FBI Can’t Guarantee Terrorists Aren’t Among Illegal Aliens

FBI Can’t Guarantee Terrorists Aren't Among Illegal Aliens

Rep. Mark Green: “Can the FBI guarantee the American people that known or suspected terrorists…are not amongst those got-aways?”

FBI Director Wray: “Well, certainly the group of people that you’re talking about are a source of great concern for us.”

That’s a no.

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Can the FBI guarantee the American People that known or suspected Terrorists including any from Hamas or Other Terror groups are not amongst Those Goda Ways well certainly the the group of People that you're talking about are Source of of great concern for us that's Why we're aggressively using all 56 of Our joint terrorism task forces and There but there's really no way for you To guarantee that Hamas isn't in those Well I again that as you say there's the Unknown unknown and the Known Unknown um But what I can tell you is that our 56 Joint terrorism task forces are working Their tales off to make sure that they Sus out and identify potential terrorist Suspects whether they're on the watch List or not

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