FOCUS ON FAITH: Families opting for faith-based alternatives to Boy Scouts

FOCUS ON FAITH: Families opting for faith-based alternatives to Boy Scouts

Matt Markins, president and CEO of Awana, talks families ditching Boy Scouts for faith-based organizations. #FoxNews

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[Music] Well as the Boy Scouts now known as Scouting America leave their founding Mission behind membership has fallen 43% From 2019 as young men search for new Mentors and now more families are Turning to all male faith-based Alternatives Matt markins is president And CEO of one of those groups it's aana And he joins us now aana full disclosure Matt I did aana at my church growing up As a wonderful organ gation I have men And women's parts of it explain for Before we get to aana and what it is What has Boy Scouts done to Itself well when you when you lose when You lose your sense of rudness you know We have a saying in our organization That aana is rooted in scripture Centered on the gospel and we're never Going to move one inch off of that so Anytime organizations lose their Rootedness and especially if we Chase These Progressive Visions we end up Waking up at a world that's really hard To recognize and very difficult to Navigate and I think that's what's Happening to some of these organizations You know Pete and I Matt had a Conversation a few weeks ago about the Boy Scouts dropping boy from their name I had a lot of people reach out to me And say well the reason they're doing This is because not enough guys are

Signing up so they need the girls to Come into the scouts because membership Is plummeting but to your point it's Sort of like a cycle if you lose your Mission you lose the ability to recruit Back into itself so what is the mission For Aana oh our mission is to uh equip Leaders to reach kids with the gospel And to engage them in lifelong Discipleship so what does every parent Want parents want their kids to have a Thriving future and so I think over the Last few years we've gotten more and More visibility into organizations what They're doing and and sometimes we Become quite alarmed and so we help come Alongside of parents churches coaches And mentors and help them to shape Children and Youth with lifetime Faith That's going to help them be resilient In the future and to be able to thrive No matter their cultural context yeah I Mean the faith component used to be a Part of Boy Scouts too back in the day It's all long since gone a lot of what The appeal of scouting was is also the Skills the outdoor work does aana have That portion to it as Well that that really ends up being in The hands of the local church the local Group we equip those Leaders with what They need to form uh healthy children we Have three primary factors based on thir

The last 13 years of research and by the Way we've been around for 74 years so We've been doing this a while but we we Help them to equip the uh the leaders With the primary factors that that are Going to shape thriving children in the Long run everything we do is BU is built Off of those three primary factors and What's happened we talked about the Boy Scouts uh losing in membership what's Happened with Lana over the same time Frame well we've grown just in 2023 Alone we've grown by a million children In weekly child engagement which is our Chief metric so we're a global Organization in 135 countries uh so over The last over the last decade we've Almost tripled in size and again that Goes back to we have stuck to our core Competencies and our original Vision Which is based on weekly child engage Weekly child engagement of helping Children develop resilient faith in a World where we're seeing kids struggle With resiliency absolutely right if we Have viewers out there right now that Haven't heard of it want to their Church To consider being a part of a Wana where Can folks learn more oh go to child Discipleship. comom so if you're a Parent a grandparent a coach teacher or Pastor if you go to child discipleship uh you're going to get all sorts Of free resources one of the

Conversations of our day anxiety gender Mental health we've got free resources On all of those topics where we partner With today's leading Faith Bas experts On how to form kids with resilient Faith All right Matt thank you so much jumping On with us today and tell us about Aana thanks for having us appreciate you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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