Hezbollah leader praises Hamas terror attack as ‘heroic’

Hezbollah leader praises Hamas terror attack as ‘heroic’

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports from Israel on Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, the ongoing battles and an update on the hostage negotiations. #foxnews

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So now team Fox coverage begins a new Rich Edson State Department Trey yinks Live in southern Israel where it is Almost Nightfall on another day of War Trey Hello yeah hey Bill good morning we've Been watching that speech by Hassan naso The leader of Hezbollah he's been Talking for more than an hour now Discussing the initial Massacre on October 7th here in southern Israel not Surprisingly praising the Palestinian Factions Hamas and Islamic Jihad for What he called heroic effort and Remember those efforts were the Slaughter of women and children Civilians in their homes but it cuts to The core of the ideology here of the Leader of Hezbollah who has been Tiptoeing around direct involvement in The conflict I will give you one line Though that is important to note many Analysts will discuss this he says some Claim we are about to engage in the war We have been engaged since October 8th We've seen that rocket fire and mortar Fire from Southern Lebanon into Northern Israel hasb ramping up attacks overnight Against Israeli forces that are now Responding with air strikes in southern Lebanon but still a question about how Much the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah intends to get involved in This battle here on the southern front

We've seen Israeli troops today Operating behind me inside the Gaza Strip I do want to just step out of the Frame and let my cameraman Yaniv zoom in Here we've been watching as tanks and Bulldozers operate on the edge of Gaza Even saw a D9 armored bulldozer Destroying a house earlier today and it Gives you a sense of how the Israelis Are operating they're looking to destroy Any of the places that Hamas militants Could hide and also destroy those tunnel Exits where Hamas has been ambushing Israeli forces they have killed 24 Israeli soldiers we are told since the Friday night operation started Israeli Is pushing deeper in and the chief of Staff in Israel saying that the Israeli Forces have now surrounded Gaza City Again the street to Street battles are Expected to continue throughout the day Today and for weeks to come we do know The destruction will be focused on the Northern part of the Gaza Strip as Israeli troops look to continue support From their artillery units that you hear In the distance and also their Air Force Overhead but it will be a challenging Battle and Israel says it may take Months to complete Bill Trey you may Have been listening to our question to Tell hrich a moment ago about the Negotiations for hostages do you she Would not answer the question

Understandably she did not want to get a Giveaway strategy do you have any Information on where that stands Now we do we've been talking with the Negotiators who are trying to cut those Deals behind the scenes and remember the Israelis say 241 people are currently Being held inside Gaza we talked with a Number of sources who are familiar with Those negotiations they say they stalled Last weekend whenever this initial Ground push began that was Friday and Then remember we reported to you that a High ranking isra official actually Traveled to Doha and was on the ground Meeting with qari negotiators the source Telling Fox News that the conversations Then resumed and since then have been Quote productive and so those Conversations are ongoing Hamas is Delivering messages through the qaris The Israelis are trying to put their Terms on the table but we do know According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is meeting today With and you can hear that outgoing Artillery in the distance who is meeting Today with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin there will be no ceasefire or Pause in the fighting unless some Hostages are released Bill Trey thanks Trey yinks more from Southern Israel Thank you I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to

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