Hannity: This is setting off alarms in the Biden White House

Hannity: This is setting off alarms in the Biden White House

Fox News’ Sean Hannity joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his reaction to Nikki Haley dropping out of the 2024 race while reportedly delaying a Trump endorsement. #FoxNews

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Go ahead steeve I was gonna say we've Got uh the great Sean Hannity is up Early hey Sean good morning morning hey Good morning guys how are you we're Doing okay uh just adjusting to the news Just as we started our news I am always Up early watching you guys that's that's My my morning routine before I work out Are you dving us you need to DVR us Sean At 6 o' yes DVR I do miss the six O'clock hour so 7 o'clock is usually my My TuneIn time but I like the DVR the First Hour I could call you in recap at the End of the show if you want Sean okay so Sean the the lead story is Nikki Haley's Going to drop out at 10 o'clock and as Jackie Heinrich just said uh she is it Sounds like according to John McCormack From The Wall Street Journal who we're About to talk to in a in a moment she Will encourage Donald Trump to earn the Support of the Republicans and The Independents who supported her how does How how do you think she's going to put That I don't I don't think it really Matters in the end um I think the Disappointing part of what Jackie Reported is she had said before the Republican primary debates it was the Criteria to get on that debate stage That she would in fact endorse Donald Trump or endorse the eventual winner and Support the eventual winner so and I

Know Angley asked her about that Yesterday when when you had both President Trump and Nikki on yesterday And she had said she would so she seems To be going against her word she gave That first indication over the weekend Uh that's disappointing to me um I think That she should stand by her word on That well maybe she'll clarify that Today with with that said though um look I give a lot of credit to anybody that Steps in the arena yeah I think it is a Very very hard job to get out there and Run for president uh if the there's a Primary and there's let's say there's 16 Or 17 people in like there was in 2016 Or you know 78 whatever the number Happened to be this year uh there's only Going to be one eventual winner and at The end of the day I think most people Don't get in if they don't think that They're going to win and but at the end Of the day I mean Nikki like everybody Else in the Republican party maybe that If he were supporting Governor Des Santis or Tim Scott or the r Swami You're going to have to ask yourself a Question do you really think you do you Want four more years of Joe Biden and His failed policies or are we going to Be better off with the policies that President Trump had had brought in During his first term and is he running On a platform you are more in agreement

With yeah uh now uh if you look at where Joe Biden is I think Joe Biden did not Have the best night at as everybody Seems to claim uh there are a lot of States where people said n I'm not Voting for Joe Biden and the percentages Were high he didn't really have any Opponent last night and more importantly You just got to look at all the polls That have come out we've been and I I Discussed this last night when I was on With Brett mortha we've had the New York Times Sienna poll the Fox News poll The Wall Street Journal poll BBS was Interesting to me because Donald Trump Beat that threshold he's now it have 52% uh in terms of of a head-to-head Matchup with Joe Biden that is a big Number then you look at the Gallup Approval rating of Joe Biden Joe Biden Was only at 38% you look at the Abc poll 86% of the American people think that This man is too old to be running for President again people see what I had Been pointing out since 2020 which is That he is weak he is frail he is a Cognitive mess I've been saying forever He has not had a clean event in in at Least six months that I can think of Clean being defined as you know he's not Mumbling bumbling stumbling having a a Hard time figuring out where to stand or Exiting stage left or exiting stage Right the most interesting poll uh that

I saw one of the polls that I just Mentioned 10% of Joe Biden voters in 202 They will be voting for Donald Trump That's stunning that has to be sending Off you know sirens and alarms in the Biden White House that is a big problem For them then you look at for example The the Democratic Coalition the base of The democratic party and and a part of That base would be African-American Voters Hispanic American voters uh that Would be young people uh he is bleeding Support double digits in some cases over 20 % of that base is is not supporting Him they don't think he's done a Particularly good job and and then then You can start breaking it down and start Looking at issues when you look at the Issues all right I mentioned this last Night historically where do people what Do people think about when they go to The the the polls on Election Day peace And prosperity we have war in Europe we Have war in the Middle East we have a President frankly that I I do not think Guard is a lot of respect on the world Stage um does Vladimir Putin president She the mulles in Iran Kim Jong-un do They really respect Joe Biden I don't Think so uh is there no consequences for Example in the case of china when they Fly a spy balloon over our country no Consequences when they aggressively are Maneuvering around our fighter jets and

International airspace or uh aggressive Maneuvers in international waterways Against our Navy no consequences at all Uh Joe Biden just seems to let it all Happen and and nothing happens uh if Aggressive moves are made against our Ally Taiwan nothing happens there so and You got an economy that frankly you know Okay may maybe some of Joe Biden's Friends are doing great and I I Understand Joe's going to talk a lot About shrink flation they've been trying To Push narrative about About B nomics for a long time well How's that been working out because 60% Of the American people and I've lived This life they're living paycheck to Paycheck not the greatest way to live And so when they talk about well he he Wants to blame greedy corporations or Shrink flation and everybody but himself The buck should really sto with Biden Because inflation went up because of his Policies not because of corporate America so on the economy on the economy I I don't see a lot of I don't see a Good story for them to tell nope Sean It's such a good point and I want to Bring you back because you you just laid Out the issues and when I was Interviewing Donald Trump about three Weeks ago we talked about on the issues I thought I liked your interview

