Former Border Chief DISMANTLES New CBP1 App

Former Border Chief DISMANTLES New CBP1 App

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DHS has recently implemented what they Call a cbp1 app what this allows a Migrant from anywhere in the country to Do is literally get online fill out a Couple of sentences and make an Appointment to come to a lawful point of Entry that's what they call a legal Pathway but it's a head fake it's a lie It's a false narrative because the Reality is they've made a deal for an Illegal alien instead of illegally Entering between the ports of entry and Find what we know is the majority of Time a frost and fraudulent Asylum Claim By using the cbp-1 app you can literally Make that appointment walk up to a point Of entry this department is going to Continue to look the other way as they Continue to file fraudulent and false Asylum claims where they're going to be Process and released like they are every Single day never to be heard from again They haven't ended the crisis they Haven't addressed the crisis they've Simply shifted the crisis from one area To another

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