Gutfeld: Biden was less than discrete with his little cheat sheet

Gutfeld: Biden was less than discrete with his little cheat sheet

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists react to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol singing an American classic at President Biden’s State Dinner and Biden’s notes during a press conference.
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He was less than discreet with his Little cheat sheet there president sings Karaoke while ours looks like he's going To croakie Photo snapped during a press conference Wednesday shows President Biden had Advanced knowledge of an LA Times Reporter's question turns out the only Chance of a gotcha moment is when Biden Grabs a child It says quote how are you squaring your Domestic priorities like restoring the Semiconductors manufacturing with Alliance-based foreign policy And on the reverse it said If found Return me to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue [Applause] Submit anything beforehand right and the White House is denying it because they Would the question however the reporter Asked wasn't word for word but it was Similar anyway it all happened at a Joint press conference with South Korean President Yun sakyal Yep think I said that right he turns out He has a beautiful set of pipes A long long time ago I can still remember how that Music used to make me smile Something touched me deep inside the day The Muse Something teach touched him deep inside Better check it might be Joe's finger You know

[Applause] Don McLean must be spinning in his grave And he's alive But hey their president sings while our President soils But how refreshing to see a Perez show Signs of life unlike our ancient Commander-in-chief who could barely fog A mirror But we should get over Joe's age According to the Daily Beast and op-ed Argues his age has been an asset so far As experience is enabled him to advance And ambitious domestic agenda and Revitalize the world's most important Alliance in ways many thought would be Impossible Man that Rider is so far up Joe's ass I Bet he can taste the hair plugs He's probably covered in Haagen-Dazs [Applause] And if we're talking age Biden once ran A campaign saying his opponent was too Old to serve that opponent was 63. During his 72 Senate race Biden call Said kale Boggs quote lost that old Twinkle in his eye he used to have Again set it about a 63 year old Meanwhile our Prez replaced a twinkle in The eye with a twinkle down his thigh Biden's had a facelift and a hair Transplant and he still looks like the Guy who drank from the wrong Grail in an Indiana Jones

That's Joe think of all this Oh yeah man that guy lost his twinkle he Lost his twink I didn't lose my twinkle No I still got it Twinkle Twinkle Little Joe Everybody thinks you're old You got that twinkle in your eye As old as I am then fly And I never lose that twinkle Even when I wake up in the night to go Tinkle [Applause] 's fault is this Katie is it Joe's fault Or is it just the media who are just Like they'll do anything it's such a Glaring difference from how they treat Trump which part yeah of this Specifically uh I don't necessarily Think it's that he's old I think it's That he has a problem I mean my Grandmother-in-law is 101 and she could Do a much better job than really 100 101 And she is more cognitively available Than that but it is I think it is the Media's Fault Know I think it's the media's fault Anyways I'm sorry go ahead well the eggs Are in the will because they're very Valuable The egg basket is in the will no I was Just saying that the I think this is the Media's fault I mean the White House Abuses them over and over again you Asked about Trump you know president

Trump addressed the media every single Day and all they did was ask him stupid Questions about themselves rather than Asking questions that would benefit the Country here you have the you know the The White House holding a press Conference like once a year and they Take two questions that are clearly Being coordinated maybe not exact Wording but the topics are obviously Given ahead of time so he knows exactly What he's going to say reading off a cue Card Um they should demand better than that And when they claim that they're there To benefit the American people to give Them information they're not doing that They're just doing what the White House Tells them to do because they're hap That's their guy right Jim it's like why Should they push him you know they don't Even they don't even set him up for Anything they just like play along Lockdown those Trump press conferences For like two hours that was must see TV Yes that was better than a comedy Netflix special and that was all off the Cuff there was no pre no one he didn't Know what was coming at him he's Fighting with everybody yeah and now He's got a card to look at a no you know Look give buying credit though at least He remembered to look at the card So you got to give them that yes if they

Could just give them a cheat sheet to go Upstairs yeah you know it's worth going Yeah you know it's funny too I was Thinking about Trump and like how like Like he would actually he instead of Walking away from the Press he would Just start he'd be walking at them yeah And you can just go here comes and he Would enjoy it it was fun and because he Knew that he was smarter than they were And he was more engaged in the world Than they were and so he said like these Are people are gonna get the best of me So these guys just handle handle Joe With like like medical gloves or like Tongs they handled them with tongs you Know what tongs are cats yes I know what Tongs are yes are you say is that the Question flight attendants use them to Give you a warm towel yeah Anyway okay all these headlines about You know Biden this cheat sheet shows That this journalist had the questions Ahead of time I I think that those are Incorrect because I don't think you can Call this journalism yeah it's Performance art because journalism is Supposed to be okay reporter asks a Question and because they want to know The answer and the Free Press is Supposed to be a check on the gov on the Government that's part of the reason for The First Amendment the main reason for The First Amendment and you know I'm

Glad that we know this at least it's Good information to know that he is Actually answering questions that he's Been given ahead of time because that's Not the way things are supposed to work Um and I don't think it should be I Think he should be able I don't care how Old you are really so much as can you Handle asking questions from the Press Yeah that's a huge part of the job yeah Um Jimmy it reminds me of the uh CNN Debate remember when Hillary had the Questions ahead of time yeah exactly how About that'll never happen to us yeah no No but she did she got the question from A CNN reporter ahead of time tuben Wasn't the only one with a lot of pull Look at that hey that wasn't the joke Stick with me good night everybody I Want to defend the media on I want to Defend the media on one thing because I Watched some of that press conference They did ask Biden some tough questions Like what's your name uh what country Are we in no what I love what they're Doing with him right now with the Daily Beast is they're pulling a Billy Madison Do you remember in Billy Madison when The little kid pees his pants and Billy Adams Sandler doesn't want him to make Him feel bad so he's like pee in your Pants is cool yeah that's what the Daily Beast is doing yeah having dementia is Cool I had dementia my pants every day

But somebody should acknowledge the Singing of the South Korean president Which was pretty damn good yeah exactly Not but right thank you not the He wouldn't win the White House has Got Talent though because Bill Clinton once Converted an intern to a humidor which Is very impressive I didn't expect it to go in that Direction but it's an all skate it's an All skate all right now we gotta move on All right hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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