Yesterday it was really good thank you Brother well I learned from the best um And we were talking about you uh in that Last interview as well and I said look When you go to the issues you win on the Issue but some people have a problem With your tone sometimes and he said you Know what Sean Hannity tells me the same Thing so how does Donald Trump weave the Issues while still being tough because People like the toughness as well but Still get those Suburban Women's as Women voter uh as well and independent Voters look you you're asking probably The single most important question Is the base of Donald Trump which we Have witnessed now during this entire Primary uh season is that enough to win A general election right to me he that Does not get him there however we're Beginning to see I mentioned the various Demographics that that seem to be Leaving Joe Biden that to me is called An opportunity and for president Trump If I was him I would look at those Numbers I would go into communities Traditionally maybe even big cities I'd Go to Chicago I'd go to New York I would Go to Los Angeles I would go to uh Minority majority minority neighborhoods Around the country and I would ask People are you more safe are you more Secure we know the answer how are your Schools doing how do you think you've

Been doing economically under Joe Biden's policies now a couple of numbers Let me me throw out at you I believe This was the Wall Street Journal poll And and Joe Biden has now been graded After three years and on climate change Most Americans feel he has failed on Helping African-Americans most Americans feel he Has not done a good job he's mostly Failed the working class 58% of Respondents think he has failed Improving our our image abroad 61% Believ is failed on the economy uh 61% Believe he's failing making us safer 63% Think he's failing he has not unified The country uh 69% think he's failed on That and then what have we been watching Since Iowa what is the number one issue That keeps coming up it is Joe Biden's Open border policies perfect setup for Our next sound b Sean Sean uh yeah we Wanted to bring you to this because We're talking a lot about immigration And there was a straw poll that said Yesterday in Virginia the top two issues Immigration and the economy Jin Saki and Rachel matow we mocking Virginia voters For saying that immigration is their top Issue over on another Network listen to This if you look at some of these exles I mean I live in Virginia immigration Was the number one issue ACC I mean Again these could change in in Virginia

Well Virginia does have a border with West Virginia very very Contest what our own bill Mion has a Reality check for them he posted this on X two weeks ago in Virginia an illegal Alien from Venezuela was arrested and Charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Campbell County Virginia he had crossed illegally into El Paso Texas in September of 2023 and Was released into the US by the federal Government what's your reaction Sean you Know I I i' I wonder if they were Speaking or talking to Lake and Riley Riley's parents that's right who are are Suffering and in all likelihood will Never be the same again I wonder if They'd be mocking uh or laughing that Way in front of them or the fact that we Know now that an Iranian terrorist is in Our country looking to hunt down people Like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo there's nothing funny about it The the most dangerous aspect and I Think it's the reason why it is the the Number one issue in terms of failure 71% Of Americans think Joe Biden's Immigration policies have failed is we Have now close to 10 million illegal Unvetted Joe Biden immigrants in this Country and we do know something about Them we know that hundreds have come From Iran on the number one state Sponsor of Terror they have satellite

State Syria we know that tens of Thousands have come from China why are People making a long Trek from from China uh to the southern border we have You know 15,000 from Russia our number Two geopolitical foe behind behind uh China uh thousands from Egypt home of The Muslim Brotherhood uh thousands over 6,000 from Afghanistan where by the way Al-Qaeda has rebuilt their training Camps according to a report that came Out last week so we what we're looking At here is a the single greatest National security threat in our lifetime Now we had some of the top former FBI Officials they joined together they sent Out a letter and they have referred to This as an invasion of military AED men And the worst part about this entire Story and we're probably going to watch Joe Biden tell the biggest lie on Thursday Night he will try to blame Republicans Yeah for his policies in the first 100 Days of his Administration he undid all of the Successful policies that he inherited From from uh president Trump as it Relates to the border state of Mexico Building the wall Etc they even at the Time uh Alejandro mayorcas the Department of Homeland Security Secretary he was bragging oh the list is So long of policies we were ascended we

I don't even have time to listen them All but they they have been telling us The American people in spite of what our Eyes have been showing us that the Border is closed that the bord secure uh Joe Biden has said it vice president Harris has said it mayorcas has said it Uh Kine jeanpierre has said it Jen saki Has said it uh Steve your son Peter has Been very Vigilant and asking tough Questions about it he asked about Riley Yesterday yeah yeah and and I think look I i' I've been saying this and when I Say I pray to God that I'm wrong I Really mean it but the the possibility That people from our top geopolitical Foes that we know are in the country are Setting up Terror within the United States the odds I would argue are 100% Now do I hope and pray that I'm wrong All of us live through 9/11 those those images that day those Memories are seared into our brains and We have now set ourselves up for another Potential 911 or Worse we saw what Happened with Hamas for example in on October 7th it was awful well we could Have 911 October 7th or worse because of These policies and there's no Explanation for that and for him to then Turn around after three years of lying And saying it's closed and secure that That should be offensive to every single American cuz that is a flat outline well

That is why it immigration and migration Is the number one issue Sean thank you Very much we know you're awake at 7:00 A.m. thanks very much for being I get up On time just to watch you guys I get my Coffee brewing I I just had a couple of Sips before you called all right thank You so much I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Killme and I'm Angley aart and click Here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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