Hostage negotiator: Hamas has played this card ‘very well’

Hostage negotiator: Hamas has played this card 'very well'

Former Navy SEAL Commander Dan O’Shea offers insight into the hostage negotiations between Israel and Hamas on ‘Sunday Night In America.’ #foxnews #fox #sundaynightinamerica

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Joining us now is former Navy SEAL Commander and hostage negotiator Dan O'Shea Dan thank you first of all for Your service to our country how do you Negotiate when one side does not seem to Value life in the same way the other Side Does well it is a challenge but the Problem is terrorist organizations This Is How They negotiate with the west and And is exactly the reason that Hamas Grabbed over 240 odd hostages so they Would have this leverage knowing that This was going to be the only card they Can play and they played it very well This ceasefire is a victory for Hamas it Allows them to retreat rearm refit and Uh re-engage on the next phase of the IDF offensive um and again we're not Dealing with the rational State player That's why these negotiations were not Across the table between Israel and Hamas and why it is such a challenging Process going Forward you know my wife and I were in Israel about 18 months ago and our tour Guide told us a story of an Israel Israeli soldier that was taken and Israel exchanged 1,000 prisoners some of Whom had been sentenced to life for one Single Israeli soldier so for those of Us who will never negotiate over human Life you have how do you know what the Life of a soldier or an American

Four-year-old how do you know what a Life is worth when you are trading it Well that is that is the challenge Because that set that Sergeant you're Talking about golad he was held for five Years and released for as you said over A thousand prisoners many of whom were Convicted of of capital crimes and and The rest but it shows the level of how Important every life is in Israel every Citizen of Israel for a thousand one Reasons we know what they've gone Through from the Holocaust and the Pograms they have been attacked and and And targeted throughout their existence And that's why they value life so high Yet on the flip side Hamas doesn't value Life the fact that they use their own People as human shields uh in this B you Know what we're dealing with right now In this latest war in Gaza it just it Just shows the level of difference Between those in the west those in Israel who value human life and those Like Kamas where life is a commodity to Be spent at will and or executed Murdered at well which is which is what They what they did on October 7th yeah I just I cannot imagine Negotiating when you cannot even agree On the currency the value of the Currency but before I'll let you go the Fighting has resumed in Gaza I I'm Assuming that is not a good sign for the

State of negotiations about current Hostages but maybe I am wrong about That well the challenge is if if Hamas Is not wiped out this what happen October 7th will happen again time is Time and time again uh Israel has to Deal with this it happens on average Every 10 years a major conflict where They're they're fighting for their very Existence so Netanyahu needs to finish What they started which is to wipe him Us out but the challenge is yes it it Puts the hostes back in grave risk and It the calculus of of of the next batch Of hostages coming out will arguably be Much higher because uh uh the value of These hostages have proven to be so uh You know worth so much for Hamas that uh The price to get the next round of host Is is probably going to come with a Higher sticker price Unfortunately Dan OA thank you for your Service to our country thank you for Joining us on a Sunday Night my pleasure hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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