House Democrats work to keep Trump off ballot despite SCOTUS decision

House Democrats work to keep Trump off ballot despite SCOTUS decision

Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss his reaction to House Democrats working against the Supreme Court’s Trump ruling and the Clintons helping Biden and Harris ahead of November. #FoxNews

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The Supreme Court handing Trump a big Win one day before super Tuesday Unanimously ruling against Colorado's Effort to kick kick him off the ballot But house Democrats already cooking up Another idea I am working with a number Of my colleagues including uh Debbie W And Schultz and Eric swell to revive Legislation that we had to set up a Process by which we could determine that Someone uh who committed Insurrection is Disqualified by section three of the 14th Amendment Mike huab is the former Governor of Arkansas and the good Governor joins us Now Governor your reaction to the Unwavering Democrat commitment from Folks like Jamie Rasin to make sure your Vote as an American you know that whole Democracy thing does not Count what a Brain Trust Jamie Rasin Eric swalwell and Debbie waserman Schultz if there ever was a trio that Could best be called the political Three Stooges you got them right there these Are people who have lost their minds They honestly think that somehow they Should decide who gets to be on the Ballot not the American voters and they Keep talking about Insurrection nobody's Been charged with Insurrection nobody's Been convicted and I don't know if Jamie Rasin has ever read the Constitution Maybe he ought to brush up on it and

Find out that there is a presumption of Innocence and you have to be proven Guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt by a Jury of your peers none of which has Ever happened to Donald Trump even Jack Smith who was a deranged anti-trump Hater uh even he hasn't charged Donald Trump with Insurrection for a simple Reason because Donald Trump didn't Commit Insurrection that's why they Would have charged him if they thought They could so the whole thing is Nonsense but it really does show the Depravity the moral depravity of these People who honestly think that they're Just a little better than the rest of us Yeah it is clear that Democrats are Trying to take Trump down with these Legal challenges because they feel like They have to do something especially When you uh look at the polls this Recent slate of polls Governor that are Brutal for President Biden in swing States among Black and Hispanic voters And even Biden people who voted for Biden in 2020 only 83% of them say that They're going to vote for him again in 2024 that's not a good number I guess The good news about bad poll numbers is That they can they can go up so what is Your expectation here heading towards The general election for President Biden When it comes to these poll numbers and Overall

Approval I don't see how he gets better His policies are still his policies and They're destroying the country the most Interesting question in the poll was When people were asked uh about Biden's Policies and the response was they Actually believe that Biden's policies Hurt them now that's the most dangerous Thing you can have in a political poll Because it's one thing to say yeah they Really haven't helped me that much so There's a neutrality there that's not What we're seeing in these polls what We're seeing is voters including younger Voters under the age of 30 by 51% say They're voting for Trump voters who are Hispanic there has been like a 40% swing In Hispanic voters from Biden to Trump And in African-American voters a huge Swing all of these are constituencies That Joe Biden should be able to take For granted but he can't and the reason Is the response to the poll is his Policies are hurting me I mean it's like You've got to be a political massoch to Go out and say I'm going to vote for Joe Biden I like pay I want some more I'd Like to have another slap right across The face so maybe I'll vote for Joe Biden because I like to feel bad people Are going to take that quote out of Context that you just said uh so I'm Looking forward to that later on today Governor don't selectively edit that one

Meantime from one Arkansas governor to Another the return of the clintons New York Magazine detailing how Bill and Hillary are helping out President Biden And vice president president Harris Ahead of the election just quickly they Spoken privately uh talking about the Modern democratic party in their role There Hillary allegedly is helping out Kamla Harris you have 30 seconds to React to all of that Governor well it's not hard look they're More popular than Joe Biden and kamla Harris and uh I think they're desperate To say anybody who can maybe provide for Us a little bit of positive news so Let's bring the clintons back hey I Would do it if I were Joe Biden and KLA Harris and I'd put him front and center Yeah uh Donald Trump's not bringing the Clintons back I think he just gave Joe Biden Hillary's old nickname because he Said who cares if Hillary's crooked She's irrelevant these days uh Governor Huckaby thank you so much for joining us Have a great super Tuesday it's always Super when you're on the show have a Good one I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angy aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling annal Is

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