How the Newsom debate could ‘hurt’ Ron DeSantis

How the Newsom debate could ‘hurt’ Ron DeSantis

‘Sunday Night In America’ panelists Charlie Hurt and Leslie Marshall react to ‘The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate’ between California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. #foxnews #fox #sundaynightinamerica

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Joining us now is our political panel Washington 's opinion editor Charlie Hurt and Democrat strategist Leslie Marshall both are Fox News contributors Leslie everybody expects me to show my Favoritism to my old friend Charlie hurt The guy I call the handsome one of the Hurt brothers so I'm going to trick them And I'm going to start with you people Saw a young vibrant governor with pretty Decent hair last night do you think That's going to help Democrats while They are questioning whether the current Candidate the current president is too Old to Run look I don't think a debate actually Changes the needle on anything it could Be argued that Hillary you know uh you Know won three debates out of three with Trump and certainly with John kery and Bush back in the day and neither Kerrie Um or Clinton were president and uh Neither I think Gavin Newsome was spot On when he said one thing we have in Common is neither of us will be the 2024 Nominee and I and I think that not only To be true the numbers show that to be True look I woke up this morning and I Said look I know what I'm going to say I Know what Charlie's going to say love You Charlie know what you're going to Say he's going to say d santis you know You know kicked nome's butt uh and you Have all over Twitter even Republicans

Going I don't like California or Gavin Newsome but I understand why Californians like him wow and that's Really what I saw do I have some bias Being a California and a Democrat Absolutely but I was trying uh trying to Be subjective and I I have to say it Didn't help Ronda santz and and and you Know Gavin nuum isn't running Trey and Ronda santz is and when you look at the Numbers even in his own State as my Governor pointed out he's not doing well And I don't think this helped him uh not That a debate would necessarily but it Might have even hurt Him all right Charlie I'm going to Elevate you that may not be the right Word but I'm going to make you a debate Moderator for now you're moderating a Debate between two leading political Figures I wonder what your first Question would be I mean I want them to Tell me the role of government Contrasted with church and community and The individual but what would you ask if You were if you had the the nation's Attention and two leading political Characters where would you Go well I think that uh that's a great Question I I think I would probably Start with something about immigration Just to answer your question but I have To say I thought that the questions that Sean Hannity asked uh were they were

Perfect questions they were great Questions and they were about the issues That people care most about they were About crime they were about uh taxes They were about illegal immigration all Of that stuff is fantastic but what I Thought was so fascinating about it and Leslie's right I I do think that that uh Ronda santz did a better job but the Reason I think he did a better job is Because he was talking about the issues He was answering you know talking about His philosophy about governing uh you Know you know a red State compared to a Blue blue State what I thought was so Interesting about that debate was the Degree to which Gavin Nome strained Himself to never talk about any of the Issues and when he did talk about the Issues you know literally you know Sean Hannity would put up a chart that would Show actual facts about crime or Immigration or or or or uh Californians Fleeing the state and then Gavin would Just start lying about it and then Change the subject And say things like one thing that's for Sure is that neither of us is going to Be on the ticket next year he was just Trying to score cheap points off of uh Ronda STIs off of Rhonda santis instead Of actually defending his philosophy and The re and the answer to that is they Can't defend their philosophy their

Philosophy is Suicide well I you raised the point I Mean that's my frustration with what we Call debates now I mean they're really Just on liners it it's I I just I mean Look what I want is boring I know people Don't want dayong debates but these are Serious issues one of which one of which Is health care so Leslie much to the Republican Chagrin Obamacare has proven Probably more popular than maybe what They thought so why bring it up as an Election issue when there are so many Other things that are currently not Going well in the country why would Republicans want to bring back up Healthc care and let they have a Replacement Strategy I don't know I mean I'm not a Republican and maybe that's one of the Reasons because they always want to Point to Democrats and say this isn't Working but they never have a plan that Says our plan is this and this is the Plan that would work look pulling Health Care from people whether it is a Thousand a million 10 million plus uh Which we have on Obamacare um is is Stupid it's unwise and I would even Argue it's immoral um they have to get Things right the Republicans not only With regard to healthare Social Security Medicare but certainly abortion one of The things I love that Nikki Haley said

I will always say and give her props for Is we can be pro-life and proman uh at Uh the same time I want to say something To Charlie's point though and I find it Interesting you know Ronald Reagan was a Republican here from the state of California and when he was president and When he was elected president the state Of California had the highest homeless Population and had the highest gas Prices just like now was brought up in The debate last night something else That I would add is even though Gavin Newsome is governor of California and Ronda Santos is governor of Florida Joe Biden comes from Delaware I never saw Anybody looking at Delaware and trying To compare that State uh you know with The rest of the country when somebody Becomes president of the United States They don't govern as president on a Federal level with 50 states as they do With one State uh because they're Different and that's the last thing as a Californian and I I I'm adopted California I'm originally from massach Sh since I'm a Boston girl but I have to Tell you you cannot compare I'm going to Say two things Ronda santz and and even Shawn and I love him what you didn't Show and guys go you can Google this There are as many people coming to California as there are leaving and Interestingly enough from Texas and then

Secondly you just cannot compare Populations and you can't compare real Estate prices which really feed into Homelessness not just here in California But in many states uh in the country so I I felt there were a lot of omissions Uh last night uh that would have brought More clarity to some of those issues and Then lastly I think the governor my Governor uh did speak to the facts and He wasn't holding up pictures of Feces Charlie Before I Let You Go Ronda Santz is smart uh he's thoughtful uh He's also way behind uh do you think his Performance helped him catch Nikki Haley First or catch former president Trump I'm I don't think it's going to do Uh you know Ronda sanz's problem is that You know on the campaign Trail he Doesn't connect with people the people Who love Ronda santis the most are Floridians who have benefited from his Policies in Florida and he has a great Record the problem is that doesn't Necessarily translate to voters who Don't live in Florida and that's that's His problem now and it's going to be his Problem going Forward Charlie HT Leslie Marshall Always collegial and civil with one Another for which I am very grateful Thank you for joining us on a Sunday Night we'll see you both soon hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe

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