GOP rep issues a stark warning if China invades Taiwan

GOP rep issues a stark warning if China invades Taiwan

Rep. Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., discusses a bipartisan delegation’s visit to Taiwan, meeting leaders and deterrence against China amid rising tensions. #foxnews

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People of Taiwan love democracy seek Peace and are Keen to fulfill their Responsibilities in the International Community we will continue to work with The U.S and other like-minded countries To jointly defend the values of freedom And democracy I sign off on all four Military sales Including weapons in Taiwan and we will Provide training to your military Not for war But for peace A U.S Congressional Delegation met with The president of Taiwan overnight this As China launched an additional 29 Aircraft across the Taiwan Straits Median line our next guest is part of That delegation joins us now live from Taiwan it's New York Congressman Mike Lawler Congressman great to have you With us this morning You know Um I think yesterday you had the Opportunity to talk to Congressman McCall about the delegation you were a Part of over in Taiwan and it seems to Me the motivation is deterrence we want To let China know that if anything Happens they're going to be in for a Serious not just economic but kinetic Fight in Taiwan and yet we've seen Thomas China sort of ramp up some Activities in response to it would Appear the U.S presence there right now

Do you think what is happening right now Is deterring China Well look that that is a big part of why We went on this trip you know we went to Japan South Korea and now Taiwan uh and Deterrence is the key word if you look At the Russian invasion of Ukraine uh Part of the the things that we have Learned from that is that Vladimir Putin Clearly did not think there would be Consequences from our NATO allies he did Not think there would be Economic Consequences and part of what we are Saying in coming to Taiwan and speaker McCarthy meeting with President Sai in California just a few days ago is that We support Taiwan and we along with our Allies in the indo-pacific are going to Work together To do our level best to deter China from Taking action nobody wants War we want Peace but peace comes with the Recognition that Taiwan needs to be Treated uh as a a country in its own Right and that is why we are here that Is why we met with President Sai just a Few hours ago overnight New York time And it was a very positive conversation As has been the entire trip you know This has been a bipartisan delegation uh Republicans and Democrats coming Together talking about how we work Together with our allies economically Militarily and from a national security

Perspective in the indo-pacific region Congressman Glad that that the congressman working Towards that Chaisley is not looking for peace They're gearing up for war in fact so Many of their own you know commercial You know corporations are now having to Think about how they would transition I Mean that's what the CCP has told them To do yet our companies and our country In particular are companies like Walmart For example are doubling down and asking Our government to deep entice with with China they don't they don't see China as This threat that China as China sees us As a threat how does all that play into How your discussions are going in Taiwan It's a great question you know uh there Is no question China is our greatest Geopolitical Foe and that is why as a Congress we have taken steps to create a Select committee on the competition Between the Chinese Communist party and The United States and it is very much About economics and I think what uh our Companies in America need to understand Is that China is not a friend and not an Ally they are doing everything they can To undermine us economically they are Doing everything they can when it comes To intellectual property rights to steal From our American companies and so we Need to be prepared to take them on

Economically and part of that is Strengthening ties with our allies in The indo-pacific region specifically Japan South Korea Taiwan Taiwan is our Eighth largest trading partner and if You look at uh International Trade 60 Percent of trade comes through the Taiwan Strait so we need to take this Threat from China very seriously we Would have a major problem economically If China was to invade Taiwan especially Within the semiconductor industry is a Big part of why we are seeking to move Semiconductor production to the United States well listen you know we we have What's happening in Ukraine now we're Looking at China let's hope that your Efforts to deter not set up a war I Don't know that we have the Manpower Resources to fight a war much less two On two fronts let's hope that your Efforts are successful and um and you All come from this trip deterring a Potential War councilman Mike Lawler Thank you appreciate it thank you thank You I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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