Gutfeld: The Hunter Biden probe is heating up

Gutfeld: The Hunter Biden probe is heating up

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists discuss reports Hunter Biden is living at the White House and a top Republican lawmaker saying more Biden family members could be implicated in Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

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Is Hunter dodging the court by turning The White House into a personal Fort According to the New York Post an actual Paper cat Hunter Biden may be living at The White House with his second wife and Their three-year-old son in a desperate Attempt to avoid being served legal Papers by his baby mama It must get hectic with all the crying And diaper changing And the baby's a handful too Ah it's because he's old right There have been several sightings in DC In the past six months lending or Leading lending Credence to the theory That he's living with Pops to hide from Process servers and his ongoing child Support fight with the former stripper And the White House is a great place to Hide it's the last place we saw Chris Wallace But the White House they can finally Sterilize his room at the motel 6. Meanwhile house oversight committee Chair or hook James Comer says at least a dozen Biden Family members will be exposed for Having received money from foreign Entities but hey it's not like the Buy-ins aren't used to being exposed What You get to do it never mind but but was But was this the Biden family influence Peddling scheme

This was the Biden family uh influence Peddling scheme and you know when people Say well they were involved in Ventures Around the world I haven't found any Legitimate business dealings on the Bidening So despite all that the big guys should Announce anyway his re-election campaign Tomorrow in a pre-recorded video he'll Be holding up a current issue of USA Today so you know it's not from years Ago When he still had brain and digestive Functions Become an issue even among those who Support him like a pair of Orthopedic Socks as the New York Times points out Many Democrats particularly younger ones Are worried that he will simply be too Old to be effective in a second term and By younger voters they mean this Anyway We were able to obtain an early copy of Biden's video announcement My fellow Americans the choice has never Been clear on one side extreme Mega Republicans racism Charlottesville January 6. I promise however to wear a Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses eat ice cream And occasionally show Passion by yelling Phrases like come on man and give me a Break thank you and God bless the United States of America come on man give me a Break not a joke

Martha you know we're pinning this on The New York Post but is that amazing if He's living at the White House with his Family so he doesn't get yes I mean I Don't know I I mean it's almost two on The nose a story to be true but I'm Gonna say I believe it and not only that That same New York Post story says that Naomi and her husband are also living There and you see all of these people Coming and going for marine one on a Regular basis There are 16 bedrooms so There's plenty of room if anybody else Wants to move in I think they have 35 Bathrooms and 16 bedrooms I don't get is you know can you How can you really they say you might be Avoiding uh getting served papers from London Roberts by hiding behind the Secret Service I'm thinking like what Kind of law enforcement official is Going to have you know people come to Serve papers no you can't get in here Yeah it's very strange to me but I also Thought it was interesting what I noted In that article that London Robert Efforts that this little girl that they Have who's four years old her name is Navy yes which is interesting because he Got kicked out of the Navy for doing Drugs so maybe she named their child That to just kind of yeah take it to him Yeah God there's a joke about well I won't

Say it yeah talking about the Merchant Marine I don't know Nick you know where My brain's going but uh um one of those Bathrooms in the White House yes have You been to the White House yes okay we Have people who haven't been to the White House it's not an attractive place No the inside is very it's like it's Like somebody let it go to rot 30 years Ago right you know what it is it's like I slammed without the attitude it's like The half's Playboy Mansion yeah without The STDs yeah well not anymore I don't Know about that yeah not anymore yeah so Why would you want to move there unless You had to well I got to tell you right Now if my father was President I would Be living in the White House you know And I would invite all of my friends all The time you would live above the garage Like fonsi absolutely you'd be getting Out I don't even know if there is a Garage in the uh is there a garage That's a great question I think that's The one we should be should have been Talking about rather than the check Marks no here's the thing I bet there's No garage I bet there's no ice maker Yeah right all the things that we take For granted as modern people are not in The white house right but Joe Biden is Okay with that because if he has his ice Cream delivered you know uh in a horse And carriage every day if you don't have

A garage you don't have a second freezer Or a second fridge where you keep the Tall bottles of Pepsi This is this is a guy who grew up in the California of the American dream that Was the American dream right the second Refrigerator you had the second Refrigerator you had the you had the 1968 Camaro right blue convertible you Had the freezer in the freezer you had The tall Pepsis up in the front some Beer in the back and if you had the Second fridge was a sign of status that Was the blue check mark of your cam if Your ranch style home in Menlo Park Packed well that should have been your Monologue It should have been So Kat what do you make of this story do You believe it yeah maybe but I I Wouldn't want to live in the White House Myself why not because there's like P There's like people who visit it yeah That's true tours yeah like not anymore I think it's been pretty much close to Him you can though I I don't I wouldn't Like to be like looking out my window And then see someone looking back at me I think it's separated I I've done I Think they keep the the Riff Raff out And I apologize for that cat I'm not Going to do it again Yeah it does happen yeah I always feel Like no one can see in my windows but I

Know that's not true Um I also just feel like you were really Insensitive just now to my fan base yes Of old men yes I was I want to say guys It's not age it's Joe plenty of 80 year Old men you guys still got it okay it's Just Joe Biden yeah literally I know a Lot of 80 year olds well I mean that's Not true [Applause] 80 year old Who plead a sentence and more absolutely Not just an age thing it's just that for Any age He's not with it he's not with it and It's not even fair to him to make him Run for president yeah I think it's I Think it's unfair I think you're right When we often make fun of Joe Biden's Age because there are a lot of people That are in that group but I always say Rob 80 is the new 50. it really is I Mean think of everything that you have At your fingertips you have a relief Factor you have balance of nature you Have relaxium an 80 year old they don't Look a day over like 79. I mean how old You're almost you're 83 Rob I'll be 83 in May yeah I look pretty Good yeah uh the difference how is the Relief Factor uh it's not working uh There's no there's no Factor yeah put That out um uh there are two kinds of 80 Year olds the kind that say I have to go

To the bathroom the kind that say I just Went to the bathroom Um Two kinds Um uh but I I uh I'm actually more Interested in the in the the The Syndicate that's what I found Interesting about the the New York Post Article I mean yeah I mean look it's so Hundred bides living in the White House Well we know about Hunter Biden is he Rarely leaves the one bedroom like he's There for like 27 36 hours so no one's Really going to see him you may smell Him but not gonna see him right Um The Syndicate is amazing it's like Everyone said you see those shows in the Like the 80s the the mob like uh yeah It's like what the shows the mob like The Expo exposes they have like pictures Of everybody and like now this is like Sammy uh red sauce uh Biden and over Here is three cheeses Biden and they're From and that's exactly what it looks Like it looks like a whole Syndicate of People kind of with they're getting a Little sugar a little taste because the Big man who's kind of losing it there's Going to be a gang war uh I mean I'm Here for it I think it'd be kind of a Cool movie yeah they did it I think it Was called Remember point blank with Lee Marvin yeah because he works his way up The Syndicate yeah yeah that's a great

Movie and when the Mel Gibson remake was Great too yeah with uh payback yeah Payback great his best movie yeah his Best movie anyway we'll talk about that Afterwards drinks my place hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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