House GOP call for ‘Squad’ member to be censured: ‘She is parroting Hamas’

House GOP call for 'Squad' member to be censured: 'She is parroting Hamas'

Rep. Elise Stefanik joins ‘FOX & Friends’ ahead of the House vote on Speaker Mike Johnson’s proposed aid package to Israel, which would cut funding intended for the IRS and not include aid for Ukraine. #FoxNews

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All right today all eyes on Capitol Hill Like they are right here where the house Is set to vote on an aid package for Israel Congress is uh republicans in Congress that should say proposing Cutting IRS funding to send $4 billion Cut to Israel without any ties to Gaza Or Ukraine no money for either of those Which is at odds with the president's $6 Billion spending proposal house Republican conference chairwoman Elise Stefanic sits on the house armed Services committee she joins us right Now uh chairwoman uh good morning to you How so you know Joe Biden's already said If that's what winds up on my desk uh I'm going to veto it and Chuck Schumer In the Senate and they control the Senate says this uh is a joke shame on Joe Biden and shame on Chuck Schumer House Republicans understand how Important it is to stand strongly with Israel and it is the White House and the Democrat Senate that are politicizing Ing the that are politicizing this issue House Republicans are committing to Passing this4 billion Aid package to Make sure that we're supporting Iron Dome and getting the resources we need To Israel at a time of their greatest Need at a time when they faced a Terrorist attacked from Hamas back by Iran full stop so the fact that this White House is trying to politicize this

Issue House Republicans will stand like A rock as our newly elected speaker Mike Johnson said and we will get this done What about uh funding to Ukraine that's not going to be tied into This bill uh we think that is a very Politicized issue the White House has Not answered questions as to how those Dollars are going to be spent what is The ultimate goal when it comes to Ukraine the White House not White House Has not answered those questions when it Comes to Israel though our most precious Ally in the Middle East we need to make Sure that we're standing strongly and That people are going to have to make a Decision and boy is it going to expose Democrats who vote no on this very Straightforward package to support is is Uh congresswoman you know on this Program and I know up on Capitol Hill You've been talking about some of the Comments from your colleague across the Aisle Rashida Talib uh where she has Been very critical of Israel in the wake Of the Hamas attack yesterday Congress The House of Representatives led by Republicans had a chance to sens censure Her there's a resolution and yet 23 Republicans joined all the Democrats so That that would not happen what happened Well I voted to centure Rashida Talib uh She has been mimicking and paring Hamas Talking points uh she refuses to correct

Her misinformation and terrorist Propaganda blaming Israel for uh the Explosion at the hospital when that was Hamas that was a Hamas rocket that Exploded at a hospital in Gaza she has Failed to take that down she should be Censured I voted to censor her the vast Majority of Republicans did so and every Republican's going to have to defend Their vote to their constituents I think You're absolutely right meanwhile let's Talk about you personally you attended Harvard and I know you were horrified by Some of the anti-Semitism coming out of That very famous college up in Cambridge It is inexcusable and Harvard University Has totally failed in terms of Condemning the significant rise of Anti-Semitism that's why I led with my Colleagues in the house who are also Harvard graduates ranging from Ted Cruz To newly elected House member Kevin Kylie strongly condemning president Claud Dean gay that's the president of Harvard's handling of this she put a Task force in place the students should Be expelled who are not only uh going After Jewish students but also saying These heinous horrific anti-semitic Comments so shamon Harvard and all of These institutions for not taking a Strong stance on this we will put on the Floor a resolution condemning Anti-Semitism on college campuses

Another area where Republicans will lead All right you've got a lot going on uh Congresswoman Alise stonic thank you Very much for joining us from DC thank You Steve all right right I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Airhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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