How US intel went from a chatroom to worldwide scandal

How US intel went from a chatroom to worldwide scandal

Brian Kilmeade breaks down the timeline leading to the arrest of a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman in connection to leaked classified documents. #foxnews

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Here we are with the back back with the Fox News Alert we now know so much more Than we did yesterday at this time the Suspect behind bars right now leaked the Classified documents out and he's been Doing it since 2022. uh but how did the Worst Pentagon leaks in history go from A gamer chat room of 20 for the rest of The world to find out and in our case be Horrified by let's see when it started But late 2022 this group gets together In the middle of the pandemic and say Hey let's talk to each other the oldest Being Jack to share who would end up Being the chief suspect through it and They're talking about guns they're Talking about girls and they're talking About the military in a gamer site but They say whatever you do this guy Jack To share we now know his name do not Share this outside the group so that Continues but on March 1st Everything Changes because it goes from that chat Room to another 4chan chat room to a Russian telegram chat room to being a Worldwide Scandal as these God documents Get leaked out what's in these documents Things about what's happening in the Ukraine war our relationship with South Korea our disappointment with the UAE And the way we were able to listen to The Russians let's move on as we see This timeline and let me tell you a Little bit about the guy that we

Actually caught so let's switch gears This is him the picture that's now Released at 18 He joins the National Guard uh and at which time he gets Stationed for a little bit a little bit In um For in a little bit in Uh do we remember where we got stationed In New England Cape Cod so here he is uh at 21 years Old he's kind of the senior guy in the Group here's what he does he holds the Highest level security clearance why Because he's in charge of keeping up Communications in his unit and he not Necessarily has to know what's in those Communications he's got to make sure It's done but he takes what's in there And he starts publishing him in the Beginning he's copied him over at the End he's just taking pictures of him we Could see some of the things in his Mom's kitchen in the backdrop so among The young men in the chat room this is By the way he formed it and named it Thug Shaker Central his nickname was OG You know he faces charges of the Espionage Act he knew as soon as it Leaked outside that 20-person group he Was in a lot of trouble and man Izzy The Washington Post and the New York Times Were all ahead of this story the FBI Says to be surveilling him and after They surveilled him they realized the

New York Times was at the door first and When the New York Times is up there First a short time after him comes the SWAT team in comes the military they Drag him out in his red shorts so the State state of the war in Ukraine is Among the things that are out there Including the hits the Ukraine has taken The fact that we have special forces on The ground in and out the embassy reveal The secrets about friends and foes it Damaged our relationship with South Korea damaged our relationship with Israel damage our relationship with the UAE and also the way we do operations With Russia and with China to be able to Listen into Russian Intel and the Turbulence that they have at the highest Level also important to point out when You talk about what's happening with This war the Russians are fighting with Each other they're fighting with each Other on the casualty numbers they're Fighting with each other on who gets the Ammo they're fighting with each other on The Wagner group as well as the FSB uh They are not on board with this war Ukraine has taken tremendous uh to Tremendous punishment And uh and we'll see what's going to to Emerge from this because right now the War is ongoing and we know this the Ukraine had to change their tactics for These expected spring surge because we

Exposed everything through this 21 year Old he says he's not a whistleblower but In the big picture does it really matter If it is what his intentions were the Damage is done and it looks like Someone's going to pay the price

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