House Dems defend ‘no’ vote on resolution condemning antisemitism: ‘Lies everywhere’

House Dems defend 'no' vote on resolution condemning antisemitism: 'Lies everywhere'

FOX Business correspondent Hillary Vaughn asks House Democrats who voted against a resolution to condemn antisemitism on college campuses to explain their vote.

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Could I ask you really quickly why Couldn't you condemn anti-Semitism I did I do every day why didn't you vote for The bill that would condemn anti Antisemitism every day why every single Day why wouldn't you vote for the bill Every day I condem anti semitism why not Vote for the bill single day it should Be easy condemn anti-Semitism every Single day why not vote for it then day I've condemned it every day thank you Good thanks why can't you condemn Anti-Semitism on college campuses oh I Do I'm one of the most vocal uh people To condemn Anti-Semitism because there's lies in The resolution and right now there's Lies everywhere on all sides of this I Decided about a week ago I'm voting no On anything that contains lies it it Harms both Jewish and uh and Arab and Muslim Students alike so the very Specific instances about brandise I Encourage you to look into it thank you Congressman really quickly why can't you Condemn Anti-Semitism what are you talking about It I've done that a million times why Didn't you vote for the resolution that Condemned anti-Semitism on college Campuses because I didn't agree with the Resolution but I've condemned Anti-Semitism a million times and we're Fighting to end anti-Semitism in a real

Way and fighting to end hate in all its Forms but wouldn't it be an easy vote I Mean the resolution basically condemns Anti-Semitism I didn't agree with the Resolution I didn't think it did enough To move the conversation forward but I Consistently condemn an anti-Semitism Why can't you condemn anti-Semitism on College Campuses I've condemned anti-Semitism And islamophobia and hate in formed Repeatedly why didn't you vote for the Resolution can I ask you about a Ceasefire um so if Hamas is holding Babies and children hostage if they're Hoarding fuel they're continuing to fire Rockets at Israel is Israel the problem Here or is Hamas the problem I don't Think that uh that is what international Humanitarian law looks at what International humanitarian law looks at Is how you protect the lives of innocent Civilians once conflict has started Everyone has been clear that Hamas is a Terrorist organization what Hamas did to Israel on October 7th was horrific Israel has the right to defend itself The question is how tactically what is The best way to get Hamas out to Eliminate Hamas which is the goal but Also how to follow International Humanitarian law right now in Gaza a Child is dying every 10 minutes a child Is being murdered every 10 minutes by

Air strikes we have had over 3,400 Children dead 9,000 people have died in Gaza from these air strikes that is not Proportionate it is not in compliance With International humanitarian law and It will not be successful if the goal is To get security for uh and Self-determination for Israel and Palestine the president has called for a Pause do you think he's done enough hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere Else

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