Gingrich: Democrats are more vulnerable than they think

Gingrich: Democrats are more vulnerable than they think

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich provides analysis of House Republicans’ first 100 days in leadership as they face a battle over the budget. He also discusses Gov. DeSantis’ move to sign the ‘heartbeat bill’ into law. #FoxNews

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House Republicans hitting 100 days in Power with a narrow majority and the Honeymoon may be over if they can't find Common ground in the upcoming budget Battle it might be house Speaker Kevin McCarthy's toughest test yet someone who Knows a lot about those kinds of fights Former speaker Newt Gingrich also a Fox News contributor how do you assess the First hundred days and how does that Shape up the battle to come on the Budget Well speaker McCarthy's had an amazing First hundred days 86 percent of his Bills had Democrats vote for them in a Number of cases a majority of the Democrats voted for him so it's been a Dramatically more bipartisan and unified Congress than Nancy Pelosi overhead He has a challenge right now in that he Has to listen to his own conference find The votes to pass a debt ceiling as the First budget comes much later my hunch Is he'll get it done because I know the Tile member of the whip Steve scalise as The majority leader are out there every Day talking with people listening to People and the conference chair is also Out there at least is doing a great job So that there's a team effect here that I think people didn't quite expect but The 15 rounds it took for McCarthy to Finally win the speakership I think Actually unified the party I think

People got a lot of it out of their System now comes the hard work they've Got to find what is it that you can get Past I I don't think they need to worry About the White House they need to worry About the house if they pass something From the house and they send it to the Senate then the ball is in the Senate's Court and we'll see how they react to it Five vote majority uh things are slim There meanwhile in Tallahassee uh Rhonda Santis the governor signed in the law of A heartbeat bill which makes abortion After six weeks illegal in the state of Florida and I I just in a general sense I guess two questions on this how do you Assess the impact of abortion the way It's playing out in various States and Races that we have seen thus far and how Would this affect a DeSantis candidacy If and when he gets in this race Well I I think they're two different Questions first of all uh the abortion Issue comes down to who's the more Extreme uh if you end up with a Democrat Who is for infanticide or for abortion On the last day or for abortion for sex Preference that person could be in Trouble if you end up with a republican Who won't even accept exceptions for Rape incest and life of the mother that Person is going to be in trouble so I Think the issue is going to it's going To take a while to sort this out and

Talk it through I think in the case of Governor DeSantis he clearly has decided That he has to run at least as Conservative As Trump and this bill Certainly is in that direction and fits Other things he's done including School Reform anti-woke activities places where He's clearly made a mark as a very Aggressive conservative Governor this Kind of fits that pattern I'm curious what you think overall in Terms of this issue because because There's the primary that we're in in Right now and then there's the general Election of course we have the Electoral College we know all of those things and I just wonder overall if you think the Republicans have been caught flat-footed Even though they've had a year to think About how they're going to talk about The post-dobbs world Yeah I think you saw this frankly in Wisconsin where I think the media Overstated what happened but the Democrats outspent the Republicans in a Supreme court see by about almost seven To one uh but the Republican candidate Was incoherent uh he couldn't quite Explain what he stood for in terms of Abortion candidates who in in the most Commonly accepted position is 15 weeks The majority of Americans agree that There should be some limitation on Abortion that's why the Democrats in the

End may be more vulnerable than they Think but I think that at the same time Republicans have to be very clear about Protecting women's rights and very clear That they are not extremists in terms of Not allowing abortion in the case of Rape incest or life of the mother which We had a candidate for governor in Pennsylvania whose possession was so Extreme he could never break out if I Could never get the conversation just to Interject one thing because this may Become a big story here in this primary Battle Trump has said that Republicans Have not been flexible enough in their Interpretation of the law if that's what He runs on in 2024 DeSantis would be Running to the right of trump correct Yes that's why I think that's right I Mean right I suspect Trump is close to 15 weeks because that's that's where the Country is uh and and DeSantis has Decided to run to his right uh the the Show first of all this is only one of a Whole series of issues and I think That's an important thing to remember When you get to a general election but Second I think that DeSantis is clearly Trying to find a way to be quote the Real conservative in the race which I Think is pretty hard of Donald Trump as The other guy And we'll see how it works out Republicans are going to have to cope

With this everywhere in the country but So are Democrats and there are a number Of states where it's a huge disadvantage To being a left-wing Democrat who's for Abortion on the last day fascinating Issue and debate that is underway and Will not end a Newt Gingrich thank you For being with us this morning have a Good weekend thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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