‘FOX & Friends’: This was an epic failure for Republicans

'FOX & Friends': This was an epic failure for Republicans

‘FOX & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the results of state and local elections as abortion appeared to be the ‘big issue’ of the night. #FoxNews

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Good morning everybody and welcome to The postgame show after a big election Night Coast to Coast we've got some Results yeah you were in Virginia Yesterday interviewing governor yunan And things uh did not go as he had hoped No indeed and so what we're going to do Uh sit back pour yourself a cup of Coffee and we are going to explain it All let's start over at the big board And Lawrence Jones let's start in the Commonwealth of Virginia okay good Morning family it was a big upset for The governor there not only did he lose The house but they were not able to flip The sentence let's look at the map right Here you got Democrats at 51 to the Republicans 47 and when you go over to The house can we Switch okay and then you got 21 Democrats there in the Senate and then 17 Republicans uh in the um uh in the Senate there the big upset was one thing Uh particular when it comes to abortion Republic an just weren't able to Rally Also when you look at the issues uh such As crime and everything they didn't Weren't able to run on that when you Look at also the Democrats outspent the Republicans there and when it comes to Early voting the Democrats really Pounded the payid there Guys they did indeed Lawrence yeah a lot Lot at stake in Virginia that was really

A loss for the governor and and he Traveled all over that state to all the Different districts they spent a ton of Money trying to get uh the Republicans To win in both of those both of those um Establishments but the no abortion ban I Mean I think that that's what the voters Said what did he want Brian he wanted 18 Weeks is that right the governor 16 I Think 15 weeks and he also said you know Flip the house uh keep the Senate and But he lost both what a uh an epic Failure by Governor yunan this is a huge Loss for him who everyone looked at if Not 24 which I thought was a long shot Definitely 28 but it's a tough that's a Tough state to win in because it is it's You have equal amount of Republicans and Democrats and when we went there when Governor yunan was running I remember People were really angry they did not Want him to win on the Democratic side We were standing outside of a grocery Store asking people as they came out Either they loved him or they were Completely against him well you know Virginia for the most part has been a Bluish State and it just got a lot blue And you know the number one most Motivating factor was the issue of Abortion in the Commonwealth Virginia Because while Glenn junan was trying to Come up with a moderate approach okay Let's let's say 15 weeks and then uh it

Would be a ban and and we should point Out that wasn't on the agenda that Wasn't actually on the ballot but you Know if you elect all these Republicans I can get this done it seemed like a Moderate thing but unfortunately for him Uh the people very loudly said you know What not interested in that Lawrence Yeah doesn't look like the ground game Work doesn't look like the early voting Initiative that they said they were Doing their work uh and it was a big Upset there let's go to Ohio because That was also a big thing right there When you look at the Republican uh this Is what was post on the the provided the State the Constitution right to make uh Make and Carry Out one's productive Decision let's take a look at what it Said so 56% 3% said yes and 43.7% said no uh so that was a big one As as well it looks like abortion Abortion abortion was the big uh issue For the folks out there also when you Look at the Midwest Republicans just Aren't doing a good job begin people to Turn out and it looks like they focus on This economic message but the the voters Just aren't buying it no Senate uh no Senate seat up no Governor seat up uh This big issue was up and here we are Two years after the do decision and the Republicans have no idea how to message

It and 2 years after the do decision They're still getting outraised by Democrats in every major election and Every major issue how do Republicans Figure this out because we heard Nikki Haley on the stage she said I'm not for Abortion my husband was adopted I had a Tough time getting pregnant however the Chances of US changing this are Nolan Void it's not going to happen let's be Realistic about it and then she said and Let's not vilify women if they've made That decision or doctors who have made That decision or don't want to perform Them sure ultimately it comes down to The question of abortion and Americans As we have seen once again the Predominant issue across the board was Was abortion people don't want Restrictions on it and even though Glenn Yunan in the Commonwealth of Virginia Tried to come up with a common sense Approach a moderate approach it did not Work and in Ohio you know they were Simply trying to uh approve a measure to Build in protections and people didn't Want that and that that number you just Showed Lawrence is about the same margin That recreational weed passed in Ohio Yeah so angsley also when you look at The CNN Poland it says 68% uh said that the abortion issue was Extremely or very important and only 32% Said that it was moderate or not

Important it's nearly seven in 10 Republicans have to figure out what Their messaging is like Brian was saying In order to go forward in the next Election we looked at this midterm Election as a way to U gauge how Republicans or how Democrats react going Forward for 2024 so Republicans need to Look at all of these numbers and really Think about what's more important yes It's most people that are Republicans Are probably pro-life and we love our Babies and I love being a mother but What's most important Republicans taking Over and Republicans being able to to Keep our country well the other thing is Important is they didn't message crime They didn't message the Border they have Not touched the inner city so whatever Uh people are however the Mayors are Failing however the issues are falling Short how the whether it's the the bail Reform or whether it's the uh the lack Of police officers on the street nothing Was emphasized or matters as much as That or people are just staying home the Republicans have a lot to work with They're just not working with it well But ultimately it comes down to the Democrats have a really potent issue and That is abortion because you know ever Since roie Wade was overturned pretty Much every time the Democrats have run On abortion they have won and here's the

