FULL: Senate Dems Refuse To Let Republicans Speak Against Far-Left Activist Judicial Nominations

FULL: Senate Dems Refuse To Let Republicans Speak Against Far-Left Activist Judicial Nominations

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Before moving to the subpoena Authorization we'll consider the Nominees first is Judge Mustafa kashai Nominated to the US District Court for The District of Oregon the clerk will Call the role Mr chairman are we going To have an opportunity to speak on the Nom yes we're going to I'm sorry we Already had done that at Great length Well I think um this deserves some Commentary um given the nature of the Nominee and U I'd like to ask to speak On the nomination senator we've debated These two nominees twice Mr chairman I Would also like to speak on the Nomination I I understand what you'd Like to do but I'm saying that In Fairness we have debated these nominees Twice and I ask the clerk to call the Role Mr chairman you're denying us an Opportunity to speak on nominee third Time no okay do this we don't have a Right to speak under the rules under the Third the third time I'd say no you so You're just going to make it up so yeah Like there going be a lot of Consequences coming here to Mr a lot of Consequences coming if you go down this Road I've cautioned you I've cautioned a Lot of you the clerk will call the RO Listen to me I've cautioned a lot of You Mr chairman Mr chairman don't we get The opportunity to speak we're in a roll Call so you're telling us even though

Multiple members to shut up is that what You're saying a lot of people didn't Speak on the two nominees before we've Done would you raise your hand if you Did not speak I did not have a speak Didn't have a chance to speak Senator Blackburn had a chance to speak we've Got several folks Mr chairman who didn't Have a chance to speak we want to tell You again why these nominees are awful Mr Wells or in Senator couron case tell You for the first time you're just going To sit there and ignore US senator Blackburn have you spoken on these Nominees I've not had the opportunity to Speak I would like very much to speak on Mr C I urge you to let let Senator Blackburn Speak Senator courton as well Senator Courton hasn't had a chance to speak That's Correct Mr Grassley point of order Mr chairman you You can't limit debate without invoking Rule four you haven't done that we have Debated mrle we we've we've debated on Prior occasions when we didn't have a Quorum that vote didn't Count nominees we got people who were Here now who weren't here then who'd Like to speak can we speak on the other Nominees Or is your or is your plan just to end All debate today is your plan to end all

Debate do you have an answer you're Going to rely on someone whispering in Your ear what's your Plan no no that no we're not we're you Can okay listen here's the deal we Worked seven weeks to trying to solution The Asylum problems you boycotted the Committee Mr Cruz M Mr chairman I I don't know if You've left us any alter alternative but To deny the committee at Quorum Mr Cotton I think that's something we ought To seriously consider Mr cotton says the Chairman needs to rethink his decision And let Senator cor and Senator Blackburn speak that's what Mr cotton Says you even marked that down as my Vote Mr kenned yeah everybody over there Who's not willing to look at me or look At dick deran needs to think about it as Well I want speak MRIs Mr Kennedy wants To speak as well Mark Mr cotton now Saying Mr Kennedy needs to speak too m Mr Tillis Mrs Blackburn I'm waiting to be Heard on the nominee I've requested Several times to be heard on the Nominee so now I guess Senator deran is Not gonna allow women to speak either I Thought that was sacran in your Party I the nomination will be favorably Reported to the floor up next is Judge

Yumi Lee nominated to the US District Court for the chairman who has not been Allowed to speak on that Mr chairman you Just destroyed yeah one of the most Important committees in the United States Senate chair would know and you set a Precedent the chair which will be Repeated every time one party or the Other takes advantage and takes the low Road that will then be the norm Congratulations on destroying the United States Senate Judiciary Committee up Next is Judge J Lee nominated to the US District Court for the northern who has Not spoken on this nominee clerk will Call the RO will you raise your hand Look at all these people have never said A word before you make them Vote never said a word before you make Them Vote he going along with It he going along with It You know when we were he would allow Members to speak Mr chairman when we Were in the Majority we allowed Democrats to speak At nauseum at at Great length we this Was we never did this both of these Nominees have had two opportunities for Speak just by members Mr you have to bring them up Again it wasn't our fault it's your

Fault Mr AA going right along with It Mr chairman I hope you're proud of Yourself is this guy talking to Dick the Chairman yeah you really Have I don't know what drives this dick I really don't Mr chairman is it you Driving it or is it your staff Driving driving this this is completely Inappropriate not to let us be heard On these nominations and you know that Mr your own members have told you to let It let them Speak Mr Cor Mr Corn Mr Lee Mr Cruz this is a complete Disgrace and maybe you can share I see My colleagues over here who understand What goes around comes around yeah I Mean this is so Unnecessary to ruin the committee over a Political exercise that's going nowhere Senator White House I would like to was My name called I can't hear where's that Voice was he was he recognized to speak What a roll call Ma'am I'd like to speak please we're on A roll call Mr M black I'm waiting to be heard on The Nominations is this an illegal Vote so now Joe zby is gonna dictate to Other Senators how they're going to

Vote the nomination will be favorably Reported we now turn to nom

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