‘Frozen’ Biden concerns viewers at White House event

'Frozen' Biden concerns viewers at White House event

The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed concerns surrounding Biden’s fitness for office after he appeared to freeze during a Juneteenth event at the White House. #FoxNews

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Uh interesting thing happened at the White house juneth uh musical festival Yesterday at the White House and the President was there and many people that Were observing it and you can go on Twitter and see it they they think that The president froze during that moment Uh I think that the president just has No rhythm uh and is not a part of it That's what Mike Lee the senator said Yeah and and I and I agree with the sen Uh Senator and the reason why this is Important is because if you known Joan Joe Biden he always says that he was a Part of the black church he marched Through the Civil Rights join the NAACP Joined the naac very early and for Someone that has been around black People his entire life been in the Church dancing with him and everything He has no rhythm at all and I don't know About you but the white people that I Grew up with that ate at our dinner Table that went to church with us they Could dance just as good as we could you Can at least CL anybody can CL Lawrence Don't overstate it I'm just saying don't Overstate white maybe I got it wrong Though Bro the white people I grew up with Could keep up with you the the president Certainly is motionless as he listens to Kirk Franklin and Kirk was May you heard The song so much you have to while you

Stop dancing he just move but uh you Know they celebrated last night they Observed juneth early uh but it did give The administration the chance to talk a Little bit and Joe Biden never mentioned His political opponents by name but you Could tell who he was talking about Listen to this from the president last Night be clear they're all ghosts and New garments trying to take us Back well there are taking away your Freedoms making it harder for black People to vote or have your vote counted Closing doors of opportunity attacking The values of diversity equity and Inclusion it's about our present and our Future it's whether that future is a Future for all of us not just for some Of us Dei is down 44% among Corporate America it's not Republicans and by the Way if you want to go back into back Into the past and that's what he's Inferring or implying uh I think it's Democrats that put on the hoods and with KKK I think it was Democrats that wanted Separate but equal wanted segregation do You really want to keep harking back to When your party was a little confused About what uh What uh equality for all Was all about and why he keeps coming Back to a Time in a country that he runs To paint such a brutal scenario as if it Were Prem Mandela South Africa is beyond Me well he just wants to look it's a

Political season he wants to say hey I I'm protecting you Donald Trump is going To take your rights away that's one of The reasons why uh the vice president Was there she ticked off the Administration's accomplishments we got Rid of student debt we Capp the price of Insulin she went on and on WE appointed The first black female Supreme Court Justice signed in the gun law and then The White House actually issued a fact Sheet outlining measures to protect Black history all at the hands of Joe Biden right because Republicans are Looking to take it away you look at the Polls though if they're about one4 of Black voters are are liking Trump his Poll numbers have dropped among black Voters in October of 2020 it was 70 Bidens it was 79% now it's 72% and the Polling Guru Nate silver who runs 538 He's suggesting that Biden's latest Approval or disapproval rating I should Say might be caused for him to get out Of the race he said you know I don't Know but it's it's more than fair to ask This the approval rating for Joe Biden Is now 37.4% he posted two things on X uh he Said first of all what's clear in my Opinion is that Democrats would have Been better served if Biden had decided A year ago not to seek a second term Which would have allowed them to have

Some semblance of a primary process and Give voters a say among the many popular Democrats across the country is Absolutely right uh but continues Biden Just hit a new all-time low in approval At 538 that's his polling company Yesterday dropping out would be a big Risk but there's some threshold below Which continuing to run is a bigger Threat risk are we there yet I don't Know but it's more than fair to ask keep In mind Nate silver back in February and We talked about it here on the couch Actually couch in the other room uh said You know what his numbers stink and they Would be smart the Democrats would be to Find somebody else so it's important to Realize who who Joe Biden is talking to When he makes inflammatory comments like That he's not talking to Democrats at Large he's not even talking to Republicans he's talking to the Black And Hispanic voters that are shifting to The other direction and he's saying Don't you move he's saying if you're Thinking about going for Donald Trump Forget about the economic success forget About where you may stand on the issues You cannot move and so I I I need to Remind you of the fear campaign for Years and years that we've done as a Democratic party and so this is not a President that wants to be inspirational This is not a president that wants to

