Hannity: We are entering a dangerous new era in America

Hannity: We are entering a dangerous new era in America

Fox News host Sean Hannity has the latest on former President Donald Trump’s indictment in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s politically-charged probe in Friday’s opening monologue.
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We have new details from Alvin Bragg's Repulsive political Witch Hunt according To sources that we have Bragg demanded That Donald Trump turned himself in Today less than 24 hours after the grand Jury voted unfairly to indict him but Because of security concerns the Arraignment won't take place until next Week probably on Tuesday afternoon Donald Trump will be booked he will be Fingerprinted there'll be a mug shot a Medium mob they will get their so Desired mug shot now my gut instinct Tells me that my friend my colleague Pete hegseth who was on last name he's Going to be proven correct that Photograph will end up on more t-shirts And more hats that say Maga and Trump 2024 it will also appear before judge Juan mershon who by the way the very Same judge who was accused of Railroading the former CFO of the Trump Organization now according to Trump Quote the judge assigned to Mike which How front case hates me now at this Point would you expect anything less This is not a criminal case this is a Political Hatchet job and by the way There will be no settlement according to A source close to president Trump he Plans to fight this to the very end the First step will most certainly be a Motion to immediately dismiss all of the Charges on three separate grounds we'll

Go over this with our attorneys tonight In the course of the program one the Faulty legal Theory we don't know the Exact charges but allegedly what Bragg Is doing is attempting to bootstrap a Misdemeanor documents crime to an FEC Charge that has never been done before And might not even be legal in and of Itself the second thing Trump's lawyers Will likely argue that the case is Beyond the statute of limitations which They are after all there is a two-year Limit on charges related to mislabeling Documents now the the third reason for a Dismissal involves prosecutorial Misconduct here you have a D.A Responsible for the charges his name is Alvin but Bragg he ran on a campaign Promise to go after one man Donald Trump One family the Trump family one Organization the Trump organization now I think all of that clearly reeks a Political bias uh don't you maybe the End result should be that he gets Disbarred as the New York Post points Out quote surely the judge will be asked To consider this question would this Case have been brought against any other Person of course the answer is no in Fact the doj the FEC the Mueller Investigation Bragg's predecessor and Even Bragg himself declined to bring These charges until now now meanwhile Alvin Bragg rarely brings felony charges

Against anybody in New York even violent Offenders according to an op-ed from Jonathan Turley he said quote Donald Trump would have been better off robbing Stormy Daniels with a gun Bragg would Have thrown that case right out now Charlie's correct in fact under Bragg 52 Percent of every felony case gets Reduced to misdemeanors and of all the Felony cases that Bragg actually brings To trial he loses 49 percent of the time In other words he has one of the worst Conviction rates in the entire country In September a man named Justin Washington he received a sweetheart deal From Bragg after allegedly raping a Teenage relative Washington was set to Serve 30 days in jail but before that he Was terrorizing five more victims now Take a look at your screen Here's another sweetheart deal handed Out by Bragg to the perpetrator of a Vicious anti-semitic beating this in Midtown Manhattan and New York City Bragg also reduced the charges for a man Who attempted to rob the same Pharmacy Twice in one day at gunpoint I'm sorry At night point the man this guy had a Lengthy rap sheet more than 20 arrests For rape robbery assault other crimes Alvin Bragg didn't care at all in Another case the perpetrator had 46 Prior arrests out on parole but Bragg Once again reduced the charges and then

There's the well New York resident known As Hillary Rodham Clinton she has never Been charged with a crime not in New York not anywhere to spout despite what Is a mountain of evidence related to a Variety of misdeeds for example the Clinton campaign and the DNC they Committed the exact same crime that Donald Trump is now accused of they Mislabeled a campaign expense you know Steals dirty dossier the Russian bought And paid for dossier well they said that Was a legal expense but there were no Felony charges no criminal Investigations into Clinton instead last Year her campaign merely agreed to pay a Hundred and thirteen thousand dollar Fine never mind that 33 000 deleted Subpoenaed emails those were destroyed Of course uh with something we had never Heard of before bleach bit and then of Course we had devices they were Destroyed with hammers we had SIM cards Removed as well doesn't that sound a Little bit like obstruction of justice You know to you she was never charged And her home was never rated and keep in Mind the dossier case that we mentioned Stems from the very same steel dossier That the Clinton campaign delivered to James comey's FBI in the lead up to the 2016 election but remember this in early October 2016 Jim comey's FBI actually Flew across the pond they went to Great

