Handyman tells Jesse how he kicked squatters out of his mom’s home

Handyman tells Jesse how he kicked squatters out of his mom’s home

Handyman Flash Shelton shares how he turned the tables and kicked out squatters living in his mom’s California home on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

So I'm fascinated by squatting not the Position the real estate move The vagrant sees an empty home breaks in Makes it their own they live in your House and you pay the bills there They have rights to do this they call Them squatters rights and don't call the Cops because they won't help that's what Happened to our friend darthula in Chicago No they can't do anything about it when I first went over there and you could See the window was broken they broke in They changed the locks my mother's Furniture and her personal belongings Are still on the property when I asked Them to remove him for breaking and Entering he told he told us that he's a Professional squatter and he knows his Rights so if you can't do anything and a Judge takes forever to hear your case Sometimes you need to take matters into Your own hands and that's what this Handyman did Flash Shelton Flash's mom's Home was vacant so a squatter moved in She brought in all of her stuff so flash Found out and he sticked the house out Got there real early in the morning Waited until the squatter left and he Swooped in put some cameras up and when The squatter came back he confronted her Watch Because I haven't been able to do Anything with this house for months

Because every time they come over here They tell me that there's people here And if there's Furniture in the house So and who's telling you that the Realtors that there's people here Because yeah so neighbors tell me that They see people coming in and the lights On someone went in and turned on the Power because their power was off to the House some other people like young and Old and some uh a mixture between female And males coming into the house at night And the lights are on at night well that Would not be their neighbors their Neighbors there that would never be us And those are the ones that have been Calling me telling so flash gave the Squatter an ultimatum if she didn't move Out or stuff he would It all has to be out before I leave I've Got guys scheduled to come take the Stuff out later today so either you take It out or I have to take it out and Put it out on the driveway until it gets Picked up This is how it's done people founder of The United handyman Association flash Shelton joins me now flash that was a Smooth move she lied to your face though Did she at least admit maybe she was Caught cold First of all Jesse I just want to say Thank you for having me on and you know She she did she did apologize on the

Video good and uh and she tried to say That it wasn't her that they weren't in The house but that her furniture was Accidentally delivered Accidentally delivered to the wrong House and then she just happened to be Sitting on the furniture that was Accidentally delivered to a house that Wasn't hers And she just happened to be pulling out Of the driveway in the morning when I Was scoping out the house People that have a squatter situation What if the person had never left the House and you just stayed there staked Out all day what's the next move Well I mean I I you know obviously I Didn't know like who was in the house at The time so I I probably would have you Know just kind of staked out the house To see what type of individuals were Going in and then make a determination If I needed to just enter the house Anyway I knew that the back door was Broken in preemptively I wrote up a Lease and had my mom basically make me The legal tenant got it notarized I had Current utility bills with me in my name I had keys to the house and at that Point I would have entered the house and If the squatter can take a home I can Take a home if I enter the house they Can't kick me out just as much but with Having a lease and keys and utility

Bills at that point you know if they Call the police the police would tell Them the same thing if I call the police I can say hey I have an intruder in my House and they've broken the back door Giving them that information they chose To take the safe way out the easy way Out and move all their stuff out you are So smart you had it all covered Nothing Gets By flash is that your real name or Is that a nickname Flash you know since I was a little kid So it's the only name I've gone by I Love it flash thank you so much you give Us all hope And thanks I just want to yeah go ahead No please finish Yeah I just want to say that you know I Appreciate all the the love and support That I'm getting but I just hope that You know that the outdated squatter laws Get some attention too so that maybe I Can help change them all right well Maybe Lindsey Graham can rewrite some of Those laws for us I know he's he's going To be a little busy but He's on a roll thank you very much Flash Thank you hi everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I want you To click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only way that I Know for sure that you're not going to Miss any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your

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