House to vote on Speaker Johnson’s aid to Israel package, slashing IRS funding

House to vote on Speaker Johnson's aid to Israel package, slashing IRS funding

Texas Rep. Roger Williams argues on ‘FOX & Friends First’ that the U.S. needs to send aid to Israel ‘immediately’ and explains his proposed legislation on border security and terrorism prevention. #FoxNews

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Today the house said to vote on newly Elected house Speaker Mike Johnson's Proposal to send Aid to Israel and Slash The IRS budget to fund it that's right The White House says the president would Veto it as he pushes his own $1 106 Billion bill that will also include Aid To Ukraine and other initiatives Texas Congressman Roger Williams joins us now Congressman good morning to you so this Israel Aid package includes a plan to Offset the cost uh by using IRS funding Critics of that say that Republicans are Turning this into a partisan issue They're politicizing Israel Aid what say You to that well I don't know how it Could be politicizing we need to get Israel their aid immediately and if you Have an opportunity to be able to pay For it and not borrow the money what That what's wrong with that that's a Good deal every business in in America Tries to uh tries toay pay for their Bills that baring against it so I think It's a good plan we need to get it to Them as quick as we can speaking the Plans you are introducing the border Security and terrorism prevention act Seems like something we need now more Than ever tell us what that is well we Do in fact I watched your segment before I mean this is a simple Bill what it Will do it take the masses of people That are coming up to our border that

Are coming here illegally asking for Asylum or just trying to break through It's going to let our border patrol know That they don't have to process them Anymore we just need to turn them around And send them back home on any on any on On any way they need to get them back Home but we're going to send a message To the world you just can't come up here We're going to let you inside America Give you a court date that you never Come to and this is a message needs to Be s and and what we will see I believe Is a Slowdown of the mass groups coming Here because they think that they they Can just get in America and do their Thing well this going to eliminate that And it's going to have the border patrol There are those who are very concerned About the riseing terrorism in this Country the fact that there were uh over 1.6 known Goda ways under President Biden so far what do you say to those People who are have a real fear about What could happen in the future over This Issue well I mean people are I can tell You being from Texas along the border People are nervous as heck and and you Know people need to understand that We're not going to let just people in Like this Administration has said I mean Just uh just this year alone we're Talking about 169 people that we've

Captured that are on known Terror they On the terrorism list and that doesn't Include the people that got away and so It's a real crisis we need to secure the Border my bill will help do that and uh Tell folks that if you want to come here Legally do it legally and realize the Dream but you're not going to just tear A country apart and rip us apart I love The proposal it's such a great idea My Worry is that it's too little too late To put the terrorism Genie back in the Bottle after what Joe Biden did but keep Fighting for it because we need Something Congressman Roger Williams we Appreciate I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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