‘Forcing’ Ivanka Trump to testify aims to be ‘as painful as possible’: Legal expert

'Forcing' Ivanka Trump to testify aims to be 'as painful as possible': Legal expert

FOX News legal editor Kerri Kupec Urbahn joined ‘FOX & Friends’ to discuss the latest on Trump’s civil trial in NYC and why many believe it is a ‘political witch hunt.’ #FOXNews

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All right so today it's Ivanka Trump's Turn turn to uh be a witness on the Witness stand to face questioning in the Civil fraud trial probing into the Family business now her dad who's Dominating the GOP field right now you Might have heard of him and now doubling President Biden in key swing States Calls the entire thing a political wit Hunt here to react his Fox News legal Editor Carrie arban Carrie great to see You you were in the courtroom when President Trump testified yesterday they Were off first off when the judge at one Point said said I'm not here to listen To you talk he's on the witness stand Who's the judge prefer to listen to Right and that's also it's the judge's Job to listen to him and that's the Whole point why have a trial if you're Not going to listen to your defendants And your Witnesses we're at the stage Now in this trial where the judge is Determining how bad will the punishment Be for both Donald Trump and his family To listen because he I would think so he He decided before this case even he from What he read he's like you owe $250 Million we think and you you uh Defrauded Banks who have not complained And today ianka will be front and center But yet she is not involved in this Trial why bring her in so everything About this case is wrong and Ivanka

Being forced to testify is extra wrong Because to your point she's not a Defendant the case was dismissed against Her so her brothers are defendants her Father is a defendant this case Continues against them but it was Dropped against her so the reason I Think they're forcing her to testify is Really to make it as painful as possible For this family because now they're Putting you know a daughter in the Position of having to testify against Her father because she was an employee At his organization at some point so she May have some knowledge about something Under oath they hope that she'll say Something to make her dad look worse or Further divide the family why is Lati James the Attorney General there every Day oh Brian it is so inappropriate and So highly unusual Attorneys General do Not attend trials they just don't the Fact that she is going every day on the Taxpayer's dime putting aside every Every other thing that she has to do to Sit there in the front row to smile After she campaigned on going against Donald Trump it's to be in the shot it's To make statements to the press and just Further bolsters the widespread Frustration that this is a political Witch Hunt after ianka testifies then It's time for the defense correct so We'll see the president again will we

See the Suns and what was going to be Their approach yeah I well they're going To obviously defend themselves because Their ability to make a living in New York and not just in New York but Elsewhere is on the line and that's why This case is so upsetting on so many Levels one the law of New York state has Never been applied in this way against Someone without a crime there it just Hasn't and so this is unprecedented but They're going after Trump and his family Um and with their future really and Their ability to make a living on the Line they are saying that you overvalued Your property therefore you owe $168 Million additional dollars or whatever It is but when a bank Lans money he also Included on some of these documents do Your own diligence I believe my property In Scotland or maril Lago is worth x Amount of dollars but I'm not telling City Bank or anybody at Deutsche Bank I'm not telling you what to lend but This is what I think so go ahead and do Something you're comfortable with and You got paid back and every document Says that that disclaimer is front and Center it says this is the position of The company this is our this is our Valuation but it's on you to do your due Diligence and if you don't that's on you And there wasn't a problem and by the Way the president did make the former

President made a point at one point During uh the testimony on Monday and he Said look there were some times when the Banks came back to us and said ah we Don't like this we don't like that and We changed it and there was no problem And there isn't a problem they when he Was hosting The Apprentice it's no Problem when he's trying to become a Two-term president is a problem I hope People can see through it uh Carrie Thank you so much and uh look forward to Talking to you again as this moves Forward I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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