Gov. DeSantis: How to Combat the Executive Branch’s Establishment Agenda

Gov. DeSantis: How to Combat the Executive Branch's Establishment Agenda

What would a President DeSantis do to prevent people in the Executive Branch and in the bureaucracy from working against his agenda?

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I want to kind of ask the the elephant In the room question you mentioned in Your speech that you uh intend to be Very consequential have clear objectives Enact them uh the previous president Former president Trump basically Encountered incredible obstacles and Trying to enact his policy in some cases Government working directly in the Opposite direction and I guess the the Big this question has been asked me many Many times how can a future C how would You as president deal with that reality Well I think there's two things I mean I Think that former president appointed People who worked against his agenda Those were bad appointments and you've Got to appoint people that are going to Not just uh agree with the agenda but Are going to be willing to you know toil Tear sweat in order to do that agenda Because when you come in and do what Needs to be done in this town you are Not going to be greeted as liberators Like these people in this town they do Not want to give up power they are not Going to like the fact that that we just Won the election that they're going to Fight that um but ultimately the Question is is is is who governs this Country are we governed by We The People Under a constitution or uh are we just Going to say we've departed from that There's this fourth branch of government

The elections are kind of window Dressing But ultimately they get to do Whatever they want to do that is totally Unacceptable so you have to have people That are going in they understand you're Going into the lions den they're going To be willing to make tough decisions Hold people accountable in way that They're going to get attacked by the Media they're going to get attacked by People in this town but you also have to Look at the bureaucracy and you've got To be willing to use Article 2 power in Really robust ways to to discipline the Administrative State I mean I was Thinking I was looking at the uh the Israel issue and like all these State Department people are rebelling because Um you know the administration is is is Quote pro-israel now we know behind the Scenes they're really not but but the Fact that they're rebelling you know I Would say take a hike why are you you Even working here like it's not your you Don't get to set the policy you're Supposed to implement the Policy so but it's a day but it's a you Go in and and it's day one you have to Have all these people ready not just Who's you're going to be your attorney General and Secretary of State I mean You need all the lot so you need Hundreds if not a thousand people just Ready to go day one send to the Senate

Get there don't let the bureaucrats uh Take take control of that uh you go and It's day to day after day you're peeling Back power from an unelected power Center and it's not going to be Something you can just flip a switch on It's going to require Focus it's going To require discipline uh quite frankly It's going to require a two-term President to be able to see it all the Way through in ways that are going to Stick and have lasting impact and it's Just something that you've got to uh Really care about there's going to be a Lot of times where whatever needs to be Done is probably not going to be in your Short-term political interest you're Going to probably take a lot of incoming Uh but but the leadership is navigating That and Leadership is understanding you Have a true north what is our true north It's even more than just getting the Policy right yeah you got to do that but It's ultimately returning this Government to We the People it's Rightful owners it's reconstitution iing The government the reason why we've had Bad policies is because we've departed From the Constitutional design and we've Let the bureaucrats run the show for far Too long that ends on January 20th 2025

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