Gov. Kevin Stitt: This makes no sense to the American people

Gov. Kevin Stitt: This makes no sense to the American people

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on governors calling upon Biden to stop the war on energy and how his energy policies impact Americans. #foxnews

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President Biden has done nothing but Attacked American Energy he paused new Oil and gas leases he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline when you try to shut Down that industry where Innovation is Thriving you're shoving the result of That the demand onto places like Russia Immediate steps that could be taken to Unleash American independence American Energy Independence and provide real Relief for American families President Biden's war on energy is facing a Blistering Counterattack by Republican Governors who are calling on the White House to take Common Sense steps to help Lower prices for Americans one of those Republicans is Oklahoma governor gin St And he joins us now Governor it's so Great to have you on this morning um you Say it's a war on American Energy I Think it's a war on American families Prices have gone up um on everything Because energy is so important so you've Signed this you've signed this letter With 19 other 19 governors Uh what exactly is in it what's your Advice to the Biden Administration yeah you know 20 Governors we signed a letter we just Said listen we need to stop this war on American Energy uh our calculations is 1.37 trillion worth of hidden cost on The American people just since Biden Took office and the pause on LG exports

Makes no sense to us whatsoever uh we Need to uh because LG exports really Help our allies more than anything so When you pause that you push our friends And our allies in Europe and and and and In Asia and Japan uh to to the arms of Russia and in Iran you're basically Enriching people that are trying to harm Us and so it just makes no sense Whatsoever in Oklahoma we have a more of Everything approach which means you know We love our oil and gas we also have Cleaned wind we're number three in Wind Electricity generation and so you know We just need the president to help with Permanent reform and unlock American Energy because it's a national security Issue yeah I personally think those Windmills are such an eyes sore I can't Stand them and they kill birds as well Um I'd rather get our oil from under the Ground but I'll tell you this I'm glad You brought up the National Security Component of this because I think it's So important um we're less safe when we Are dependent on other um countries for Oil and as you said our allies are going There we're buying dirtier oil from Venezuela which is destabilizing the Western hemisphere in ways that I don't Think we've actually really accounted For um are you surprised at how stubborn Joe Biden and his administration has Been on this on these oil policies

Because they're clearly not good in an Election year if you just look at it for You know just craving political reasons Why are they continuing with this when They know the American people hate It yeah you know that's what's crazy I I Think what once they start getting Closer to the election day you see the President starting to back up on Border Policy things that Republicans have been Talking about from the very beginning It's just common sense um you know Perming reform we can't decommission Coal plants without pering reform so we Can make sure we do more natural gas Plants but but why do you try to put Your thumb on the scale to determine uh You know what's good while while China Is building you know three new three new Coal plants uh every every single month It's just it's just unbelievable to us It makes no common sense to the American People yeah no we actually have done Stories Governor where we found out that Uh China was funding some of these green Um activists of course they would be um They want to push this green agenda as They open up coal plants themselves and And beat us on on on that uh race for Oil um so uh and and and and and Cole so What what what do you think will happen Now how much will the American people Punish Joe Biden for this looking into November you know if you go back to

We've got to get president Trump Reelected so November is such an Important election because you know the Republican policies are free market and And letting American Energy meet the Needs of Americans and our allies and Friends around the world uh so people People understand they're paying more at The gas B they're paying more for Everything groceries and last time I Checked we all have to heat our homes And our businesses and so to attack this And have this hidden tax you're actually Hurting uh the the working family and I Think I think Working Families Understand that now yeah it's a war on Working Families by the way you we have A lot of oil and gas um largest oil Discovery I think ever in Guyana an ally Of ours just down in in South America so Um there's no need for us to to get Dirty oil or or push our allies over to Our enemies to get um to get their oil We could do it ourselves and and and we Could help build our economy and help The working class um I'm glad you wrote The letter I think it's on people's Minds I think you're you're right over The target Governor thanks for joining Us thank you so much you got it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airheart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling


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