‘Fringe and woke’: GOP lawmaker blasts Biden’s Fish & Wildlife Service

'Fringe and woke': GOP lawmaker blasts Biden's Fish & Wildlife Service

House Natural Resources Chairman Rep. Bruce Westerman argues the Department of the Interior has ‘lost their way’ following Sec. Deb Haaland’s emotional testimony on climate change. #FoxNews

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Crying over climate the department of Interior secretary getting Misty while Testifying over Biden's proposed 35 Billion dollar energy budget Are you committed to an all-of-the-above Energy strategy that lowers cost for Americans we are committed to energy Independence for our country climate Change is the crisis of our lifetime We have an obligation to Future Generations to make sure that we have a Planet for them to live on and that's Why I'm here and that's why I'm working Incredibly hard to make sure that we can Realize that transition Congressman Bruce Westerman chairs the Committee he saw him asking that Question to the secretary right there he Joins us now thanks for being here look That was quite a virtue signaling Spectacle those tears are attempted Tears what is your reaction to the Answer to your question like that Well I think it shows where this uh this Federal agency is they've lost their way They've taken their focus off of the job They're supposed to be doing of Stewarding our natural resources and I Think this really is the genuine message That secretary Holloman wanted to put Out speaking to a the left base that They've got and ignoring the Hard-working Americans who need more Energy who need more minerals and who

Are being denied by this Administration Yeah I mean I think it's pretty hard to Just come up with tears like that if you Aren't Saying She you said that she had to testify After two years then she started crying About climate change she also made a Point she said something very Interesting what about the obligation to Future Generations you know Congressman What about our obligation to people here Right now when it comes to inflation and Crime I mean talking about the the Biggest threat to our generation what do You think Yeah we've got a lot of threats to our Current and future generations and even If you take their climate argument their Policies are going the wrong direction They're making us more dependent on OPEC Making us more dependent on China for Mining and minerals we're consuming uh Products from around the world that are Produced in the worst circumstances Where when we make it here in America It's clean there's no human rights Violations and it's better for the Environment and the economy and I don't Know why they can't can't see that and Why they continue to double down on not Making us energy independent although They say that their policies are going In just the opposite direction and

They're more focused on their woke Culture than they are on doing the job For the American people and that's why I Say they've lost their way I think the Important policies mentioned both in Ashley's question and your answer are Actual crises and I would just add Earlier in the show we have the sound Bite of the immigration hearing with About the grandmother and the child who Were killed by by the migrant who ran And ran them over I think that's a Reason that you cry in a hearing not Necessarily this as for the money Congressman where is this 35.5 billion That's being requested going like where Would it Go and why haven't they had Enough money to do what they need to do Already Well it's finally good to get the Secretary back in front of a hearing Because she's had a free pass like most Of the Administration has and told Republicans took control of the house But we found out things throughout these Hearings that you know in the inflation Reduction act there was 200 million Dollars put out there for Maintenance backlog in the National Park System well guess we're all 200 million Dollars went it went to Nancy Pelosi's Presidio Park in San Francisco as a Matter of fact a quarter or nearly a Quarter 24 percent of all the

Maintenance backlog funding spent by the National Park Service went to Nancy Pelosi's District You see an Administration you see the Far left that they talk about doing Things for the common person but what They're doing is paying off special Interest in their own party and that's Ridiculous that nearly a quarter of the Maintenance backlog will go into Nancy Pelosi's District it's ridiculous if it Went into any one District but you know It's not National it's not the Nancy Pelosi service it's the National Park Service and I think your explanation There also leads perfectly into this Next topic the fish and wildlife service Is making its priorities clear where it Wants its money to go documents obtained And reviewed by the Washington Times say Quote the diversity equity and inclusion Agenda is the agency's most important Work right now I don't know Congressman shouldn't the Fish and wildlife agencies most Important work be what's the word I'm Going for ash oh that's right Fish and Wildlife Yeah and you know they talk about The Endangered Species Act but they're doing Nothing to help Habitat to save our Endangered species to take species off The endangered list by recovering them It just goes to show you how their

Priorities are misplaced and again it's Not the U.S it is the U.S fish and Wildlife service it's not the U.S Fringe And work service and that's what it's Become you know they we found out they Had a seminar for people with Echo grief To go get counseling because they're Working in the fish and wildlife service And they just can't handle what they're Seeing out there on the ground so they Go get counseling for Echo grief that's Where your tax dollars are going you Know I had forgotten about that Echo Grief part I'm glad you you brought that Back up because to me this ties into What we were first talking about with The crying and talking about climate Doesn't this just stress to you even More that the Washington Elites are just Completely out of touch we got like 10 Or 15 seconds or so Absolutely out of touch you know go out And do your job make the world a better Place provide clean energy provide the Mining and minerals that we need take Care of animals take care of the fish And make the world a better place take Care of our forests they go up in Flames Every summer A lot to unpack here Congressman Bruce Westerman thank you so much for your Time this morning we appreciate you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to

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