Glenn Youngkin: This is chaos

Glenn Youngkin: This is chaos

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin says lawmakers must ensure the United States is a ‘nation of laws’ on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Virginia governor Glenn Younkin joins us Now Governor you went from the business Sector to the political sector with a With a stunning uh and successful run to Get this job but what I just described Was Chicago but these are the same Challenges you have in your streets in Certain cities correct what about that Mayor's reaction is that acceptable No it's not acceptable and the reality Of course is that the left liberal Progressive policies that have all of a Sudden decided that permitting violent Crime and being soft on criminals is is A policy that everyone's going to Embrace what we know is it doesn't work And what we see is is chaos the words You use Brian chaos and and so that's When I when I came into Virginia we had A 20-year high in murder rate and we Went right to work and and we had we had To backfill law enforcement and so we Had a record investment in law Enforcement and raised salaries and we Recognized that we have to prosecute Criminals and keep them in jail and Finally we have to increase penalties And so one of the things we did this Past legislative session is is if there Is a group of people that are Collectively robbing a store they're Going to do up to 20 years if they try To profit from it we've got to increase Penalties for crimes we've got to hold

People accountable and this is all about Making sure that we are clear we are a Nation of laws we are a Commonwealth of Virginia of laws and we will enforce Them and I do think it's important for Everybody to get into the inner city Find out what the what the problem is That forces eruptions like this at the Same time enforcing Law and Order Because the clearly issues that need to Be addressed we can't wait for families To reconvene and come together on a Different note a lot of people go ahead You want to follow up on that Yeah Brian I was just going to say one Of the things that I I did early in our Administration was I went and visited With the cities that are having the Toughest issues with crime and these are Cities that are run by Democrat Mayors And the Democrat mayor sat down with me And said we need more cops we need Prosecutors that will put people behind Bars and we need witness protection Because this cashless bail thing is is Encouraging people to threaten Witnesses So they won't they won't testify yeah And so that's why we launched operation Bold Blue Line we're going to bring 2 000 more cops into Virginia we're going To continue and invest in training and Equipment we're going to continue to Raise pay and we're going to put more Cops on the streets I know you have one

Term and done uh you're only just a year In and a lot of people looking at the Presidential candidate and I know you're Off to Taiwan to talk about trade Insecurity but there's something within The Republican party I wanted to get Your take on I looked at Chris Nunu Looked at Donald Trump look at Chris Christie and Mike Pence they're all Against what governor DeSantis is doing With Disney in the fight with Disney and I like to see where you stand on that And I'd also like to see for example I Know Legoland's going into Virginia if They came out against some of your Policies like the one you just spoke About would you take them on would you Let them know who's boss Well I've been very clear from the Beginning about where I stand on on all Things I mean Virginians elected a Republican Governor they understand that They have they have hired someone to go To work to to cut taxes to stand up for Law enforcement to put parents back at The at the chair seat of the table not To have bureaucrats and politicians Telling parents you have no role in your Kid's life people know what they got When they hired me and we've been Delivering and I just think the key here Is that when we in fact are fortunate Enough to bring in great companies into Virginia like Boeing like Northup like

Lego and we see great companies like Hilton Double Down again with us Amazon Through AWS these companies are coming To Virginia because this is where they Know they can build You out I know but if they pull if they took you On and called you out about a proposal You might be putting coming down the Pipe in six weeks what would you do Well the first thing the first thing That I do is is I explain why we're Doing what we're doing and what I find Over and over again is that Common Sense Prevails and Common Sense has been a Leading indicator for winning States and That's why Virginia is winning now is Because in the last 15 months we have Injected Common Sense back into Government and Virginia's winning all Right uh DeSantis right or is uh Trump's New new Christy Pence right Well I I think each circumstance is Going to be different in in what I find In my own relationships with companies Is that I sit down with senior Executives and we talk about what we're Trying to get done and I have yet to Find a moment where we can't find a Place to find common ground this is the You know Brian the bottom line is we We've got to find a way to take the air Out of the balloon on on issues issues Like ESG which has gone out of control

We've watched ESG all of a sudden lose Lose its way and it's become this Overwhelming almost religion for people Businesses are supposed to make profit They're supposed to serve customers They're supposed to have a great work Environment they're supposed to deliver An extraordinary product that's what Businesses are supposed to do I know When we finally get Common Sense back in The room that's what businesses will be Doing but until then all hell is going To break loose almost every single day Uh good luck with Legoland good luck in Taiwan good luck tonight at Mount and Governor always great to talk to you Thanks for the quality time Brian thank you hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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