Britain they met with Christopher Steele And they offered him a million dollars If he could corroborate that salacious Dossier well even though the steel Dossier couldn't uh be corroborated he Didn't collect his million dollars Because his allegations we now know were Completely BS Comey in late October use That very dossier contrary to the law And unlawfully obtained a fiso warrant To spy on the Trump campaign the Trump Transition team and even the Trump White House a president of the United States Now at the top of the fisa warrant the Words true and verified are there Dossier was neither but the FBI used it Anyway to get Donald Trump but Comey got A free pass so did Hillary Clinton with Her classified document Scandal Comey Said no reasonable prosecutor would ever Prosecute but now he's cheering for Alvin Bragg tweeting Out quote it's been A good day yesterday Jim Comey is Corrupt he's Petty he's a bureaucrat who Longs for political vengeance and cares Little about what is called the rule of Law or equal justice under the law or Equal application of our laws now sadly The current leader of the FBI doesn't Seem to be much better Christopher Ray's FBI was in possession of Hunter Biden's Laptop from hell since December of 2019 Instead of authenticating the laptop and Investigating the Litany of potential

Crimes recorded on the laptop while the FBI they told big Tech in the lead up to The 2020 presidential race to be on the Lookout for Russian disinformation Related to people like Joe Biden and Hunter Biden they knew they had the Laptop and big Tech by the way was more Than happy to oblige and they even got Money from the FBI three and a half Million dollars in the case of Twitter Censoring the hunter Biden laptop Story Only weeks before the election well you Can Count Me In the column as somebody That believes the FBI knew the laptop Was real they knew it they knew Rudy Giuliani he had a copy they knew he Would likely release it before the Election and my guess that is the real Reason that the FBI was warning big tech Companies to be on the lookout for Misinformation on people like Joe Biden And Hunter Biden now to date Hunter has Yet to be charged with any crimes even Though there is video evidence of let's See Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine Hiring prostitutes lying on gun Applications selling access to the Federal government uh yet where's that Case there's also extensive evidence From the laptop and a separate Senate And House investigation showing that the Big guy and other members of the Biden Family might have benefited from Hunter's alleged access peddling tax

Evasion charges money laundering charges And now we know there was a real quid Pro quo remember Donald Trump Ukraine Quid pro quo oh Joe Biden's on tape Bragging that that Ukraine won't get one Billion dollars taxpayer dollars unless They fire a prosecutor in six hours that Prosecutor well ended up getting fired Within six hours Ukraine Got Your Billion dollars meaning taxpayer billion Dollars and guess what son of a bee when He was fired the investigation that that Prosecutor was doing into going into With Hunter Biden uh ended right there And then and Hunter kept getting checks From Maurice maholdings so let's get This straight there is video and digital Evidence that Hunter Biden committed Multiple felonies but has never been Charged with a crime his father used Your taxpayer money to protect the Family Syndicate no indictments and on The other hand Donald Trump is getting Hit with over 30 charges because of a Mislabeled non-disclosure agreement over An alleged Affair from 2007 that both Parties denied based on testimony from a Convicted felon admitted Liar by the Name of Michael Cohn who we all know is Hell-bent on get getting revenge against His former boss does that seem like Equal justice under the law equal Application of our laws to you well of Course it doesn't to me but Democrats

They don't seem to care about Justice They seem to only care about winning Elections and destroying any and all Political opponents now this far-fetched Case against Trump is not about keeping New York safe or New Yorkers safe it's About interfering in the 2024 election Just like the FBI did in 2020 when of Course the hunter laptop from hell that They had since December of 2019 just Like they did in 2016 with Hillary's Dirty dossier we are now entering a very Very dangerous new era in this country Where Justice is no longer blind where Judges juries DA's have become political Weapons where we have a dual justice System hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Two page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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