Fetterman’s shocking admission: This is threatening the ‘American dream’

Fetterman's shocking admission: This is threatening the 'American dream'

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed Biden’s admission on the border and Fetterman’s take on the matter as voters prepare to head to the polls in New Hampshire with immigration policy being a key issue. #FoxNews

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Numbered Harris and I are live from Bedford New Hampshire ahe of tomorrow's First in the nation presidential primary But Biden is not here he's getting back From vacation today but not before he Took a swing at Republicans trying to Blame them for the Border Crisis I've been clear from the very Beginning the system is broken now the Question is for the speaker and the House Republicans are they ready to act As well they have to choose whether they Want to solve a problem or keep Weaponizing issues to score political Points to get the President and when he was pressed on why The Border not secure in his Administration Biden claimed it never Was to begin With do you believe that that the border Is no it's not I haven't belied it the Last 10 years and I've said it for the Last 10 years give me the Money but Democrats and President Biden's own party have had enough of him Playing politics with our Southern Border listen to Senator John fedman Warning that the neverbe seen surge of Migrants is threatening the American Dream I think two things can be true at The same time you can be very supportive Of immigration but we also need to have A secure border and I really I think About immigration is we want to provide

The American dream for any migrant but It seems very difficult when you have 300,000 people showing up encountered at At a quarter to do that and Senator Fedman can not be more correct Harris Let's Start with a fact check because Biden said The Border's been unsecure For 10 years we have a chart and it Shows apprehensions at the southern Border and look at those three yellow Bars that is under Biden a massive Number of apprehensions going all the Way up to 2 million in 2023 Unfortunately delusion is not one of the Things on the list that you need to be President and those are not percentages Polls or anything like that that the White House likes to say through its its Folks people that they don't really Believe in or it's too far out those are The raw data from the federal government On people who've crossed into our nation Illegally Goda ways those numbers aren't On that so just think about adding a Million more at least in the last year I Mean it it really is disturbing if you Cannot see what's going on how do you Fix it and then you have a zar she can't Fix it either and then you have a Homeland secretary myor is who's under Impeachment inquiry right now he Obviously can't fix it either so whose Priority is our nation sovereignty That's what I want to know who is it

Really important to because if you're President and the people that you've Tasked to fix a situation can't do it Then it falls to you and you can't be Falling down trying to fix it and I'm Not making fun of him I mean he's Falling down on the job that's what you Say about people who retire before your Eyes they're not doing their job he Needs to stand up get some intentional Fortitude and and do what's necessary Maybe you got to put back in place some Of those Trump policies that were Working that takes a man to do the job Right now I don't know what the child in The White House is thinking yeah former White House Press Secretary Jen saki had Some thoughts on the issue last night Let's Watch we all know the real reason Trump Wants to tank this deal he doesn't Actually care about solving the problem At the border he wants the problem he Wants the issue to run on because it is The fear-mongering the scare tactics That he is betting on to excite his Voters and his base this deal is far From perfect but if Trump is successful In tanking this deal democrats should Not let voters forget it because Trump's Fearmongering about immigration his Constant drum beat about the Border will Continue all the way until the until November I mean Emily it can be

Dismissed as fear-mongering but polls Show The Border surging in importance to Voters and regardless of the Polls it's a destruction that is Affecting every American you know the Thing the Hallmark of this Administration to me is this it's that You know you sort of don't care about an Issue until it hits you personally until It hits home and you can argue that Especially with this topic to your point Kaylee as reflected in the polls it is Paramount to every American's priority list because it is Impacting every American regardless of Proximity to the southern border and This Administration plays it off as Fear-mongering when people in Denver Have to wait for a bed because the Illegal immigrants have filled up the Hospital and the hospital has no Resources when people have to forego Buying certain groceries because of Inflation when they have to put their Kids in a different field because their Home field is all filled up the list Goes on of the priorities as executed by This administration of everyone else but Americans and they will tell you Repeatedly it is your fault it is your Fault that you chose to buy a truck with Gas it is your fault that you chose to Work in a factory it is your fault that You have any choice whatsoever over

Things you don't because to them it is Fearmongering rather than reality and Reality is Molly and Iowa are Fox News Voter analysis 41% said it was their top Issue here when you look at the Monmouth Poll in New Hampshire 25% say it's the Top issue 59% say it's a very important Issue yeah this is something that people All across the country are caring about We've seen big city Democrat leaders uh Talking to the president about this Saying we need help Blue State leaders Saying we need help and now it doesn't Democ in the House of Representatives Have joined with Republicans in this Resolution that's been put forward Denouncing the Biden administration's Current policy and they're from all over The country by the way Alaska Maine Florida this is something people across The country are Pay we've lost Molly Lee your Thoughts the president when he comes Into office January 2021 claimed the Power and responsibility to open the Border I mean he stops construction of The border wall he ramps up Catch and Release gets rid of Romania Mexico gets Rid of title 42 and now wants to act Like he doesn't have the power and Responsibility to fix it and wants to Punt to Congress he's wrong for doing it Yeah but it's all been going on for the Last 10 years has nothing to do with

Biden he tells us all right hey everyone I'm Emily compano catch me and my Co-hosts Harris vulner and Kaylee mcki On outnumbered every weekday at 12:00 P.m. Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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