House lawmakers land in Taiwan overnight

House lawmakers land in Taiwan overnight

Survivors of China’s cultural revolution Xi Van Fleet and Mike Zhao joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ alongside Vietnamese refugee Hung Cao to discuss heightening tension between the U.S. and China as American lawmakers visit Taipei. #FoxNews

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Fox News a little now house lawmakers Arriving in Taiwan overnight meeting With the nation's vice president in a Defiant stand in the face of threats From China all this as the CCP sends a Fleet through the Taiwan Strait S insemination you know get to us we all Receive sort of threatening texts you Know there was talk about a Chinese Escorting in the air but that's just Really intimidation saber rattling I think the meetings we're going to have Here are going to be very important in Terms of uh you know the next leadership Uh you know meet with President sign Uh it's all about weapon systems that I Sign off on going into Taiwan to harden Taiwan uh and are they prepared are they Do we have enough deterrence to stop you Know aggression coming from communist Town Joining me now survivors of communist China's cultural revolution Shivan Fleet And Mike Zhao and also hung cow a Refugee from Vietnam thanks to all three Of you for being here Mike McCall who You saw a picture there went on to say The following and let me read it his Exact quote I do know that there are Three aircraft carriers surrounding the Island meaning Taiwan right now and we Know that they have certain plans Whether they carry those off or not Aisha hasni our own reporter on the

Scene asking what are those plans Mike McCall saying I can't disclose that but It would be very unfortunate if the Chinese Communist Party carried those Plans out Han will begin with you what's Your reaction to that kind of a threat You know I'm glad Mike McCall's over There and it's just like us exercising The freedom navigation uh into South China Sea no one can tell us who we can Be friends with right I mean this is That's like an abusive relationship Right there Mike How concerned are you for our Lawmakers who have ventured into Taiwan For this historic meeting with the vice President later meeting with the President in a couple of days and then China responding like this Uh I think is uh basically you know it's I expected that kind of response but However I want to tell your audience you Know in China there are certain uh Factions of Chinese Communist party they Still want to grow the economy want to Be fluent with America so hopefully this Fashion will finally win over hopefully This kind of tension will be the Escalated and let me quickly come back To you on this first topic here are you Encouraged overall by the meeting with Kevin McCarthy and the Taiwanese President here in the U.S and then this Follow-up meeting with this codo of

Congressional leaders and the Taiwanese Vice President are you encouraged with What this could mean for that island Nation No absolutely I mean it's just we have To show them that we're gonna stand with Them and have the seventh fleet standing By to to support them in case something Happens Meantime we have seen the scenes of Former president Trump's arrest here in New York City you say all of this Reminds you of the tyrannical Governments you all once escaped you Have a warning about our government's Weaponization of the law she what was Your reaction when you saw people in the United States cheering the prosecution Of a former president Yes I would say to those people you are Cheering for your own demise because Yesterday And April 4th 2023 will be remembered as one of The Darkest Day in America when the Democrats made our country a republic a Banana Republic of a communism I grew up In People's Republic of China and during The cultural revolution Mao used his Power to go after his political enemies He did not use AG what he did is Mobilize the young people called red Guards go after the entire Um communist bureaucrats I as a little

Schoolgirl witnessed the struggle Session of the governor of my Province And that's where I'm going to when the Totalitarian wins No One Is Safe we will All become victim after the cultural Revolution what happened is China was Brought to the ruins and 20 some million Lives lost American people need to learn The history of the communism and see That it is repeating right here in America Mike as someone who has seen the evils Of Communism firsthand how dangerous a Path are we headed down right now Is a very dangerous I want to tell you The critical recently uh you know is Actually the Communist classical Theory 2.0 right the world culture is a Dangerous repeat of Chinese Cultural Revolution if we don't stop that America Would be downgrade to a nation just like A cultural revolution will have racial Struggle between the different racial Groups we're going to destroy our Economy we're going to also lost all Technology leadership in in the world of National Security because the racial Equity will prevail you know meritocracy Will be destroyed so you know America Will you know just like what she Mentioned will be have you know went to The no the the you know assassination no Return you know that will be very Dangerous there were two other real big

Age issues that stand out to me the First one is China's gloating about this South China Morning Post op-ed declaring Quote Trump's indictment is a poor Advertisement for U.S democracy adding That the Chinese are chuckling they're Going to use this as we try to promote Democracy throughout the nation Throughout the world especially in Taiwan that is a concerning aspect of Our strength on the world stage but hung You've heard Donald Trump say over and Over again they're not coming after me They're coming after all of you is he Right should conservatives in everyday Life worry that they could be next No absolutely my grandfather was hauled Away in the middle of night he was a Magistrate and murdered uh in front of My mom and so it's just one of those Things where if that this can happen in The United States that it can happen Anywhere and this is why I fought and For this country for so many years I Wore uniform for 30 years and fought in Iraq Afghanistan Somalia for for for Things like this and here we are uh We've Fallen prey to all of this yeah You've heard a lot of people say well if You didn't do anything wrong you Shouldn't have anything to worry about And I think that is a very misguided Approach to viewing this I agree with You hung she and Mike I think the

Ramifications are much greater and we All need to be on alert to protect our Democracy she huh Mike thank you for Your time and your Insight on all these Topics we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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