Bad you know and was you last night at Harbinger for 2024 as you were alluding To a league absolutely you know why Because there are opponents and Proponents uh trying to put abortion Rights on the ballots in the states of Florida Nevada Arizona and Pennsylvania So it's going to be you know if you're a Republican running in those States You're going to have a tough 2024 so one Of the states that Republicans would Push back on is the state of Mississippi They ran on abortion that was the one Issue and Governor Tay Reeves was able To get 51.8% of the vote why is this important 40% of the uh black uh uh individuals That live in that state uh is 40% of the State this is the largest saate for Black voters there and they really Thought they were going to get black Voters to show up for the Democratic Party as you know Mississippi has a Water issue a crime issue an economic Issue and black voters did not that's The hospital issue too they a lot of the Hospitals had to shut down in the rural Areas Presley's cousin I thought maybe That would help him maybe it did a Little bit he's All Shook Up you know Where Mississippi is getting better is Education yeah they starting to turn it Around on education and maybe that has Something to do with it extremely

Republican state so that was supposed to Be closer than it actually was but that Is a state where abortion was not an Issue because they were both Anti-abortion that's exactly right Wherever abortion was on the agenda the Democrats won except in Mississippi and The reason was and they'll appre Apprciate this in Mississippi we know Being from the south the reason he was Pro he was pro-life Presley as a Democrat was because of he you know Loves the Lord and he felt like he that Was important to him with Donald Trump And you talk about messaging Trump said And he got a lot of ridicule for it we Want to work something out on a Compromise because this is not a good Issue for us and Ronda santis and Nikki Haley and everyone jumped all over him And I um Tim Scott and in the end Donald Trump's instincts on the issue Regardless of his personal feelings are 100% right he goes this is not a good Political issue for us yeah he he said That they've got some terrible state Level uh restrictions and he's also said That state politicians have spoken in Articulately about abortion But Ultimately I think this this particular Issue I think is what uh is might put a Smile on Joe Biden's face after the Terrible polls he's had in the last week I think he thinks and his people around

Him saying if abortion is going to be a Big thing you would be able to win on That alone and Brian your point about Donald Trump you know he has been vague On specifics regarding abortion but what Democrats will do next year is they will Say well Donald Trump doesn't have a Specific abortion policy but he's the Guy who put three justices on the Supreme Court who overturned Ro he say He's going to work compromise so to to You guys' point about Donald Trump I Think it's important to know as we move To Kentucky Donald Trump got 62% of the Vote in the last election against Joe Biden and Andy Basher held on to the State people say that he's a moderate He's trustworthy they like him but a as You know Daniel Cameron was a rising Star in the Republican party they Expected him to win this when I was Talking to folks on the ground there They said it was highly unlikely because People like the governor there but the One thing you saw in in this election is The black voters came out but also the Activists came out and they really went After Daniel Cameron with the ban Taylor Thing so they went door too uh and they Just did not show up for the guy's the AG they didn't they didn't like some of The laws that were in place under him But Basher you you and I were talking About this yesterday his father was

Governor is that Right and he's beloved his father was a Republican but he's so moderate the Republicans also like him there I like To add one uh one more thing uh Ronald McDaniel told me on Monday that uh Cameron was getting killed on certain Abortion ads and he never responded they Thought we're just going to run out the Clock we like we were on the polls and That was it again back to it and the Seems in every major race Republicans Were outraged two and sometimes three to One so they got a year to change that And also in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Uh he W Basher won after hammering uh Cameron for supporting the state's near Total ban on abortion so abortion across The board overall it looks like the Republicans were outs spent they were Out working worked and it seems like There's still no real strategy as it Relates to early voting it looks like The Democrats have an operation to get It done and I know some Republicans have Said they want to turn that around but It looks like the anti- early voting Message for states that allow it is just Not helping their turn Basher would not Say anything about Joe Biden they tried To pin Biden to Basher he ran from the President didn't bring it up they have Nothing to do with the president or his Policies we need to talk to Ron McDaniel

And find out what the plan is for Republicans when it comes to the abort Issue how do you handle that he finds a Lot of them Uncoachable she does she finds a lot of The candidates unable yeah well that's An issue for republicans and then Democrats we've seen they're facing in 2024 with everything happening in Israel That part is divided so divisions on Both sides I think the big story is Going to be we heard about the Red Wave Uh the last time right now we heard About the big wins that were going to be Made in Virginia that uh Daniel Cameron Was going to win Kentucky that was wrong It looks like the Republicans need get a Full autopsy of where this polling look Like there are some interest in the Republican party but when it comes to Getting the folks to the polls they're Failing on this we have changes when They we go 2024 with the president on The on the on the ballot ballot yeah and If if you are if if abortion is on the Agenda on the ballot in your state the Democrats as of last night and in the Past special elections Democrats win so So far seven states are off the board Yep Mar it's great job over there on the Big board join us in a little while all Right I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley airheart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page

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