Huckabee: Devastation left behind by tornado ‘looks like a carpet bomb’

Huckabee: Devastation left behind by tornado 'looks like a carpet bomb'

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee discusses the devastating impact left behind by the tornadoes. #foxnews #foxandfriends

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All right let's bring in now former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee uh who Had a lot of people he knows effective Affected directly by this Governor just Give us a sense of the scope of what Arkansas is facing here Well it's a massive tornado and in Addition to Little Rock North Little Rock Jacksonville and when Arkansas also Very hard hit by this tornado when Arkansas is a town over in the eastern Part of the state about 8 300 people Live there and it's pretty much Flattened it's it's just a devastating Tornado and as the reporter just Mentioned this was about a mile wide and And it looks like a carpet bomb has just Gone through from a B-52 it's Devastating People will build back but some of the Toughest things that people deal with Are not just the physical structures but They also lose their driver's license Their tax return information that They're getting ready to file they lose Their birth certificates they basically Have to rebuild their lives because They'll be documents of people that will Be discovered 50 miles from where the Tornado hit their home it's one of the Devastating things that happened in the Aftermath of a tornado Governor you you you experienced this I'm sure to some extent certainly a

Natural disastrous when you when you led The state of Arkansas your daughter now Leads the state of Arkansas what what Can and should for that matter Government do in the wake of these types Of national or state tragedies Well one of the things we always have to Remind people is the government can't Come in and rebuild your house they Don't do that that's not FEMA's role Either a lot of people think that's what Happens it isn't that's why people have Insurance and their insurance companies Will hopefully help them but what Government can do is to clear the debris Out of the streets and out of the Pathways they can help them with Temporary shelter FEMA will do that There are also other ways to help them Get those documents back that they've Lost whether it's their Medicare card or Their driver's license or their birth Certificate making sure that they can Start just putting their lives back Together The toughest part I think is just the Devastating impact there is a certain Shell shock I've been in two tornadoes Personally one when I was 11 years old One that hit the governor's mansion when I was governor in 1999 we had two Ef-5 tornadoes one in 97 one in 99 when I was in office And and you walk through these uh

Devastated communities and you have no Frame of reference all the landmarks are Gone you look around in every direction And you can't find a landmark that gives You a sense of bearing and it's very Disconcerting for people to to wake up To this but here's the miracle uh the Fatalities are horrible we've had five In Arkansas had this happened at night I Fear we would have had many many more we Built structures better that's part of It but I'll tell you something that Arkansas people take tornado warnings Seriously overwhelmingly people seek Shelter they they know better than to Try to go out and watch this thing come In although I'm sure there are people Who will do that But when you look at the devastation It's just hard to imagine that there Were not more fatalities and the dozens Of injuries terrible but it could have Been hundreds if not thousands because The big problem in Little Rock This Tornado hit one of the most heavily Popular areas of the city and that's one Of the reasons that it became so very Dangerous but a lot of the places that You know my wife and I eat and shop and Visit and many of our friends homes have Been completely destroyed wow wow we Appreciate you joining us giving us a Firsthand account we're praying for your State and also for your daughter as she

Leads the state in this recovery efforts Thanks so much for joining us Governor It's always great having you thank you Sir Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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