‘Hard to imagine’ Biden doing even one of Trump’s events: Doug Burgum

‘Hard to imagine’ Biden doing even one of Trump’s events: Doug Burgum

Former presidential candidate Gov. Doug Burgum joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss growing speculation about former President Trump’s potential vice presidential pick. #foxnews

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[Music] Today Donald Trump wrapping up a West Coast Swing ring voters in Las Vegas Where polls show him ahead of President Biden who won the state back in 2020 our Next guest has been on the trail with Trump these past few days Trump Surrogate and former presidential Candidate Governor Doug bergham and he Joins us Now Governor you're being discussed as a Potential VP um you're on that very Exclusive short list what do you make of That well Rachel uh Pete will great to Be with you this morning but I tell you Wow I wish America could see President Trump uh on the stump like I've seen him In the last 72 hours I mean first of all You know I spent my career in technology I knew a lot of super hardworking Tech CEOs but nobody works harder than President Trump I mean the number of uh Speeches he gave the number of hands He's shaking uh his hand literally like People shaking his hand so hard he's got It it bruised but the guy just keeps on Going and roundtables uh talking to People about the issues that matter to Them listening and curious and digging In I mean it's impossible to imagine Joe Biden uh doing one of these events much Less back to back to back to back for 72 Hours flying around between uh Arizona Nevada uh Northern California Southern

California it's really incredible and I Think that when people see him they see The depth of his care about the country And he's and he's right on all the Issues that matter and that's why you Youve got record fundraising happening That's why you have record turnout That's why I have people lining the Streets uh because they know that he's The guy that's going to solve the issues That they care about the Border Inflation uh Wars abroad all these Things and it's uh it's very exciting And I just wish America could see uh President Trump when he's engaging Directly with citizens uh it's amazing Thing to watch it's really a piece of History Governor we've seen the reports You're on the list we talked to another Folk another person in Senator Tim Scott Who's on the list um so we know that's Out there can you confirm for us have You submitted paperwork formally to President Trump's team for Vetting well I know this is a big Interest to uh some folks that are Following the process but I would just Defer any questions back to the Trump Campaign team the real the real point is That President Trump I mean look at Every demographic uh that he needs to Win you talked about him leading in Nevada but I mean he's he's got a chance To win Minnesota and Virginia uh this

This is a right now if the election was This week it would be a historic win uh For president Trump he had you know a Chance to win States like Minnesota that Haven't won by a republican for decades And decades so that's uh anyway I so That's an artfully delivered not a no Which I understand you can't say Anything but I get it okay well you know But to be truthful Governor I think it's A rightful thing for all of us to be Discussing because we're talking about You potentially being the most second Most powerful person on the planet Running for that and I think we've all Understood through the lens of KLA Harris and Joe Biden the importance of This decision for president Trump you're Getting a ton of attention we're talking About here obviously this is today in The New York Times two separate articles On you this morning in the New York Times here's the headline from one Trump's energy guy talked a green game But now sells Big Oil priorities another Says for Trump Doug beram emerges as a Safe option and a wild card I actually Want to focus on the first one um the Green you talk a green game but now sell Big Oil priorities now for a lot of Conservatives there are some questions Like what in the past you've been on Some issues that are important to Conservatives like climate change and

Green Energy well I I take great issue with That New York Times headline but I think The this comes down on energy what we're Doing in North Dakota it's Innovation Not regulation uh Innovation is the way We're going to solve uh any problem it's Innovation's been the source of American Greatness uh and energy is what we need For us to advance part of the reason why You know the donors are pouring out in Silicon Valley is that they all Understand for the new things that are Coming that we need uh for us to Maintain American dominance in our Economy around the world like crypto and Like artificial intelligence these are Huge consumers of electricity and Joe Biden's energy policies are actually Reducing the amount of Base load in our Country destabilizing the grid raising In prices for Americans electricity Prices are up 30% that's something that Nobody you can't say oh I'm going to Move from from this house to that house And get my electricity be a to go down I Mean this affects every American and it Affects every product I mean Joe Biden They're so wrong on this and uh that's Why people are pouring out because we're Not going to maintain our lead over China uh if we don't figure out a way to Get in the energy game but if you want If you want to have clean energy we can

Do it in America better than any place In the world America produces the Cleanest safest smartest energy anytime Joe Biden restricts the US Energy Industry and we shove that demand Overseas to places like Iran Russia Venezuela any place like that they're It's worse for the global environment And then they're funding the wars Against us and it hurts Americans so It's like a triple bad policy by the Joe Biden bad for the environment bad for World Peace bad for Americans uh and Nothing's changed in my position on that And that in North Dakota we just call it Innovation not regulation well Governor Um one of the things I'm sure that Donald Trump likes about you is that You're a businessman you guys think Probably very much the same uh I want Really quick answer for for from you on This on X on social media your Detractors will say that you're and They'll specifically say a world Economic Forum guy I'm going to give you The opportunity to respond to That well I don't know how they would Say that I've never been to the world Economic forum and I don't even know What they mean by that but you know what I what I think about the economy I think About having an America where we've got The ability uh to do things like sell Sell energy to our friends and allies

And stop buying it from our adversaries I think about technology where I spent 30 years and I know that that's going to Be part of National Security I think About the the fact that if you're going To have uh National Security you also Have to have food security and I think That you know the Biden Administration Has been playing this so wrong Trump Played it so right uh he knew how to Negotiate with all these world leaders Over and over and over again there's Examples of how uh he brought American Interest to the Forefront and then we Got you know China you know who's the World's largest importer of energy every Day 11 million barrels of oil a day they Have to import food every day to keep Their that country stable and then the Biden Administration when they negotiate With them they talk about they talk About climate agreements we've got President Trump understands uh like Teddy Roosevelt did walk softly and Carry a big stick and US economy is the Big stick that we can carry around the World access to our markets and Level Playing Fields he's going to fight for That that's good for every American Doug Beram thank you so much for being with Us thank you Governor thank you thank You got it I'm juy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page

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