Say that you can do better he's not even A president that says that I'm pushing You forward as a community I need to Remind you that the Republicans and Brian you laid that out the history uh In a great way but he's saying dismiss That don't worry about the history you Need to understand that the Republicans Want to put you in Chains and if you Vote for for them you're not a part of The community he said you ain't black he He he said it on the campaign Trail the Last time don't you dare move so I think It's and I and I predicted this La say Like last I checked yes I am Bingo Bingo And I predicted this because ever since The Bronx rally if you pay attention to The Democrats the heat is is turning up Because you've been seeing the crowds And you've been seeing these diverse Faces and it's freaking the Democrats Out because if they if if if they get Half of what the Poland is suggesting That uh uh in the next election Republicans then it's over for the Democrats so they need them and so they Can't talk about the issue they have to Run on fear bro I I just yeah I just Think it's so irresponsible for the Leader of the country to to talk as if America is 1972 or 1958 it is just not the case you're Running the country have an Inspirational message of what you'll do

Why was Barack Obama I mean if anyone Was going to say it would be President Obama he did not have that message Wasn't he the vice president during that Time sure and you know well it's defense Brian he could have forgotten which year We're in right now no he he seems to Well some the speech writer didn't Because morehous remember morehous and Charlemagne the God said that was an Inspirational a message nobody wants to Hear it's so offensive to conservatives That don't want to vote for Joe Biden Though that that might be white that Might be Hispanic to hear we're trying That we're trying to take us back Excuse me that Trump is trying to take Us back that's just not true I mean the Black community knows that that is so Wrong correct but ultimately what They're trying to do it's an election Year and going back to where we started Uh he he Joe Biden is in trouble with a Number of his core demographics and That's one of the reasons why right now They're freaking out at the White House That that across the river from the White House is the Commonwealth of Virginia and right now the latest poll We showed uh it's neck and neck between Donald Trump and and also Joe Biden I Think they're tied at 48 or 49% straight Is 48% right there and here's the thing Joe Biden won that pretty reliably blw

State by 10 points four years ago Glenn Yunan the current governor is was uh on With Sean Hannity last night and said You know what this state is up for Grabs I believe it is uh and that's Exactly what the polls are showing us Just like Georgia and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Michigan Nevada and Arizona Those Battleground states are seeing the Exact same kind of statement that Virgins are making they want a strong America they want an America that has Economic strength not the Biden Generated economy that's Unleashed Inflation just New Hampshire the same Thing I haven't seen a poll in Minnesota But if Minnesota is also in play my Goodness you're talking about 40 states That could be going into the former President's column I just sort of Fascinating Story and political the lead Story how Wall Street is now coming to the President so Silicon Valley over the Weekend you you saw what happened yeah David saaks came out and said I expected Maybe five million they ended up with 12 Million and then you have uh John catiis A CEO of Blackstone uh Steven schwarzman You have Hal Lambert a Point bridge Capital uh you have Bill Amman all from Citadel Ken Ken Griffin from Citadel all Saying in the past you know I had a Problem after January 6 or I voted for

The s i was supporting the santis I'm in And part of it is these court cases and They see the way a businessman is being Skewered and on manufactured charges and They're now coming see how that's Affecting their bottom line too he's Meeting President Trump is meeting with 200 CEOs on Thursday for a Roundtable Discussion about his business plan and How you will be better off with my Economy versus Joe Biden you know what I Worried about though Angley when when You look at the polling and you see Minority voters you see uh the business Community you see Republicans uniting Behind the president we still got a long Way into the election and so I worry With the polling data being where it is And everyone being on fire that some People may stay at home and I just think It's important as the the president the Former president campaigns because the Republicans already have a problem with Early voting and mailin ballots as well And to the former president's credit He's telling Republicans now uh that They need to use all measures all tools Of voting but you don't want your side To get too excited and to say well it Looks like it's in the back I'm going to Stay at home well the are dead heat yeah The national poll has been a dead heat One or two points it's all on the margin Of error so it's going to be close July

11th will be the bigest day for voters Under 30 it's a dead heat 4949 all right and we're going to talk a Little bit about how the White House is Now enlisting Hollywood to try to get Those kids interested and uh where are They gonna advertise Tik Tok get Robert DeNiro he doesn't seem as angry sure He's very creative their pack is called I have it on here somewhere what is Their the name of their pack it's called Won't pack down won't pack down they're All a bunch of liberal writers from like Parks and Recreation and SNL that's Right we won't back down we're going to Give you some news at 20 minutes after The what do you mean we I mean her I'll Share them I'll share them you like I'm Going to just watch I'll read along I Will share them come on I'm Dy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley airheart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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