FBI slammed for not having answers on secret Chinese police stations

FBI slammed for not having answers on secret Chinese police stations

Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher criticizes the FBI for being unable to answer questions on the Chinese police stations and calls for more to be done in response. #FoxNews

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And it's frankly outrageous That the Chinese government would think That it could set up shop here on our Soil and unfortunately it fits in with a Pattern of the Chinese government Trying to uh basically run willy-nilly Disregard for the rule of law Yeah director Christopher Ray reacting To the discovery of secret Chinese Police stations on American soil the Purpose is to intimidate Chinese Dissidents living here apparently about A dozen half a dozen across the country Our next guest is pressing the FBI for Answers Congressman Mike Gallagher is Chairman of the house select China Committee uh Congressman welcome back to Fox News good to see you this morning Thanks for having me okay so let me Start here what are the letters one of The things you brought up in the letter To the director is the fact that Apparently the bureau missed these Operations until they became public Knowledge What kinds of questions do you have and Do you think you'll get answers Well there's really two questions that We asked of the FBI and they refused to Provide answers or they couldn't provide An answer one is did they know about These illegal Chinese police stations on American soil before a non-profit entity Called Safeguard Defenders released a

Public report identifying over a hundred Of these police stations around the World and the second is after we have Discovered this one in the the heart of Manhattan are there other illegal police Stations on American soil and what is The FBI doing about that we had a Briefing with the select committee on China they couldn't answer these Questions we were very disappointed I'm Glad that we've now arrested two agents In connection with the Manhattan illegal Police station but we need to do more we Need to know how the FBI is combating This phenomenon of transnational Repression and this outrageous affront To American sovereignty yeah just so our Audience knows how did we find out about That police station in lower Manhattan Well I found out about it through the Work of Safeguard Defenders I then went To the site of the police station and Held a rally it was actually the first Event we did in a bipartisan Fashion on The select committee on China and I was Shocked to find out how extensive this Phenomenon is it's not just in America There's been multiple incidents in the UK across Europe there's also something Happening on American campuses where Chinese students Taiwanese students find Themselves surveilled harassed and in Some cases physically assaulted by Members of innocuous sounding

Non-profits like the Chinese students Scholars Association so this is Unacceptable we need to heighten Awareness and we need to force the FBI To take it more seriously to act more Aggressively we need to push back on This affront to American sovereignty we Can't allow America to be a hunting Ground for dictators it should be a Haven from persecution You've given them the bureau a deadline Of May 10th to get you answers what Happens if you don't get them because You've been pressing While we're more than happy to to call Uh the FBI director to testify if that's If that's what it takes I'm hoping we Can have a a closed or classified uh Briefing before that but again my Constituents are outraged by this I Think my members on the committee their Constituents want answers I mean this Shouldn't be allowed to happen it's Crazy that something like this is Happening there's other things that came Out of this briefing the next sound that I'm about to play it tells you America's Got to step on the gas uh here's the FBI Director talking about Chinese cyber Threat now to our audience just listen To what he says on the numbers here The scale of the Chinese cyber threat is Unparalleled to give you a sense of what We're up against if each one of the

FBI's cyber agents and Intel analysts Focused exclusively On the China threat on nothing but China Chinese hackers would still outnumber FBI cyber Personnel by at least 50 to 1. what that answer says is that We can't catch up What'd you think of that Well I think we need to leverage our Unique strengths first of all I agree on The scope of the threat and I'm glad he Talked about it in clear and direct Language that was our major finding on The cyberspace Solarium commission that China is our biggest threat in Cyberspace I would go further and say That in some meaningful sense the Invasion of Taiwan has already begun in Cyberspace and the attacks on their Critical infrastructure are enormous the Threat to our critical infrastructure is Enormous where we can outperform the Chinese Communist party is leveraging Public private Partnerships it's Actually a strength of our system that We don't have a government that controls Everything so by harnessing the Creativity and the talent in the private Sector and getting them to work in a Collaborative fashion with the Government that's how we can beat the Chinese in cyberspace All right so more to come on this yeah Yeah this is far from over and let us

Know if you get answers we'd love to Hear back Absolutely thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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