instagram he was great he was brilliant At Twitter nobody better and and Hillary Ignored it but Tick Tock it shows he Does not get the security uh the Security issue with this it also shows He's ambivalent to to it which is nuts Does he even know what's going on with The big debate in Congress did he watch Those hearings did he see Democratic Senator Warner say we got to ban this Thing yeah he wants to ban it on Government devices or has banned Tick Tock but wants to curate the vote of Tick-tock users nonetheless both ways You can't have it both ways

Um in politics as you know you don't Want it to be a referendum on your Presidency you want it to be a choice Jen saki understands this principle she Said if the midterms were a referendum On Biden they'd be in trouble the CNN Poll 32 percent say Biden deserve Re-election that's paltry at the same Time 33 percent say the same of trump so My point is this conservatives must Illustrate a choice here a Clear Choice Why conservatism is better than Biden Because that poll is meaningless unless You deliver that choice to the American Voter well yeah and that's why I believe As terrible as what they're doing to Donald Trump is and as much as we should Speak out against it and fight against It that can't be the only issue that Republicans are talking about heading Into the presidential election we have To make this a referendum election as You pointed out also lay down another Path for for Americans as well but in Regard to the in The Tick Tock Influencers this is why they're not Going to do anything on Tick Tock right They need tick tock as an influence Machine as a turnout machine and it's Working you look at something like one In four individuals under 30 get their News from Tick Tock you look at just This midterm election alone you had I Think the second highest election ever

For Millennials in gen Z gen Z turning Out in droves for for Democrats and I Remember back in 2015 being on this Network talking about Obama doing Interviews with a YouTube star that Bathed in cereal milk do you guys Remember this story and I remember being On everyone's like oh he's crazy this is Terrible I'm like it is brilliant Because that lady had like four million YouTube followers Were Society driven by likes views and And follows right 150 million people are On Tick Tock the cat's out of the bag Tick Duck's not going anywhere yes he is Weak on China but as far as the Gen Z to Your point they're not watching cast Media and this is the way to get to them And think of what Biden's going to do With this and I think it is a smart Strategy he's going to hit them on what He knows that they care about climate Change abortion rights transgender Rights everything that that group is so Vocal about that they're screaming about At universities across the country That's what he's going to do and reach Out to them to get to Galvanize them to Vote I think they're worried that There's not enough excitement or good Polling around current President Biden To get those voters to come back in and To help him get reelected against Whoever the opponent would be we know

Those voters have voted and droves for Democrats 28 points they won 18 to 29 Year olds by in the midterms they did That Tick Tock Summit ahead of the Midterms encouraging everyone to tweet For Democrats or Tick Tock rather and Then there's this Emily this was an Interesting passage for maxios we Actually asked the White House as a tick Tock user when are we going to get press Briefing passes said Sisson who had 660 000 followers on Tick Tock the result The administration is moving towards Giving influences influencers their own Briefing room if you thought there were Softball questions now Imagine The Tick Tock Stars asking Korean John Pierre Questions I don't know if they'd be Asking anything I think they would just Simply receive that the sound but the Sound bites that this Administration Gives them my issue with this in part is That rather than being one tool in the Administration's tool belt of marketing One item in the constellation of Information Pathways that they use they Are relying solely on it it appears and In the process they are amplifying those Influencers as something that is totally Blowing everyone else out of the water That's the president for every American But it reminds me of you know when you Go to La and you're trying to get into a Club and it's like oh what's your last

Name what do you do they they traffic in Making people feel small because not Everyone is equal in their eyes so here Oh you have 660 000 followers on Twitter Great you're going to get your own Briefing room that's more important than The average American who's paying their Taxes working really hard and feeling The impacts of this administration's Policies and it's also um an easy way For this admin Administration to Peddle There what our only found mates and Narratives because in Tick Tock what is It 10 seconds total oh got the sound Bites I'm gonna I'm gonna repeat it Right have the ice bath challenge or Whatever it is right exactly there's no Thought so rather than having to defend Their policies or actually explain why They are saying the headlines that they Do all they have to do is say it and Then it'll be Amplified to those other Purely politics but very smart if you Want to win an election I must say hey Everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me and My co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee Mcineny on outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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