‘Fire Biden’ is the message that will unify the GOP: Guy Benson

'Fire Biden' is the message that will unify the GOP: Guy Benson

‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists react to former President Trump sailing to victory over 2024 White House hopeful Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Fox News Decision Desk projects.

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All right so Charlie Herz president Trump pronounces again your thoughts About the evening the quick evening as Alex was reporting yeah uh very early Evening um obviously there are some Still divisions in in the uh party and As you would expect this early in a Primary but uh the the real unity in the Republican party is on the issues and These are the issues that Donald Trump Brought to the table and so while Obviously there are some uh some uh lack Of unity when it comes to Trump Personality I think that as we go Forward um much of that can be you know Will get sort of uh taken care of this Is sort of a seminal moment I think for Republicans because uh what we've seen And you know we had no idea what was Going to happen you know two months ago When we started looking at this um you Know the question was did Republican Voters want to stand and fight and try And continue to do what Donald Trump uh Brought the party around to do uh Whatever it is eight years ago now um or Did they want to or did they want want To surrender and just say you know what We're we're done with we're exhausted we Want to move on turns out they want to Fight and that's what we're going to go That's what we're these issues that We're seeing in the Fox News voter Analysis Nikki Haley made this case that

She was the the person that women would Vote for actually Donald Trump beat Haley with women and on the issues like Immigration he's the one who came out on Top tonight yeah and she's trying to Make this argument that she can unite The country when she can't unite her own Party behind her and we saw Tim Scott There he asked you know is South Carolina still Trump country Which the answer is yes but this is also Still Donald Trump's political party and And the Republican party is and I Remember heading into one of the debates Desantis's Super PAC put out a memo Saying that Dan santis needed to make The argument that he's the guy to carry The torch forward but Republican primary Voters have decided that they still want Trump to carry the torch and and no One's been able to figure out how to Land a punch on him because he is Essentially still an incumbent and in Order to take out an incumbent in Politics you have to convince voters There needs to be a change and we've Seen Dan santis has try to run to his Right that didn't work Nikki Haley's Trying to run to his left and she's Trying to zero in on things like foreign Policy but when she was UN Ambassador She wasn't involved in decision making Policym she was involved in pageantry You know Trump's the guy that took out

CM solman he's the guy that took out Isis he's the guy that you know Putin Didn't dare invade Ukraine under his Watch so nobody's been able to figure Out how to take Trump on um and you know He's he's the guy he's going to be the Guy guy you know there is an ongoing Prim there is this guy there is an Ongoing primary we seeing that Nikki Hilly is getting about 39% of the vote Right now we're you know we're at 63% Reporting so that could go up and change She wanted to get 43% of the vote to Prove that she was building moment Momentum doing better than New Hampshire But there is an issue of bringing those Voters back home because a number of Them who are voting for Haley say they Will not vote for Donald Trump in November but the president is very Confident that the party is unifying Behind him take a Listen room is full of energy and our Party is is full of energy like never Before and I mean it there's never been Unity there has never been unity in our Party just the fact think of it we've Had a lot of primaries in the state the Fact that we got double the number of Votes in history there's never been Anything like that got your response Well I mean it's like 6139 so he can talk about the party Never being more unified but Lindsey

Graham gets loudly booed at the victory Speech for a man that he endorsed more Than a year ago right whatever you think Of Lindsey Graham and I know members of The base elements don't like him for Various votes or positions he's taken he Has been a loyal Trump supporter this Cycle really since day one and he comes To the microphone tonight at the unity Rally and gets booed by the ballroom Right so that's an issue there is not Great unity in the party just yet and I Think as you look at some of those Images on the screen on the left side There is the Trump rally you can see That placard that's says fire Biden that Is the message that will unify Republicans Trump had a big slogan in Blazing behind him at an event recently That said better off under Trump those Are the unifying factors that I think Trump and his campaign really need to Focus on I think attacking Nikki Haley Attacking her supporters of whom there Are quite a few serves no purpose I know They would rather her to get out and and Sort of get on with it but this is not a Coronation as she likes to say voters Are having there say she's sticking Around apparently for a while and if the Goal truly is to fire Biden I think Trump would be best served I know it's Hard for him but being a little Disciplined and saying I've got this

Thing in the bag in all likelihood let's Focus on the real problem we did see Some of that tonight Charlie you know After New Hampshire president Trump Attacked Nikki Haley attacked her Supporters said we don't want you then She raised a lot of money in response to That uh tonight you really saw president Trump focusing solely on the general Election they're not even really talking About the Haley campaign Trump is always Just said that he's running a general Election campaign but they're really Looking forward to that November 5th Date which he repeatedly talked about Tonight whereas the Haley campaign is Looking to Super Tuesday yeah and and I Think that one thing that I think is Important to remember is that before the Rise of s the internet and conservative Media I think a lot of uh people didn't Understand how how little Unity there Often was in the Republican party that Gets Amplified a lot more now um and you Know a lot of Voters went along with Mitt Romney John McCain George W bush in The past even though they really didn't Didn't want to go go in that direction But they kind of felt forced to and a a Lot of the Maga Wing as they like to Call it uh is uh now feeling like okay We we went with your guys you can go With our guy now which I think is a a Perfectly legitimate Point especially

Since the ideas of Donald Trump's ideas Are so much better but I think guy's Exactly right as you go forward and you Start Prosecuting the case about Immigration uh about uh drilling for oil About uh the economy uh having a strong Stance around the world um all of these Concerns are going to fall by the Wayside and Trump is doing a better job Of that and like for example tonight he Was talking about uh Tim Scott and he Was talking about how what a good person He is he doesn't like to talk about Himself and then he stops and says I Don't have that problem um it is it's Hilarious and the guy has a you know he Can be so funny and uh if he is focused On the general election and keeps up the Humor And I I you know I think that that we're We won't be talking about these Unity Issues you know in five months well I Think it's always interesting Lisa to Look at what the mainstream media is Doing when they talk about Trump Supporters and and the way that they are Handling his inevitable climb to the Nomination listen to what Bob Costa said About those Supporters you have to be in the throws Of some sort of toxic delusion in an a Toxic cult to believe that Donald Trump Has ever been in any sense emotionally Psychologically intellectually or

Ethically fit to be president of the United States so from Sports to saying That Trump supporters are a cult yeah But But the irony of this is let's say Nikki Haley did get the nomination which He's not going to he would be tning the Same ey towards her right remember they Called John McCain racism and Romney was A sexist basically if you're a Republican you have a Target on your Back so you know look they're they're Going to criticize Donald Trump but We're saying with Joe Biden a fracturing Coalition of the people that propelled Him to victory in 202020 saying you know What we thought that you were going to Be better you weren't and then now Trump's going in and can easily say I Mean things were good under my watch Right they're not now uh and so you know Look you know his point of view is and I Like Bob kasus as a sports caster 74 75 Million people in this country voted for Donald Trump I'm not sure that's a great Look what we just saw there aable moment For him hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere Else

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