‘GROSSLY INCOMPETENT’: Trump takes a jab at Biden during NH campaign stop

'GROSSLY INCOMPETENT': Trump takes a jab at Biden during NH campaign stop

‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Brian Kilmeade talks to former president and current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for an exclusive inside scoop into his campaign. #FoxNews

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Meantime former president Trump Predicted a strong Victory here in New Hampshire yesterday the president making His final push to those voters all right I got a chance to catch up with the Former president about what it's take What it's taken him to get to this point On the cost perhaps of locking up the Nomination but more the day in the life Or should I say a night in the life of a Candidate welcome to the tarmac in Portsmouth New Hampshire where Trump Force one has just landed the President's looking to close out this Primary maybe get the nomination we're Going to get a chance to go inside Follow around to his final event and see What the game plan Is how's it going it's been a while it's Going good I hope you like the plane I Think it's fantastic now this is a new Plane from the one you had when you were Doing The Apprentice right we have uh Yeah it is different it's been quite Nice so as much as you love this plane How is it different from another plane You're aspiring to get back on Air Force One oh that well let's Air Force One is Always Air Force One even if this is Nicer Air Force One is still Air Force One I mean it represents something very Special I haven't seen you in a while You look like you're in fighting shape How much weight did you

Lose maybe 15 maybe 20 how uh the hard Way I work I've been no I've been so Busy I haven't been I haven't been able To eat very much I don't I'm not able to Sit down and eat like a person like you You can sit down and eat me it's a Little bit tougher cuz you're always Moving Mr President have you thought About as you look to close out this Primary that this is the last election This is your third one but the last have You getting retrospective at all I don't Think of it that way it is but I don't Think of it that way I think this is uh Just as enthusiastic as I was for the First thank you very much this is a Crowded place And I will say we had tremendous Enthusiasm for one and two far more for This one than I've ever seen before you Have to see the crowds we're getting we Have never seen enthusiasm like this and I think a big part of that they like the Job I did but a big part of that is how Bad this Administration has been this is The worst president in the history of Our country this man is grossly Incompetent and he's going to get us Into a World War II what is The Game Plan on the final day of a primary You've been through this before can you Give it can you bring us bring our Audience behind the scenes and what your Mindset is to close it out why did you

Pick the city you did and what's the Message tonight well I think this is Really just a very special time uh we Had a great a great time also in Iowa as You know we broke every record in the Book and it was beautiful and fantastic People and here we have fantastic people You have them all over the country it's All the same we have unbelievable Patriots all over the country and they Want to see our country come back they Want to see you know it's very simple They want to make America great again They want it to be great they want to Put America First and we are doing that And I think we're doing it at a level That people haven't seen and I think We're going to be in very good shape Right can you show me the plane a little I mean we got the flat screen behind you Got the beautiful couches I do we have a Nice screen right behind uh this is the Area more or less the living room and if You want I'll just take you really quick Cuz I have to make a speech for a lot of People Waiting This is the lounge to get away well this Is a nice area that i' put you in if you Want Solitude which you never want I never Want Sol you never want I like the Audience these are really working spaces Uh I'm a worker right uh I'm not a

Pleasure guy I'm a worker guy and you Know it's just uh it's a it's a Tremendous plane for that it's got great Speed and all the things it gets us to Where we're going on time so can I tell You what I noticed when you invited me On the plane one time when you were Doing The Apprentice and you weren't Running for office you had a folder full Of news articles before the digital age Really kicked in and you were just Flipping through where's that passion For the news it's always been there I Still have it and I still have articles Too and I like articles better than the Internet if you want to know the truth I Like paper I'd like to touch It Mr President I know you have a speech To make I appreciate the tour what's Your approach final final locking out New Hampshire well we want to close it Up I think we will close it up I think It's going to be very successful and We're having a lot of fun where are the Notes where's the telr what's going on I Don't need too many notes unlike unlike Biden right have a good time everybody All right but I'm going to go with You I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kill me and I'm Angley airheart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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